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Harmony Explained: Progress Towards A Scientific Theory of Music The Major Scale, The Standard Chord Dictionary, and The Difference of Feeling Between The Major and Minor Triads Explained from the First Principles of Physics and Computation; The Theory of Helmholtz Shown To Be Incomplete and The Theory of Terhardt and Some Others Considered Daniel Shawcross Wilkerson Begun 23 September 2006; this version 19 February 2012. Abstract and Introduction Most music theory books are like medieval medical textbooks: they contain unjustified superstition, non-reasoning, and funny symbols glorified by Latin phrases. How does music, in particular harmony, actually work, presented as a real, scientific theory of music? In particular we derive from first principles of Physics and Computation the following three fundamental phenomena of music: the Major Scale, the Standard Chord Dictionary, and the difference in feeling between the Major and Minor Triads. Table of Contents People push different keys on a piano; some combinations and patterns sound good; others do not.

beatlab - make music together 2 | How Rock And Comedy Can Win The Internet: An Infographical Guide When director Scott Jacobson asked comic Marc Maron to appear in a video for ironic pop singer Nick Lowe’s song "Sensitive Man,” Maron didn’t think twice about starring. "What drew me to the video was being asked to be part of it," jokes Maron, host of the wildly popular and revelatory WTF podcast and the upcoming IFC series Maron. Maron, whose persona is that of deeply introspective if not outwardly acerbic guy, is exactly the type of misunderstood character Lowe wrote about. "You gotta love Nick Lowe," Maron says. Maron says comedians can help complete the personalities of musicians who either acknowledge their own comedic weaknesses or, in Lowe’s case, are looking for a way to reveal their hidden hilarity. "Musicians are notoriously unfunny," says Maron, "especially in stage banter. 2012 was, in fact, a standout year for rockers finding their funny. While Mann brought designated funny people like Heidecker and John Hodgman to her videos, Lowe got top-line comics like Paul F.

Free Stuff Like Blank Sheet Music, How to Read Sheetmusic, and mor Love of musical harmony is not nature but nurture Associate Professor Neil McLachlan from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences said previous theories about how we appreciate music were based on the physical properties of sound, the ear itself and an innate ability to hear harmony. “Our study shows that musical harmony can be learnt and it is a matter of training the brain to hear the sounds,” Associate Professor McLachlan said. “So if you thought that the music of some exotic culture (or Jazz) sounded like the wailing of cats, it’s simply because you haven’t learnt to listen by their rules.” The researchers used 66 volunteers with a range of musical training and tested their ability to hear combinations of notes to determine if they found the combinations familiar or pleasing. “What we found was that people needed to be familiar with sounds created by combinations of notes before they could hear the individual notes. “This showed us that even the ability to hear a musical pitch (or note) is learnt,” Assoc.

Listen to the sounds of the human mind: Remixed brain scans reveal our inner music Researchers suggest it could potentially lead to to advances useful for clinical diagnosis or biofeedback therapy By Damien Gayle Published: 17:18 GMT, 16 November 2012 | Updated: 17:32 GMT, 16 November 2012 A baby hooked up to an EEG scanner: Chinese researchers have worked out a way to turn brainwaves into music, offering new insights into our minds Scientists have combined and translated two kinds of brain waves into music, offering a unique insight into the functional activity of our minds. Researchers used electroencephalography scans to create the pitch and duration of notes and functional magnetic resonance imaging scans to control the intensity of the music. The study, published in the open access journal PLoS ONE, reveals an improved method to reflect the physiological processes of the scale-free brain in music. Previous research published in PLoS ONE by the same group has described how EEG amplitudes and waveforms may be converted to music. In the past, researchers at the U.S.

Hendrix at 70: New album offers different look | Music & nightlife Originally published March 5, 2013 at 9:13 AM | Page modified March 5, 2013 at 3:33 PM NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Jimi Hendrix recorded everything. More than 40 years after his death, though, the tape is finally running out. "People, Hell & Angels," out Tuesday, will be the last album of Hendrix's unreleased studio material, according to Eddie Kramer, the engineer who recorded most of Hendrix's music during his brief but spectacular career. "Jimi utilized the studio as a rehearal space," Kramer said. The 12 tracks on "People, Hell & Angels" were recorded in 1968-69 after the Jimi Hendrix Experience disbanded. It was a difficult period for Hendrix as his business and creative endeavors became entangled, and he retreated to the studio to seek inspiration. Many of the songs have been heard in different versions or forms before, but the music here is funkier than his best known work - at times sinuous, at times raucous. Hendrix died not long after making the last of these recordings. Online:

WESTERN SKIES-EASTERN DREAMS | ravi padmanabha " a thrilling collection of improvisation-based pieces long on virtuosity, near telepathic musical interplay and the rhythmic and/melodic aspects of India, Africa and the Middle East as interpreted through a western ethos...The Music is transcendent and transportive.....Brave, exciting and often beautiful " Jeff Miers The Buffalo News "Both musicians are completely sympathetic and work/play together with an impressive amount of creativity. Bruce Gallanter DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY Free Space Abstract Cubist World Indian Arabic African Improvisation etc etc.... Cover Design Jonathan Hughes Mandala Art Nick Daniels Mixing and Mastering Brandon Terzic Recorded Live at Epoch Studios Buffalo, NY tags Notes for the Listener: Follow the contour and metaphor of the sound. Brandon Terzic is a New York City based multi-instrumentalist, educator, composer, and band leader of Xalam Project. Ravi Padmanabha has studied tabla with many great maestros, such as Pt.

Back In The U.S.S.R. by The Beatles Songfacts The story of this song begins in Hrishikesh, India, where The Beatles were on a retreat learning Transcendental Meditation from their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Also on the retreat was Mike Love of The Beach Boys , who told us: "Paul (McCartney) came down to the breakfast table one morning saying, 'Hey, Mike, listen to this.' And he starts strumming and singing, 'Back in the U.S.S.R.,' the verses. And I said, 'Well, Paul, what you ought to do is talk about the girls around Russia, Ukraine girls and then Georgia on my mind, and that kind of thing.' Which he did. So I think it was the fact I was there, which caused Paul to think in terms of Beach Boys, and then my suggestion for what to do on the bridge, he took that suggestion and crafted, like only Sir Paul can, a really great song." McCartney was impressed with the idea and used some Beach Boys' elements in this song: Instead of "California Girls" it was "Moscow Girls."

Jairamji :: Kindred Spirits Jairamji :: Kindred Spirits There should be a warning on the album cover "Do not operate heavy machinery or drive an automobile while listening to this CD." The very first sound is a splash, and believe me it's your consciousness taking a dive into the deep end. It's interesting the attention Charlie Roscoe (the brain behind Jairamji) gives to creating environments. On several of the tracks you'll hear birds, streams & waterfalls. These sounds gently enhance the aspect of "another time another space", which is essential for a nice variation of the chill. Dakini records has always been a source for quality releases and this is no exception. "Swaragami" which was earlier released on Six Degree's Asian Travels 2 sums up Jairamji's sound. Since Jairami doesn't focus on the "dance" aspect of Asian Massive, it gives the listener something else. DJ Advent is THE DJ/Producer bringing the noise to Seattle, WA, USA.