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Silicon Valley Watcher

Silicon Valley Watcher
Posted by Tom Foremski - April 16, 2014 Poland has an excellent community of software and hardware engineers thanks to the country’s long tradition of excellence in maths and encryption. Its developers think on their feet and they are very loyal workers. Google, Cisco, and many other US companies have opened development centers in Poland, especially in the south around Katowice and Krakow, where there are many colleges and universities. There are also European Union grants and subsidies for US companies. Story continues...

MacUpdate Employment Opportunities Join MacUpdate MacUpdate is the #1 Mac-only software directory on the Web, as well as the leading destination for daily Mac software deals and bundles at MacUpdate Promo. We're looking for some energetic Mac fanatics to join our dynamic group and take the site to the next level. As the Mac's market share continues to grow, MacUpdate is leading the way in software promotion and distribution for the Mac.

2012Watch: Lithium Technologies Is On A Roll, Raises $53m And Plans Move To San Francisco Posted by Tom Foremski - January 13, 2012 Lithium Technologies co-founder Lyle Fong. Lithium Technologies is on a roll - the Emeryville based company recently raised $53.4 million and has a full order book for its enterprise social media platform. Standblog Si quelqu’un (moi ?) vous a envoyé sur cette page, c’est qu’il ou elle estime que vous êtes dans le déni du problème climatique. Oh, bien sûr, vous êtes au courant qu’il y a un problème avec le climat : il change, il se réchauffe, et tout le monde en parle. Comprenons-nous bien : je ne dis pas que vous niez le changement climatique, juste que vous refusez juste les changements qui s’imposent. Car pour limiter ce changement climatique, il va falloir changer beaucoup de choses :

Redesigning Highway Signs, To Talk To Your Smartphone Highway signs are an unavoidable and unmistakeable part of the American landscape, and they’re not likely to disappear anytime soon (Wikipedia says that the United States has "no plans for adopting the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals standards.") Still, the signage plays such a big part in our lives that even a speculative redesign represents an irresistible challenge for designers to tackle. For their annual Rethink issue, Icon Magazine asked the San Francisco-based studio Manual to do just that. The familiar green placards that currently flank our roads, Manual writes, are "confusing, inconsistent and messy."

Silicon Valley Watcher Job Postings molometer The simplest way to make money online, that actually works, is to join a relatively new social network that 'pays you' for every comment, like, view and share that you make. is growing fast. It has ranked in the top 10,000 websites, in less than 2 years. It is the fastest website to pay out. Louis Naugès Dans la première partie de cette analyse, j’ai présenté les trois familles d’intelligence artificielle (IA) et l’état actuel de l’A N I, Artificial Narrow Intelligence, l’IA spécialisée sur une seule activité. Face à nous, les A N I ont gagné la bataille des usages spécialisés. Il reste encore quelques activités humaines pour lesquelles des solutions A N I sont encore en retrait, en particulier dans le domaine des arts et de la pensée, oui ; pour combien de temps ?

The Netatmo Weather Station, the first weather station designed for iPhone and iPad, wifi weather station, air quality monitoring and wireless weather station. PartnerApps The App for sharing your Weather Station data by photo. With InstaWeather Pro, share what the weather's been doing and the forecasts from wherever you are, and show your favourite photo from your iPhone.Compatible iOS. The app from Europe’s leading weather specialists, Check your smart home via your smartphone or your Android tablet. Integration of data from the Netatmo Weather Station in compatible boxes .

What I Learned Running My Own Business Way back in 2007 I decided to strike out on my own and begin consulting. I had a number of clients and things were going well. The snag? Who Supplies Apple? (It’s Not Just China): An Interactive Map Last month, Apple Inc. released its updated list of suppliers (PDF). This report says it includes “the major manufacturing locations of suppliers who provide raw materials and components or perform final assembly on Apple.” ChinaFile used this data to construct the interactive map, above. Custom Design With the Custom Design upgrade, you can personalize the look and feel of your blog with intelligent color tools, custom fonts, and a CSS editor that can be used to make more advanced design updates. Custom Design is a paid upgrade that costs $30.00 per blog, per year. It replaces the Custom CSS and Typekit fonts upgrades.

Technology blog Protesters in favour of Proposition 8 outside the US supreme court, which threw it out. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Charles Arthur: Plus Symantec talking to bankers?

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