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How to Run Mac OS X on Any Windows PC Using VirtualBox

How to Run Mac OS X on Any Windows PC Using VirtualBox

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Update Snow Leopard by Hazard to 10.6.7 on VMware or VirtualBox Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Intel AMD by Hazard is a famous hackintosh distribution available on internet. It was almost tweaked for Intel and AMD physical computers with most of the famous chipsets. The good thing is, it works well on Oracle VirtualBox without any third party boot loaders or editing configuration files. But the main issue is, this can’t be updated to latest Mac OS X versions because of its running in hacked kernel which can’t be upgraded.

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hfsplus HFS+ is the files system used on many Apple Macintosh computers by Mac OS. You can mount this filesystem in Ubuntu with read only access by default. If you need read/write access then you have to disable journaling with OS X before you can continue. In OS X, open a terminal and type: diskutil list

How to Properly Clean All Your Gadgets Without Ruining Them Gotta chime in here about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It does an amazing job, but you need to know that it's a micro-abrasive. It's like using Comet. I wouldn't personally use it on electronics of any kind, save corroded contacts (for which it's great). Using a lint-free microfiber cloth (or two), first with diluted white vinegar and then with rubbing alcohol gets rid of nastiness without scratching the crap out of your control surfaces. OSX in Virtual Box How to create a Hackintoshed Virtualbox What you’ll need. An AMD or Intel system that supports hardware virtualization. The newest Virtualbox (get it off of An OSX86 iso, Get it off of torrents if you don’t have one. File Sharing With OS X 10.5 - Share Mac Files with Windows XP Setting up Leopard (OS X 10.5) to share files with a PC running Windows XP is a fairly straightforward process, but like any networking task, it's helpful to understand how the underlying process works. Beginning with Leopard, Apple reconfigured the way Windows file sharing is set up. Instead of having separate Mac file sharing and Windows file sharing control panels, Apple placed all file sharing processes in one system preference, making it easy to set up and configure file sharing. In ‘File Sharing With OS X 10.5 - Share Mac Files with Windows XP’ we will take you through the entire process of configuring your Mac to share files with a PC.

How to Watch Security Camera Streams on the Internet: 6 steps Favorite This Article Edit Article Search Queries Run Mac OSX In Virtualbox Under Linux (Ubuntu) And Windows Lifehacker has a nice post on installing the latest Mac OSX (OSX86) in VirtualBox on Windows, however their instructions work for Linux too - I've tested it in Ubuntu and OSX 10.6 runs smoothly and without any issues. Remember to use an OSX86 ISO (Lifehacker recommends you download an OSX86 Snow Leopard torrent created by Hazard) and everything will be as easy as installing Ubuntu - you will however need more resources then for a regular Virtual machine, especially for the hard disk space. And of course, you'll also need the latest VirtualBox version. Important: your CPU needs to support hardware virtualization, or else this will not work! Note: even though the Lifehacker article mentions that you'll be needing around 1 GB of RAM and that the virtual hard disk size should be around 20GB, you can use less if you don't have enough RAM / HDD space to spare. I've used ~500MB of RAM and a HDD of 11.11 GB to install the latest OSX Snow Leopard in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

Interactive web graphs with R – Overview and googleVis tutorial Today I feel very lucky, as I have been invited to the Royal Statistical Society conference to give a tutorial on interactive web graphs with R and googleVis. I prepared my slides with RStudio, knitr, pandoc and slidy, similar to my Cambridge R talk. You can access the RSS slides online here and you find the original R-Markdown file on github. You will notice some HTML code in the file, which I had to use to overcome my knowledge gaps of Markdown or its limitations.

Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel AMD made by Hazard Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel AMD made by Hazard Type: Applications > Mac Files: