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Korben - Upgrade your mind Blog SEO AxeNet 20 Amazing Add-ons For Google Posted on 15 February 2012. If you are also one of those who like Google chrome’s speed and memory status, but are unable to fully switch to it from Firefox because of lack of extensions, then do not worry. Solution or I must say solutions to your problem are here!! Firefox has definitely been ahead of Google chrome since quite a while. But now Google chrome has shown an increased share in market over last two years or so because of its terrific and amazing extensions or commonly called add-ons. Google chrome according to me is a great browser, and the best thing about it according to me is the easiness of installing and uninstalling the extensions on it. Note: I would recommend you to try and install most or all of them as installing and uninstalling them does not take much time. 1-Pendule This displays the links and embedded style sheets of the current page in a new tab and also reloads the page while doing it so you need not to reload the page for each time it changes. 3-SG Plus 9-IE Tab

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