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6 Ways Principals Can Connect With Students

6 Ways Principals Can Connect With Students
This killed me today… My 8 year old girl when asked what a Principal does, “It’s that person that talks to you when you’ve done something bad.” #cpchat—Alec Couros (@courosa) August 25, 2012 As most of you know, that was from my brother and he is referring to my amazing little niece. I do not want her or any other kid seeing their principal in that manner. This is in no way meant to criticize the current principal or Raine’s school, but it did spark me to think about my time as a school principal and some of the things that were extremely important to me. ”Fostering Effective Relationships”, in my opinion, is the most important quality outlined in the Alberta Principal Quality Standard, and those relationships are the basis of a strong and innovative school. As schools have either started or will be starting in the next little while, I just wanted to share some ideas about practices that I thought were important as a principal. Welcome the kids when they arrive.

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Dealing with Students Who Bully: Part I (The Essential First Step) Note: Just as I warned about the dangers of identifying kids as "victims" in my last post, I try to avoid calling kids "bullies." So even though it's faster and easier to label a kid as a bully, I prefer to say "a kid who bullied another." It might seem like a subtle difference, but I think it dramatically changes our perception and behavior. After reading "Standing Up to Bullying: Refusing to Be a Victim," a reader from New Hampshire asked me to discuss how I would handle a student who bullies another. The following scene (or something like it) happened to me more than once during my time as a middle school administrator. I return to my office after supervising 200 5th grade students at lunch, and my secretary informs me that Jon is waiting for me.

20 Blogs That Will Make You A Better School Leader From the corporate workplace to the elementary school classroom, leaders are everywhere. Even born leaders need inspiration and practical tips to help them reach their highest potential. Thankfully, leaders and future leaders today live in a world where advice is readily available on the Internet. In particular, leadership and management blogs can offer the inspiration needed for success. These are our 20 favorite leadership blogs because they aim to inspire, teach, advise, coach and entertain. Tweak Your Biz : Entrepreneurs, corporate managers and business owners contribute to and visit this business leadership site.

Highly Effective Principals Raise Student Achievement: Study It's indisputable that great teachers lead to successful students, as the presidential candidates have touted, but what about students' connection to their school principals? A study published in Education Next has found that the effect of highly effective principals on student achievement is equivalent to 2-7 months of additional learning each school year, while ineffective principals negatively impact student achievement by a comparable amount. For their study, the authors used a value-added model similar to the one used to measure teacher quality, but applied the calculation to the entire school. Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School A guide to websites, organizations, articles, and other resources for combating bullying. (Updated 10/2013) Resources by Topic: Each October, individuals and organizations nationwide work together to raise awareness of bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month, an initiative of the PACER Center. Whether you are an educator, education leader, parent, or other community member, you can take action to prevent bullying and harassment by fostering a culture of caring and respect in your school, home, and community.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-leading Principals Leadership | In Print 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-leading Principals By Jennifer Demski06/07/12 The Captivating Teacher Manifesto I want to be captivating. I want to entrance students with my subject. I want students fascinated to walk into my classroom. I am the teacher of THIS subject. Evaluating Technology Use in the Classroom Evaluating the use of technology in a classroom environment is not something most administrators are trained to do. It is easy to walk into a classroom and see that every student is using a computer, but how do you really assess if and what type of learning is taking place? In the past, I have had administrators tell me “I walked into the teacher’s room and all the students were on laptops.” As though just the site of students working on laptops meant they were engaged in the learning process.

Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, tries new approach to school discipline — suspensions drop 85% « ACEs Too High Jim Sporleder, principal of Lincoln High School THE FIRST TIME THAT principal Jim Sporleder tried the New Approach to Student Discipline at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, he was blown away. Because it worked. In fact, it worked so well that he never went back to the Old Approach to Student Discipline. This is how it went down: 184 – Day 151: Travis M., Assistant Principal (Muir Lake) May 12, 2012 · 2 Comments · Parkland Staff cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by LCSTRAVELBUGGIN Today I participated in the Chick-fil-A Leadercast that featured a wide array of visionary leaders.

Creating the conditions for great teachers to thrive A previous post, What makes a great teacher?, was a popular post. I suppose that’s not surprising; people are intrigued to know what the answer might be. The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have By EdTech Team Updated on march 2, 2015 : The original list that was created in 2011 comprised 33 skills , after reviewing it we decided to do some merging and finally ended up with the 20 skills below. The 21st century teacher should be able to : 1- Create and edit digital audio Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill :Free Audio Tools for Teachers 2- Use Social bookmarking to share resources with and between learners Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill : A List of Best Bookmarking Websites for Teachers