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Essence of Political Science

Essence of Political Science

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20 Everyday Things Whose Names You Never Knew We do a lot of things in our daily routines. But do you have an idea that we don’t know what half of the things we see, do or simply overlook are called? Here we have compiled a list of 20 everyday things you never knew actually had names. Marxist Internet Subject Archive Famous Quotes Famous quotes from Hegel, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and other communists with links to the context on the Marxists Internet Archive. The only source on the internet of genuine, sourced Marxist quotations. In addition, you get a randomly selected “Quote-of-the-Day” from one of the collections, for you to ponder. Selected Marxist Writers The works of 18 pre-World War Marxists, who together provide a broad base of Marxist thinking shared across most of the differing currents of communism of the present time: Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Paul Lafargue, Karl Kautsky, George Plekhanov, Clara Zetkin, Daniel De Leon, Vladimir Lenin, Nikolai Bukharin, Leon Trotsky, Alexandra Kollontai, James Connolly, Rosa Luxemburg, José Carlos Mariátegui, Antonio Gramsci, M.

Politics Explained FEUDALISM: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk. PURE SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The government takes them and puts them in a barn with everyone else's cows. The Myth of the Clinton Surplus Time and time again, anyone reading the mainstream news or reading articles on the Internet will read the claim that President Clinton not only balanced the budget, but had a surplus. This is then used as an argument to further highlight the fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government under the Bush administration. The claim is generally made that Clinton had a surplus of $69 billion in FY1998, $123 billion in FY1999 and $230 billion in FY2000 . In that same link, Clinton claimed that the national debt had been reduced by $360 billion in the last three years, presumably FY1998, FY1999, and FY2000--though, interestingly, $360 billion is not the sum of the alleged surpluses of the three years in question ($69B + $123B + $230B = $422B, not $360B).

Philographics Philographics Philographics is a series of posters that explain big ideas in simple shapes. They are the result of combining the world of philosophy with graphic design. You can get the entire set of 95 designs as a book or a selection of them as posters. Cart - 0 items

Do you understand how your ESOPs work? Employee Stock Option Plans or ESOPs are perhaps the most important form of remuneration for employees. From a startup’s perspective, it helps to maintain liquidity and from an employee’s perspective, it is a reward for loyalty. However, like pretty much a lot in life, ESOPs are not simple. Sometimes, employees do not bother to understand how their ‘options’ will work and often employers do not explain the intricacies and legal framework associated with these stock options. The end result is that most employees who have been granted ESOPs suddenly believe that they will walk out with millions!

What differentiates Europeans from Americans (Europe and USA) The cultural gap across the Atlantic The Western world (i.e. Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand) could be considered as a single “Western civilisation”. ‘Westernness’ could be defined by people who are ethnically or culturally European, in other words people of European descent or speaking a European language as their mother-tongue. Europe itself has the greatest linguistic and cultural diversity of the Western world.

New research reveals 'huge inequalities' in life chances - Home News - UK A study for the Nominet Trust charity revealed a "postcode lottery" for the life chances of youngsters. The data showed that young people in Erdington, Birmingham, were more than three times as likely to be unemployed as youngsters in South Kensington, London. Teenagers in Harrogate were seven times as likely to go to an elite university than their counterparts in Bradford, just 20 miles away, said the report, published ahead of new unemployment figures today. Annika Small, chief executive of the Nominet Trust, said: "The powerful data proves what we've known for a long time - the postcode lottery is not a myth but in fact a harsh and very bleak reality for Britain's young people. "We'd urge policy makers, youth workers and other professionals working with young people to take note of the fact that our current system is failing today's youth, and that a fresh approach is required." "With unemployment high, it's essential that this scheme delivers for jobseekers, employers and the taxpayer.

presidents who kill people are popular David Henderson and Zachary Gouchenour have a paper on the topic of presidential ratings. The finding is simple. War casualties, as a fraction of the population, positively correlate with how historians rate presidents. More death = better presidents. I Was Wrong About the Limits of Solar; PV Is Becoming Dirt Cheap. The price of solar power is falling faster than many thought was possible. Harvard’s David Keith comes honest with us about solar power: “Facts have changed. I was wrong.” The unsubsidized electricity cost from industrial-scale solar PV in the most favorable locations is now well below $40 per megawatt-hour and could very easily be below $20 per megawatt-hour by 2020. Compared to other new sources of supply, this would be the cheapest electricity on the planet.

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