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Storyplanet - Text Only free website hosting 3WDOC TimelineSetter TimelineSetter creates beautiful timelines. It is a command-line utility that takes a specially-structured CSV file as input and outputs standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It supports any span of time from minutes to years, and supports multiple parallel event series in a single timeline. It can handle custom descriptions and even arbitrary HTML in each event “card.” It creates fluid embeds that will look great at any width. TimelineSetter “bakes out” timelines, ready for uploading directly into your CMS, Amazon S3, or however you typically serve static files. TimelineSetter source on Github. Assorted Docs and Samples TimelineSetter Ruby source documentationtimeline-setter.js annotated sourceA TimelineSetter demo using Twitter data How it Works The project is broken into two parts: a Ruby package (along with a binary) for generating the assets, and the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the timeline itself. Dependencies Installation Install TimelineSetter through RubyGems on Unix-like OSes:

::Democratized Reward Based Blogging:: Codename: Obtvse - Nate Wienert Earlier today I was browsing Hacker News and was a bit let down by a post I ran across by recent HN front-pager, Dustin Curtis. See, Dustin’s done some pretty cool stuff and to date much of his writing has been insightful and spot-on. Other things he’s done have been a bit more controversial (Kudos suck, as did the way he responded to critique’s on them). Nonetheless, I was excited earlier today as I was reading his announcement of Svbtle, his new blogging platform. A minimalist, beautiful and simple markdown-based editor with a dead-easy administration panel? I wrote this engine entirely for myself, without the intention of opening it up to other people. So here’s an obviously talented guy showing off a beautiful new creation on Hacker News, and yet he’s making it a “membership by invitation only” network? Obtvse So, I decided to do something about it. Before I Start a Flamewar Before I link it up, I’d like to give thanks to Dustin. The Goods So without further ado I present obtvse.

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