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Plastic you can shape with your hands

Plastic you can shape with your hands
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About | InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic What is this InstaMorph moldable plastic thing anyways. Well, InstaMorph is an non-toxic, lightweight polyester thermoplastic (woah, that's a mouthful!). That didn't help? Ok, how about we tell you some of the properties of InstaMorph that we think you'll like. Works at low temperatures. InstaMorph becomes moldable at a relatively low temperature (60°C / 140°F) and solidifies at room temperature. Reheat and Remold it again and again. InstaMorph can be remolded again and again simply by reheating it. No special tools or activators are needed No messy chemicals here. InstaMorph can be painted, dyed, machined, carved or stuck. The possibilities are endless! So, what can I use InstaMorph for? That's a tough one, because really, it's only really limited by your imagination (and what a strong, lightweight plastic would be appropriate for in the first place). Don't take our word for it. Check out their InstaMorph Projects

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PAPERMAU: Ancient Double Dice Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now! Just playing with textures with MsPaint. This is the Ancient Double Dice Paper Model, a simple paper model to decorate your desktop. Apenas brincando com texturas no MsPaint. Este é Jogo de Dados Antigo, um modelo de papel bem simples para decorar sua mesa de trabalho. Download:! More Papermau Paper Models related posts: Dragster Hell`s Team 1970 - by Papermau - Download Now! Vintage Matches Gift Box - by Papermau - Download Now! Little Store Building Desktop Model - by Papermau - Pequena Loja Stone Double Dice Paper Model - by Papermau - Download Now!

Needle Felting Supplies and Instruction - Home Rueda de Ginebra Mecanismo de rueda de Ginebra: nótese que solo gira mientras está en contacto con el pivote, creando un movimiento circular intermitente. La rueda de Ginebra, también conocida como cruz de Malta, es un mecanismo que convierte un movimiento circular continuo en un movimiento circular intermitente. Consiste en un engranaje donde la rueda motriz tiene un pivote que alcanza un carril de la rueda conducida y entonces avanza un paso. La rueda motriz dispone además de un bloque circular que le permite completar el giro manteniendo la rueda conducida bloqueada. Introducción[editar] En la disposición más típica, la rueda motriz tiene cuatro carriles, por lo que la rueda conducida avanza un paso de 90° por cada giro de la rueda motriz. Debido a que el mecanismo debe estar muy bien lubricado, a menudo se encuentra cerrado en una cápsula de aceite. Usos y aplicaciones[editar] Una aplicación de la rueda de Ginebra son los proyectores de cine. Rueda de Ginebra interna o inversa[editar] Fuerza de Coriolis

New soldering iron! What should I make? - project electronics DIY I am the proud new owner of a soldering iron. What are some good first projects? Must be cheap and at least marginally useful. So my USB flash drive decided to stop working, and for some reason I decided that one of the little solder joints at the connector had probably come apart. Turns out that I was wrong about the drive, though. I'm pretty new to soldering, but let's assume that I'm past the "stick scraps of wire together" phase of learning. I'd love something that featured a light, as I've recently started sticking random lights all over my bike. Resources for cheap kits of this kind or detailed build plans would be wonderful. So hit me with your best introductory soldering projects, MetaFilter!

DIY Hermès @ 法蘭 x LIFE STYLE :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: Hermès一直是很多名媛淑女夢寐以求的夢幻逸品,但是動輒要數萬元的包包可不是一般人所能負擔的起的價格。尤其是凱莉包更是風靡全球的一個款式,若你不曉得什麼是凱莉包,請看下面的介紹。 凱莉包(Kelly Bag)是愛馬仕公司以摩納哥王妃葛莉絲·凱莉命名的一款女式手提包。 以上感謝維基百科 但是一定有朋友朝思暮想的想擁有這款包包,卻又因為口袋不夠深沒辦法入手,貼心的愛馬仕聽到了大家的心聲,他們推出了一系列可以自己DIY的凱莉包,只要到他們的官網下載圖片,再用印表機列印出來,剪剪貼貼之後你就可以擁有一個小型的凱莉包了! 雖然尺寸小了點,重量輕了點,但是擺在桌子前面,看起來也挺賞心悅目的阿~ Home - New England Felting Supply