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Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed

Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed

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Practical Alchemy Practical Alchemy Article on a 16th Century laboratoryDistillation of vinegar - Steve Kalec Purple Gold - Nick KollerstromThe Seven Metals - section by Nick KillerstromSalt Volatilization Experiment by Steve Kalec [with a series of photographs].Some advice on safety in alchemical experiments by Tom McRae.Symbols for alchemical substances and operations.Perpetual fires, luminous substances and phosphorus.Alchemical substancesAlchemical processesJohn Reid's Course on Plant AlchemyModel of a 16th century alchemical laboratoryThe extraction of antimony from its ore - liquation [Series of photographs]The extraction of antimony from its ore - separation [Series of photographs]List of plants containing planetary metalsTranscripts of Philosophers of Nature Seminars 1992 - Jean DubiusA reading of Lully's Alchemical Experiments

The Hermetic Museum, Vol. I: The Sophic Hydrolith Sacred Texts Alchemy Index Previous Next Buy this Book at The Hermetic Museum, Vol. I, by Arthur Edward Waite, [1893], at p. 68 p. 69 p. 70 p. 71 Introduction to Tarot Cards Tarot Class by Michele Introduction to the Tarot The course will be generic in nature and will not be keyed to any specific deck. As long as you are using a standard Tarot deck with a theme that does not cause the interpretations to stray too far from the traditional, you should be able to follow along. The interpretations given will be simple, basic and have been culled from many sources.

121 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness Here is a list of over 100 documentaries you can watch for free online. They are about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. A smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about. If you find a dead link please let us know and we will find another to replace it. Arts make students smart When children are physically active and creative, they tend to focus better and work more enthusiastically with the rest of the curriculum. Arts, sport, music and drama are often viewed as fun extra-curricular activities for children but are given less importance compared with core subjects such as English, science, or mathematics. The arts should be taken seriously as a source of inspiration, as a way of life

What is Alchemy What are the origins of Alchemy? Alchemy is an ancient spiritual science, and one of three disciplines that comprise the Hermetic tradition. Whether conducted in a physical laboratory or one’s own psyche, this so-called “royal art” is concerned with transmuting the “gross” into the “perfect” through a series of processes collectively referred to as the “Magnum Opus” or “Great Work”. Completion of the Great Work purportedly yields the “philosopher’s stone” or the “elixir”, a legendary substance variously claimed to transmute base metals into gold, rejuvenate the body and confer immortality. Although clearly not fundamentally materialistic, alchemy has undeniably influenced material science, as the predecessor of chemistry. Alchemical tinctures also informed a new field of medicine; homeopathy is based on the work of Paracelsus, a 16th century alchemical philosopher.

Creation & Activation / Sigil Daily Sigil creation is a fantastic introduction into chaos magick, and a good way to begin your exploration of occult concepts. It’s also extremely easy to do, completely safe, and only requires a bit of time and a few items you almost certainly have readily available. Although there are many, many variations of the rituals for creating and activating a sigil, we’re presenting the most newcomer-friendly versions below.

Buddha in Suburbia Buddha in Suburbia tracks the extraordinary journey of 40 year old Lelung Rinpoche, one of Tibetan Buddhism’s three principal reincarnations, as he sets out to gather the lost teachings of his faith and to attempt a return to his homeland. For the past seven years, Lelung Rinpoche has been living in Ruislip North London, in the garden shed of one of his students. He runs a dharma or teaching centre locally, attended by British followers. Now a British passport holder, he embarks on a mission to find previous Lelungs’ teachings, and the teachers who hold the key to unlocking their secrets. His odyssey takes him to India, Mongolia and China as he tries to find a way of getting back home to Tibet. He meets some of Tibetan Buddhism’s most senior teachers, including the Tibetan Prime Minister in exile.

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