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Léo Caillard Photographer

Léo Caillard Photographer
Commissions & editorial FRANCE Only - Represented by LGA Paris: Olivier Jezequel t: +33 1 45 22 53 07 Editorial

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Transform Any Still Photograph Into An Amusing, Animated GIF With New Software Creating an animated GIF out of a single still image sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what photographer Troy Plota has achieved with his new software Plotagraph Pro. This novel program allows any photographer to easily transform a single JPEG into a moving video file and export it in GIF, MP4 or MOV format. It uses a combination of specialized imaging algorithms and aims to be a solution to the time-intensive Cinemagraph creation that produces a similar effect. As explained on the website, “Cinemagraphs originate from video footage and requires specific video production, which adds considerably to the cost... Plotagraphs are free from the constraints of video, which makes billions of images available to bring to life at a fraction of the price of any other process.”

30+ Must-Have Free Illustrator Scripts - Astute Graphics Adobe Illustrator has plenty of tools and features, but advanced users will always need more. Therefore, developers create scripts and plug-ins to help solve various problems and accelerate time-consuming processes. Today we have prepared an overview of the best free Illustrator scripts on the market. The list is systematized and is divided into several groups according to functionality. Groups include working with paths and points, different types of distribution of shapes, generating objects, working with Layers panel, text object and so on. Scripts Installation and running

60 Useful Online Generators for Designers Today’s competitive market makes it necessary to stay updated in all the dimensions in designing industry and designers need all the latest software to be in the top. But purchasing software or downloading a huge one may not be in the top priority especially if it is going to be used only after a trial. In such cases online generators can be of great help which do the necessary job and some tools don’t have to be downloaded also. Hundreds of Tourist Photos Weaved into One (18 total) Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow Ready to embark on an adventure? Let's take a trip around the world. Got no cash? Mark Cohen Mark Cohen/ True Color image by Mark Cohen Karate Stance, 1977 Mark Cohen as a kid. Uncategorized Mark Cohen/ True Color image by Mark Cohen Small hand by yellow shirt, 1975

100 fresh blogs and websites for creative professionals to follow in 2015 You’ve clearly enjoyed our popular 70 of the best blogs for creative inspiration. Now it’s time to offer you some further essential reading with the 100 fresh blogs for creative professionals to follow in 2015. That’s whether you’re looking for insights and inspiration in the world of graphic design, illustration, photography, art, user experience design, web design, interior design or architecture – we’ve painstakingly crawled the web to dig out the latest must-read blogs.

Bettina Rheims on Kate Moss and Helmut Newton Bettina Rheims’ teasingly sexual photographs of women have been featured on the pages of countless magazines and books over the last 35 years. But before she became known for her lascivious work, Rheims was just a girl who liked to fill entire notebooks with lists of names and words. Born in Paris in 1952, Rheims was raised in an intellectual and highly artistic environment – her paternal grandfather was a war hero who dined with Captain Dreyfus, while she inherited Rothschild blood through her mother’s side of the family. Following a fairy tale childhood, Rheims’ unconventional spirit started to show when she got expelled from middle school for sewing a skull on a baby smock. It was around that time that she first came into contact with photography, using her younger sister as her first model.

Free Engraved Illustration Effect Action for Photoshop My most popular tutorial of 2014 was my guide to creating a realistic money effect in Photoshop, which explained the steps to achieve an authentic engraved illustration style. The process is quite time consuming, so I figured it would be useful to follow it up with a ready made Photoshop Action that produces the effect automatically with just the click of a button. Choose from 3 levels of detail for your image, then the Action will transform your photo into a realistic engraved illustration. This free Photoshop Action transforms your photographs into realistic engraved illustrations with the click of a button, allowing you to easily create money or wood cut style effects.

15 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your T-Shirt Designs Join the mailing list to have every new post hand delivered to your email inbox. Every subscriber gets a FREE bundle of 40+ icons, vectors, brushes & textures! 20 Free PSD Templates to Mockup Your Poster Designs Creating an artistic poster is one of the most fun projects a designer can work on. It’s especially satisfying when you have your hard work professionally printed into a physical poster, but this can be quite costly. You don’t have to spend all that money to see how your design would look freshly printed and mounted though, there’s a range of PSD mockup templates that simulate your design being presented as a framed print, wrapped canvas or even an outdoor billboard. In this post I round up 20 free Photoshop mockup templates that I’ve personally tried and tested, all of them have a special layer or Smart Object to place your own artwork to have it automatically mocked up.

Experimental Animated GIFs by RRRRRRRROLL Wow these are great! Back in May a couple of friends in Japan started a new project called rrrrrrrroll, using photography to explore beautifully minimalist animations based on objects and people turning on a single axis. According to twitter the group makes roughly two animations a week (there’s 34 already), so it’s probably worth your time to tune in. If you liked these, also check out Stellar by Ignacio Torres. (via ignant) You'll love these beautiful vector animal logos Animals are often the inspiration for a vector graphic or two; we've seen gorgeous geometric vector animals as well as 3D-effect vector portraits. These are the kind of projects that inspire many creatives to get started with vector design in the first place and this latest offering is just as brilliant. Lincoln-based designer Tom Atkins Watkins has created a set of beautiful vector animal portraits. From the initial sketch to the final offering, they're packed full of colour and beautiful shape that allows the project to really shine.

These 14 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World There's a "secret" message in all of these. Some of them are eye opening! Artist Pawel Kuczynski, who is based in Poland, creates thought-provoking art that will give you another way to view this world.