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Like building legos Design any interface and layout you like from simple video and photos to magazine-style pages. Add buttons, timelines, Youtube, your own media and much more. Themes make it easy No need to be a designer or an engineer to make a story in a breeze. Just use one of our beautiful themes and fill in your own content.

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SKROLLKIT vs RACONTR vs CREATAVIST Scrollkit L’application la plus prisée du moment est probablement Scrollkit. Son atout principal : la simplicité. HOW TO MAKE GAMES WITH TWINE What's TWINE? Twine is a program that lets you generate interactive stories that are kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Why is Twine so wonderful? Twine was created by Chris Klimas. Interactive Media Resources (for learner lectures) present knowledge in different and (if you do it right) compelling waysengage active participation by the entire class instead of broadcasting to it like a passive audience This Mindmeister mindmap lists collaboration and interaction tools. Storify Drag and drop elements from Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, blogs to create a story that you can Tweet, blog, embed. Screenr

Digital Storytelling in the Cloud Codename: Obtvse - Nate Wienert Earlier today I was browsing Hacker News and was a bit let down by a post I ran across by recent HN front-pager, Dustin Curtis. See, Dustin’s done some pretty cool stuff and to date much of his writing has been insightful and spot-on. Other things he’s done have been a bit more controversial (Kudos suck, as did the way he responded to critique’s on them). Nonetheless, I was excited earlier today as I was reading his announcement of Svbtle, his new blogging platform. A minimalist, beautiful and simple markdown-based editor with a dead-easy administration panel?

MIND42 Creatavist Storytelling without limits. Whitey Bulger WBUR Boston Issue 9 | May 2013from Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs) by Toby Altman“Father’s Day” by Bobby Fischer“The Beast Deer” by Cassandra de Alba“[What Happens in this Town Stays in this Town]” by Katie Byrum“If You Never Get to Mendocino County” by Matthew Wade Jordanfrom Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs)Toby Altman(a) Do not allow insult:language should be a thimbleto shield your brother’s thumb.

Rewindy - Share your visual stories with friends SurveyMonkey : logiciel gratuit de sondage en ligne et d'enquête par questionnaire Democratized Reward Based Blogging TWINE Studio 3WDOC Studio est une application web polyvalente spécialement conçue pour créer et diffuser en HTML5 vos contenus rich media & interactifs optimisés pour le web. 3W DOC Studio = 3W DOC Player + 3W DOC Editor Une nouvelle gestion de l’espace-temps en HTML5 Jusqu’à présent, cette notion était totalement absente à l’intérieur d’une simple page web. HelloSlide - Bring your slides to life

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