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Best Practices for Deploying iPads in Schools

Best Practices for Deploying iPads in Schools
Digital Tools Teaching Strategies Flickr: Lexie Flickinger By Matt Levinson As schools get ready to deploy iPads this year, each one is scrambling to figure out how to develop an efficient and effective system that works. With no standardized system or uniform roadmap to follow, at the moment, it’s up to individual schools to reach out through their networks to find information about best practices and smooth, streamlined service. Without professional development and a set plan in place, educators in individual classes might be stumped by how to set up iPads for different uses. To that end, here are some ideas about how to put a system in place for iPad use in classrooms:

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My Guide to iPad Deployment in School Almost two years ago to the day, I wrote a post, “The iPad: Why Teachers Should Care.” Flash forward to today, both of the schools I work at have purchased one iPad for each classroom. Although I’ve already mastered how to manage all the iDevices in my personal household, learning to manage iPads in an institutional environment involved a bit more learning due to the complexities of software licensing and the necessity to keep institutional accounts separate from personal ones. School Accounts You’ll Need:

New approach to geometry takes shape with iPads in schools Holly Blocker’s geometry students at Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School bring to class compasses, rulers and protractors. This year, they’re also carrying iPads. The school, like several others in the area, launched a one-to-one program this year, and is providing tablet computers to each of its 125 students to use both in the classroom and at home. Educators say the devices enhance classroom learning and also encourage students to become familiar with technology they will use later in life. N.E.W. Map: Back-To-School Drives 100+ Huge iPad & Tablet Deployments My kids returned to school this week. They attend a suburban elementary school built only one year ago. Everything there is beautiful and state-of-the-art - with the glaring exception of its computing technology. Not only does the school still use computer labs, but they run an outdated platform, as I discovered after quizzing my son:

7 Policy Tips for deploying iPads in the classroom 7 Policy Tips for deploying iPads in the classroom Posted by Ashley Wainwright on Fri, Oct 05, 2012 @ 12:16 PM Schools around the world are embracing all the benefits of these new mobile devices like iPads. It’s important for schools to stay up-to-date with technology to help provide the best education to their students. The iPad has become an excellent learning tool that students and teachers alike adore. But before you can begin reaping all the wonderful benefits of mobile devices like iPads in the classroom, you must successfully integrate them onto the schools wireless network. iPad - projecteur/projector If you’re using iPads in your classroom, at some point you’ll want to be able to display your iPad screen to the entire classroom. Fortunately, a couple methods exist that allow teachers to do just that. Display iPad screen through your classroom projector. Method One The most common method (although not the one I recommend for Mac users) is to mirror your iPad’s display using an Apple TV device that is connected to your classroom projector via a HDMI cable.

Second Day in 1:1 Laptop Class : "THE SHIFT" IN EDUCATION#%2EUGSnYhVdwBQ%2Elinkedin Sep September 27, 2012 | Leave a Comment Here are my observations from the second day. You might remember that last time I tried to run realtimeboard but it didn’t work. This time I chose conceptboard. Using iPads With Mixed-Ability Students, Teachers Must 'Give Up Some Control' Mobile Learning | Feature Using iPads With Mixed-Ability Students, Teachers Must 'Give Up Some Control' By Kim Fortson09/12/12 The power in today's classroom, according to Amanda Allen and David Lopez, who introduced iPads to their Los Angeles school, is no longer in the teacher's hands. In 2010, when Allen and Lopez helped to pioneer the implementation of 1-to-1 iPads at St.

12 Characteristics Of An iPad-friendly Classroom Implementing iPads isn’t exactly a just-add-water proposition. While they’re wondrous little devices capable of enchanting learners for hours, to get the learning results you’re likely after will take planning, design, and reflection. It can help to start out by asking yourself some important questions, such as “What can the iPad do that is not possible without it? Put another way, what problems does the iPad solve?” But the learning environment you’re starting with can make a big difference as well. It’s one thing to come up with individual lesson plans high on the wiz-bang factor, but low in terms of sustainability.

5 Must-Know Tips For Deploying iPads In Your Classroom If you’re looking to deploy iPads in education, you may think that it’s just a matter of expense and storage. Those things are big, but they’re not the biggest problems you’ll face. In fact, this is one of those situations where money is the least of your troubles.

10 iPad tips every teacher should know - Edgalaxy - Cool Stuff For Nerdy Teachers Over the last couple of months I have just about switched from my trusty old laptop to the iPad as my primary work computer. Basically, the iPad does everything I could do on my PC and a great deal more through all of the apps available specifically for teaching. As a result of this, more of our staff are fronting up to work with iPads as they can also see the benefits in using a tablet for conferencing with students, checking email and using with their interactive white boards. The first questions I get from new users are generally "What can I do with it?"

What We Learned: A 1:1 iPad Reflection This past week at Burlington High School, we started rolling out iPads for incoming freshmen. During this process, I couldn't help but reflect on what had occurred over the course of a year. Around this time last summer, BHS had roughly one thousand iPads ready to roll out to all students. The anticipation was great, the waters uncharted. During the 2011-2012 school year, we, the IT department and the teachers charted a course that led us to many exciting discoveries as well as many learning experiences. NOTE: When I say "we" from here on out, I am referring to Dennis Villano, Director of Instructional Technology for Burlington Public Schools; Patrick Larkin, Principal of Burlington High School: Bob Cunha, IT for BPS; Jose DeSousa, IT for BPS; John Allegreto, IT for BPS; and Tim Calvin and myself, Instructional Technologists at BHS.

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