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What We Are Learning About Online Learning...Onlinee-Literate

What We Are Learning About Online Learning...Onlinee-Literate
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Udutu Daily Edventures | Scouring The Globe For Daily Stories Of Innovative Education EdTech Digest Mike Bohlmann | Thoughts on technology, leadership, and media (LWC means “Last Week: Curated”. In these posts, I pull together the highlights of tweets I shared and articles I saved in Evernote.) Last week’s highlights are dominated by classroom and educational technology readings, but let’s start first with an interesting article arguing against a definition of journalism that determines who is or is not a journalist by their profession. Let’s Stop Defining Who Is a Journalist, and Protect All Acts of Journalism Josh Stearns at NPR was driven to write on this topic as journalism works to find its footing for the future. A pair of PBS professionals came up with a well-researched definition and in the end decided to throw it out. Metta: Combine videos and add your own annotation Sometimes other people say it better than you can, but they sometimes say it with more words than you want or need. Students will watch 6 minutes of video at a time Using Google Docs to give live feedback to students in a writing class Web Literacy Standard 1.0 from Mozilla

VOA Student Union Today’s post comes to us from Jemince, (or in Mandarin ‘如馨 贾’) from Beijing, China. She was studying English Chinese translation in Beijing International Studies University for her Master’s Degree until she arrived at Binghamton University together several month ago. She’s currently majoring in Comparative Literature and studying law on her own so as to get her Bachelor’s Degree once she returns to China. Today, she offers some thoughts on a question she recently asked herself: “Why Can’t Chinese Students Make Friends With Westerners? Some of her thoughts below. Since there is a growing trend for Chinese students to study abroad, many youngsters start to live their lives completely differently from their families or friends in China. I was about to study in the US together with other three Chinese students from Beijing, and both the positive and negative sayings about the country and its people just made me so curious but meanwhile anxious about the unknown life that was approaching me. | Understand what you read ProfHacker Many of us have favorite tools that suit our workflows well, helping us accomplish our tasks and keep track of needed bits of information. Below you’ll find a list of applications, services, and utilities that I use almost daily. Workflow. I’m a big fan of ToDoist, my preferred task manager. For the way I work, it’s a better option than Apple’s Reminders. I know I know. Let’s backtrack a minute. A few weeks ago, coincidentally during Day of DH 2016, it was brought to my attention that Voyant, a web-based text analysis tool, had upgraded to Version 2.0. This has been a popular tool with ProfHackers (I’ve written about using it as has Brian), and the new version is a great improvement. a cleaner, crisper appearance better cross-platform and mobile device support (all tools in HTML5, no Flash or Java Applets) advanced search capabilities, including wil… Last week, I introduced readers to Installatron, a tool that’s very useful for backing up and cloning WordPress installations.

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