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Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands

Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands
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Maths Mental Maths Worksheets When a child practices mental maths maths becomes quicker and simpler = maths mastery! My girls look at their maths charts (mini office A5 maths) too much, so I made some fun worksheets for practice. These worksheets reinforce adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with just a few minutes practice every day. (Click the titles for your download.) Maths Rockets ~ for adding/ subtracting or multiplying numbers on the side to equal the number in the roof (great for bonds) Maths Butterflies ~ 5 sums for each butterfly, so good for quick reviews Maths Corners ~ 4 sums for each number, also a quick worksheet Maths In&Out ~ top row of random numbers “in” to work with a number and operation, and write the answer as “out” Maths Caterpillars ~ each caterpillar has random numbers or operations, from simple to complex Maths Amazing Squares ~ brilliant for bonds to 10 ~ all rows add to 10, up, down or sideways! Maths Manipulatives: Maths Number Value Cards Math Bonds of 10 puzzle

Tracking Web Page Changes It is difficult enough tracking down relevant and useful sites, but keeping up with changes to the pages is an impossible task when you have more than a dozen or so to monitor. Link checkers such as Xenu Link Sleuth ( can alert you to pages that have disappeared or that are redirecting users to another site, but changes to the content are equally if not more important. There are many services that track web page content for changes. Some are free whilst other priced services may offer limited facilities as a free taster. This overview looks at two types of services: web based services and software programs for PCs and Intranets. Web based services Change Detection URL: This is a free service allowing you to track an unlimited number of pages. Femtoo URL: This service allows you to have up to 3 "trackers" with 30 checks per month free of charge. FollowThatPage URL: Page2RSS

Herregud! Varför har ingen sagt något? När jag ser vad bakpulver kan göra undrar jag varför den bara stått i skåpet hela mitt liv. | Newsner Jag visste ju att det kunde vara bra att ha när man bakar. Men att man kunde använda vanligt bakpulver till allt det här hade jag verkligen inte kunnat ana! 1. Kliande insektsbett är kanske det mest irriterande som finns. Men blanda ihop en pasta av bakpulver och vatten och applicera på huden. Imgur 2. Imgur 3. Imgur 4. Imgur 5. Imgur 6. Imgur 7. Imgur 8. Imgur 9. Imgur 10. Imgur 11. Imgur 12. Imgur 13. Imgur 14. Imgur 15. Imgur 16. Imgur 17. Youtube 18. Imgur 19. Imgur Är inte det här helt otroligt? Gilla gärna Newsners Knep. Jag visste ju att det kunde vara bra att ha när man bakar. 1. Imgur 2. Imgur 3. Imgur 4. Imgur 5. Imgur 6. Imgur 7. Imgur 8. Imgur 9. Imgur 10. Imgur 11. Imgur 12. Imgur 13. Imgur 14. Imgur 15. Imgur 16. Imgur 17. Youtube 18. Imgur 19. Imgur Är inte det här helt otroligt? Gilla gärna Newsners Knep.

Maths | Relief Teaching Ideas Daylight savings kicked in for most Australian states this past weekend. I grew up in Western Australia, a state that doesn’t have daylight savings. Since moving to Adelaide I would find myself confused every time it came around. Do I add or take away an hour? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it! It’s nice not to be woken up at 5am by the sun blazing through the windows. Someone, very helpfully, told me the trick to remember which way the clocks go – “Spring forward, Fall back”. To help kids remember which way the clocks change, I came up with this super simple clock craft. Students draw a clock face on the inner part of a paper plate. They can then make a spring by wrapping a pipe cleaner around their finger. They will then cut out the clock hands from coloured card. Around the rim of the plate, students can write the heading ‘Spring Forward’ & then decorate with flowers, butterflies or any other Spring related pictures. Now time to go and enjoy this extra bit of sunshine in our evening!

Tangrams Here's some puzzling fun for the kids from ancient China! Tangrams, "seven pieces of cleverness", are an ancient Chinese puzzle which is still mind-bending and intriguing today! We've developed some fun printable tangram puzzles which are perfect for kids - they help with logic and thinking skills, dexterity .. and they are just plain puzzling fun! How to play Print out one of our Tangram templates - either in colour or black and white - onto cardstock. Teachers - you can always print these patterns out in greyscale if you are using them in the classroom! Why not print out a set of the tangram puzzle pages, laminate them, and keep them as time-fillers for children who have finished their work early? Print our black and white tangram template onto card, colour, and then cut carefully along the lines to make the seven pieces. Print our colour tangram template onto card and cut - very carefully - along the lines to make the seven pieces. Are you stuck on some of our tangram puzzles?

Free Articles :: GTD WEEKLY REVIEW® 12 Useful Math Hacks That They Didn’t Teach You In School 6. How To Figure Out What Day Of The Week Falls On What Date… You might be confused looking at the picture below, but the math is actually quite simple (albeit a bit elaborate). You’ll need the codes HERE, which will help you master this. July simply has a code of 5. 20th is 6 because 7 goes into 20 twice, which is 14. 20 – 14 = 6. 2069 is 2 because the leap year code of 2068 is 1 and 2069 is 1 year after, so that’s 2. The math can be difficult at first because there are a lot of codes, but it works out incredibly well once you pick it up. January 3, 2014 is a Friday, right? So, January, according to the table, is 6, and we handle days by using multiples of 7. We get 6 + 3 + 3 = 12 – 7 = 5! 7. via imgur / ayounes 8. Just count up in the tens column and down in the ones column. 9. Click HERE for more detailed instruction… 10.

Place Value with The Three Little Pigs We have really been drilling place value. It's so important to have a deep understanding of place value in order to move on to other concepts like double-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. We spent about two weeks on tens and ones and another two weeks on hundreds. We used our EnVision a lot and supplemented with Amy's Playing Around with Place Value resource during whole and small groups. Last week, I felt it was time to break out The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. This activity took about three days in its entirety. Each child has a set of place value manipulatives and a number cube. After the race, I read The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. Once I have modeled, they go back to their seats and I give them three digit numbers. The following day, we practice again by building pig houses with the manipulatives. I gave them each a three-digit number to build. The next day, I took them out into the hallway to make our even and odd street. Secret Number is my favorite!