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Echange de garde d’animaux entre particuliers - Animal Futé

Echange de garde d’animaux entre particuliers - Animal Futé

vos Blandine Damour from Salon de Provence ? Animal-futé : si vous partez en voyage, à qui allez-vous confier votre chat ? vos poissons rouges ? Vous avez un animal domestique ? Vous partez en vacances ? Qu'allez-vous faire de notre animal ? Blandine vient d'ouvrir une plateforme - d'un type nouveau en France - destinée aux propriétaires d'animaux domestiques... La plateforme animal-futé est réservée aux particuliers, qui prennent donc en charge la garde gratuitement ... Il y a a même la possibilité de contractualiser la garde.. Quels sont les types d'animaux "échangeables" proposés sur le site ? Combien y a-t-il d'animaux domestiques en France ? La France semble être le pays européen qui a le plus d'animaux domestiques (notamment on y adore les poissons rouges...). Pourquoi Blandine a eu cette idée ? Quel est le business model d'animal-futé ? Commercialisation du service ? Concurrence ? Visées internationales ? Nouvelles fonctionnalités qui seront intégrées sur la plateforme ? Commentaires au débotté.. Pour contacter Blandine Damour : b.damour(arobase)animal-futé.com

GoodGym The story so far GoodGym arose out of a frustration with normal gyms being a waste of energy and human potential. After a year or so of thinking, testing and developing ideas the project was submitted to Social Innovation Camp in December 2008. Why are we doing it? We are a group of runners that believe that gyms are a waste of energy. Something we’ve been working on a lot is loneliness and isolation amongst older people: 13% of people over 65 in the UK say that they always or often feel lonely, and 17% of those living alone see family and friends less than once a week. As one person describes it: "With aging you lose a lot of friends. GoodGym makes a contribution to improving quality of life for older people. Making it easy to do good: Research by UK volunteering organisation TimeBank has shown the difficulty of recruiting volunteers, and highlights the importance of developing volunteer-centric roles for volunteering. What's the plan?

Dog Boarding Just Got Awesome! | DogVacay Accorderie The Sharing Economy Airbnb, coolest lingo for startup descriptions on AngelList by Skift That Airbnb is the poster-child of the sharing economy — or collaborative consumption if you want to be hipper — is now a given, so much so that a fuddy-duddy business magazine like Forbes put the company and its CEO Brian Chesky on its latest cover. But before a company becomes the zeitgeist in the larger pop culture, it has to pass through a rather delicate phase, where other early stage startups start using its name in their own shorthand descriptions. These days, besides tech blogs using shorthands in their headlines, which has been going on for as long as Techcrunch has existed, AngelList is the preferred place for these descriptions. And Airbnb rules the roost on AngelList these days, the cool company to use in your shorthand to catch potential investor’s eye. So we did the hard work and sifted through hundreds of AngelList profiles to come up with the ultimate “Airbnb of” or “Airbnb for” list. Without further ado, the 75 odd companies that think they’re the Airbnb of…well.

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