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Creative flow evolution – Where creative productivity has no boundries Deep Web Search Engines | Deep Web Search - A How-To Site Where to start a deep web search is easy. You hit and when you brick wall it, you go to which is the academic database of Google. After you brick wall there, your true deep web search begins. To all the 35F and 35G’s out there at Fort Huachuca and elsewhere, you will find some useful links here to hone in on your AO. If you find a bad link, Comment the link below. Last updated July 12, 2016 – updated reverse image lookup. Multi Search engines – (broken as of Sept 2016, hopefully not dead) This is my favorite search engine. Surfwax – They have a 2011 interface for rss and a 2009 interface I think is better. – You can filter the search by domain extension, or by topic which is quite neat. Cluster Analysis Engine TouchGraph – A brilliant clustering tool that shows you relationships in your search results using a damn spiffy visualization. – A useful, non-graphical clustering of results. Speciality Deep Web Engines General

How To Draw Web Screenshots - Take Screen Captures Online How To Start Your Own Religion If you’re one of the growing number of young adults who identify as “other” when asked about religious affiliation, this is for you. Unlike those who claim to be atheists, you are honest enough with yourselves to realize that as a human being you are hardwired to be religious, but at the same time you don’t like the standard choices on the menu. The best thing about being a young adult right now is that you, more than any previous generation, have the freedom and the resources to create your own religion. So, let’s get started. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

من مفضلتي | مواقع مفيدة ومهمة لكل مستخدم – مدونة cBlog مواقع للتعديل على الصور مواقع للحصول على الوان للتصميم الالوان الرسمية لـ Material Design MaterialDesign تشكيلة من الألوان المسطحة Flat flatuicolors من شركة Adobe يقترح لك الوان مميزة ومتقاربة تفيد بالالهام والاستخدام color.adobe مواقع لتحميل لخطوط لمعرفة نوع الخط الانجليزي المستخدم في اي صورة فقط احفظ الصورة وارفعها على الموقع myfonts موقع يضم آلاف الخطوط الأجنبية المجانية الرائعة مع امكانية استعراضها قبل تحميلها eternalfonts خطوط عربية مميزة مع امكانية استعراضها قبل تحميلها hacen مواقع لتحميل أدوات مفيدة للمصممين موقع يضم أكثر 27 الف فيكتور Vector مجاني متاح للتحميل freepik 83 ملف PSD ذكي للشعارات-LOGO- لعرض أعمالك بطريقة احترافية مواقع لعمل Mockup للتصاميم لوضع صور تطبيقك أو اي صورة على الأجهزة الذكية مواقع مُلهمة للتصميم مواقع لتحويل الصيّغ لتحويل من Ai. ، EPS , PSD الى JPEG و PNG convertepstojpg لتحويل من PNG و JPEG الى فيكتورEPS, SVG, and PDF vectormagic لتحويل أي مقطع يوتيوب الى MP3 youtube-mp3 لتحويل اي مقطع يوتيوب الى صورة متحركة gif gifyoutube مواقع لعمل شعارات مجاناً Logo لعمل أفاتار لشخصيتك شخصيات اجنبية

2. Grill with Charcoal 3. Split Firewood Seasoned splitters use a maul, not an ax, to prep firewood. (With its slim taper, an ax head often gets stuck in the end grain.) Don't use a chopping block—it reduces the arc of the swing, which decreases power. 100 Ways To Make Today Epic Take a personal day from work and actually do as many of these as you can. Instant epic-ness. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. It’s cheesey and narcissistic, but you’ll treasure them forever. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100.

5 So-Called Signs of Genius That Any Idiot Can Learn #2. Do Complicated Math Off the Top of Your Head Getty We mentioned Good Will Hunting a moment ago, but of course speed reading wasn't his main talent in the film: His genius was that he could do impossible math with ease. But even if you suck at math, there are lots of ways you can at least create the impression that you're a human calculator. GettyUnless the bet involves getting a job with the NSA. The flashiest, yet easiest way to impress people with numbers is simply to be really fucking quick with them. 32 x 125 = Wha'? Or, if you're in a situation where somebody asks you the value of pi, instead of saying "3.14," rattle off 15 digits. "How I wish a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics." Congratulations, you've just memorized pi to 15 digits. Getty"So long, suckers!" What's that? Card counting is essentially about assigning values to cards and adding and subtracting those values as the cards are dealt. Getty"Congratulations! #1. J.F.

The Only Way to Improve Your Situation is to Improve Yourself Self-improvement is multifaceted. To improve yourself, you must consider every aspect of the word self. This means improving your mind, your body, and your soul. This article will discuss ways to improve each. Improve your mind • Read books: Books are amazing and inspiring pieces of work that will help you improve your vocabulary and reading skills. • Learn a language: Research has shown that learning a new language stimulates your brain in way that nothing else can. • Take a course: Learning is not always easy to do alone. • Ask for feedback: Feedback is one of the best ways to improve. • Seek out a mentor: A mentor is someone who teaches you the nuances of a profession, trade, or skill. • Stop watching TV: Television, while entertaining, can be a drain on your brain as you do not often have to think or analyze situations. Improve your body • Learn to cook: Cooking can lead to a world of physical and mental improvements. Improve your soul