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Share Videos on Twitter with Vidly

Share Videos on Twitter with Vidly

Télécharger des films gratuitement et légalement Le téléchargement d'un film commercial sur un logiciel P2P comme uTorrent ou eMule est proscrit, sauf à en acquitter les droits sur les sites de vidéo à la demande (VOD - Video On Demand). Toutefois, il existe quelques sites permettant de regarder des films ou des courts métrages gratuits, en streaming, avec l'autorisation de leurs auteurs : Télévision gratuite Logiciels Il existe des logiciels permettant de regarder la télévision depuis son ordinateur ou sa tablette. Sites TV Replay est le site de télé 7 jours qui propose des Repaly de toutes les chaines. Courts métrages Films gratuits / libres de droit Séries gratuites Les web-séries françaises Voir également Article original publié par jak58.

TwitVid - Share videos on Twitter twtlong :: longer tweets for customer support Twitlonger - When you talk too much for Twitter Free Twitter Backgrounds - Custom Twitter Backgrounds Twitter Gallery / Free Twitter Backgrounds / Free Twitter Galler Twitdom » The Twitter Applications Database Twtbase | Twitter Application Database 4 Ways News Organizations are Using Twitter Lists Though Twitter Lists are new to most users, some news organizations are trying to stay ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the new feature and implementing it quickly. Whether by creating staff directories to make their journalists easier to find, or recommending tweeps to follow on specific subjects, Twitter lists are giving news sites the ability to curate news and further open up to Twitter users that can help them to gather news. News organizations are beginning to learn the fundamental characteristic of social media: it's social. This is an interesting departure for news organizations that were primarily using Twitter as a service for self-promotion, such as the case with ESPN, whose social media policies serve ESPN efforts first. Or like policies of The Wall Street Journal, which were criticized for being too restrictive. 1. The Times' Twitter lists allow readers to be able to follow a list of Times' staffers, which includes a stream of tweets from more than 100 people. 2.

Très bon site qui permet de partager ses vidéos même HD via Twitter,Facebook etc... by masa Jan 10