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Christian Coigny

Christian Coigny

BLOW UP PHOTOGRAPHY OF DOROTHEA LANGE | AN AMERICAN ARCHIVE– HARD TIMES Oregon, August 1939. “Unemployed lumber worker goes with his wife to the bean harvest. Note Social Security number tattooed on arm.” California, March 1937. The American photographer Dorothea Lange was a product of Hoboken, NJ (May 26, 1895 – October 11, 1965). In 1935, Lange began her landmark work for the Farm Security Administration, a Federal Agency. California, February 1936. In 1960, Dorothea Lange gave this account of the Migrant Mother experience– “I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet. November 1936. October 1939. February 1939. June 1938. December 1935. October 1939. Fourth of July 1939 near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. November 1938. July 1939. November 1936. July 1937. August 1936. May 1939. Dorothea Lange, Resettlement Administration photographer, in California atop car with her giant camera. Like this: Like Loading...

Claude Coeudevez Home Me Album's David Bellemere | Photographer With David Bellemere, Stella Maxwell cools off under the summer sun in Miami. View Post Courtesy of David Bellemere, the February edition of Italian Marie Claire has Elsa Hosk giving new meaning to hot pink. View Post Erótica – Nadja Bender (New York Models) poses suggestively before the lens of David Bellemere as the two collaborate for Spanish Vogue. View Post Playfully cute on the pages of British GQ, Lily Aldridge gives David Bellemere something to look at. View Post STUDIO ERWIN OLAF Bauswein photographe - news En général quand un homme me demande de le photographier, soit je lui réponds par la négative sans ménagement, soit je le gratifie d'un oui tellement évasif qu'il sait pertinemment que ça ne se fera jamais. Mais avec Lionel Langlais, c'est pas pareil. Pas que le garçon puisse faire illusion dans mes mises en scène intimistes de la féminité. Non, loin s'en faut ! Simplement, il a du talent. Un talent dont je vous ai déjà relaté ici comme il a m'a embarqué tout de suite un dimanche de froid glacial. Pour acheter l'album cliquez ici Et si c'est vrai que dedans, il y a mes photos, il y a surtout des chansons, des bonnes chansons, drôles, tristes, touchantes, des qui miaulent ( si, si ! Pour découvrir ou redécouvrir Lionel Langlais, rendez-vous sur son site

Man Ray official digital photographic library, Man Ray official digital photographic library The Awakening - BTS Photography I am excited to bring another behind the scenes look into the depths of my imagination and provided detailed educational resources to how I accomplished the concept I had painted in my mind. Feel free to read this post in its entirety or simply scroll down if you want jump straight to the video. The concept of this shoot came from the inner workings of my imagination some time ago in dream. I realize this sounds cliche, but each of us knows how amazing and terrifying our dreams can be. Amy wanted some simple shots in front of a white seamless backdrop, so we set to shooting that first by undertaking a simple 3 light setup with a Clam Shell key light and a strip box added as a kicker/rim light. Although the lighting and technical aspect of this setup is rather simple and considered "Studio Lighting 101", the timing of pressing the shutter at the right moment was a challenge. Now that we captured some "safe shots", we could turn to our challenge of shooting the primary theme.

doltim 74 - book photographe annecy - doltim74 passion photographe Annecy (74) bienvenue Les images que vous allez voir sont le fruit du hazard, le reflet d'émotions, des contradictions, ... Elles sont modestes, mais sont le fruits d'une passion ... Si vous appréciez, pourquoi ne pas se lancer, le temps d'un portrait ou d'un projet. Bonne visite : Liens FBURKHALTER - FRANCE Photographies de voyage par Olivier BERTRAND | Sylvain Demange | Photographe Andreas Schwankl – Schauspieler | Ich bin Menschenfotografin. Und mein Herz tanzt,wenn ich mit Mittelformat und einer Tasche voll Film losziehen darf um für ein paar Stunden einfach zu sehen, Licht zu finden, zu dirigieren zu observieren und zu fotografieren. Andreas ist ein genialer, begabter, faszinierender Schauspieler und ich hoffe ihn sehr bald auf einer Bühne in der Nähe spielen zu sehen. Danke für den Spass und Dein Vertrauen – es war mir ein ganz besondere Ehre! all images shot on Mamiya645 and KodakProfessional Film.