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Merging two of the ultimate pastimes—books and puzzles—the Codex Silenda has to be physically solved in order to read it. And no, these aren’t simple word games and math problems, but rather deviously complicated mechanical puzzles crafted from laser-cut wood that are embedded within each part of this 5-page book. The solution to each puzzle physically unlocks the next page. As the reader moves through the book a short story is also revealed, etched on pages opposite the puzzles. The Codex Silenda was created by industrial designer Brady Whitney who is currently funding the it as project on Kickstarter. At the moment it looks like all funding tiers involving the book have filled, quadrupling their funding goals, but maybe they’ll add additional levels soon. The jeweler Secret Wood (previously) has been producing even more miniature cities and landscapes, each ethereal universe living inside a resin geometric dome on top of their handmade wooden rings. Graphic designer Matt W.

Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City — Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City — Calendar How do we make ourselves at home in the city? What does it mean to grow and harvest our own food and resourcefully and artfully make ourselves at home? These are some of the questions explored by Fritz Haeg, artist-in-residence at the Walker in association with the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden’s 25th anniversary. Haeg’s practice spans a range of disciplines—architecture, performance, design, education, gardening, and ecology—and includes projects as varied as public dances, urban parades, temporary encampments, edible gardens, videos, and publications. He often creates environments that respond to particular places, working in collaboration with local residents and groups. KISSTHEDESIGN on the Behance Network A3 Studio, the graphic design studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has been commissioned to develop the new corporate identity of Kissthedesign gallery. The gallery, established in the market of post war design and contemporary art, celebrated its two-years birthday with an expanded concept and a new gallery space. To compliment its enhanced activity, Kissthedesign decided to get a new visual identity, based on the early logo’s colours and rounded shape. A3 completely rethought and redesigned the visual identity of Kissthedesign, the font "Kiss rounded" was specially developed for the gallery, a rounded typography that shows a bright and contemporary style The logo consists of a polygonal shape with ten sides, that reminds a sophisticate diamond. On the business cards, the "diamond" has been highlighted with a silkscreen varnish to emphasize the exclusive facet of the gallery’s activities in high end design and fine art

8 Creativity Lessons from a Pixar Animator ‘I want to put a ding in the universe.’ ~Steve Jobs Sometimes immersing yourself in the creative world of people doing amazing things can bring unexpected results. Zaha Hadid designs superyacht for Blohm + Voss There's a sense of inevitability about the news that Zaha Hadid Architects has designed her first superyacht. Having moved slowly and inexorably into the orbits of the super-rich - be it through the elaborate furniture design created for Established & Sons or, more recently, a design for a high-end villa just outside Moscow - the architecture of Zaha Hadid has gone beyond the parametrically-driven creation of new forms and entered a new phase of cultural domination. That the undeniably dynamic and vital nature of Hadid's architecture should have finally caught the eye of the international elite is no surprise.

33 Free and Premium PSD and EPS Brochure Design Templates Among the various methods of advertising, brochure is considered as one of the most effective mediums. A brochure is like a self image of the company. It projects the business to the others. UN DUE TRE ILARIA⎜interiors ⎜design⎜lifestyle: DESIGN ICON /FORNASETTI You've seen it and you probably wondered who this enigmatic lady was. Her expression and the perfect oval of her face inspired infinite variations to the main theme (tiles, plates, pillows, ceramics, wallpaper). Her name was Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944), an Italian soprano, famous for her grace and beauty. And the artist who gave immortality to this almost sad gaze was Piero Fornasetti. He chose her as his muse.

How Reddit Built Its Empire On 500 Bucks, Stickers, And Giving People What They Want Back in 2005, my college friend Steve Huffman and I got $12,000 from Y Combinator and moved into an apartment in Medford, Mass. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have imagined that now, six years later, our website, reddit, would be getting 35 million unique visitors and over 2.8 billion pageviews per month (at the time of this writing). We launched the site without any categories--just one big front page of links about anything the community wanted. Today, the community is made up of thousands of awesome subreddits, ranging from topics like cute animal photos to politics to male fashion advice. And this marvelous community of communities owes its existence to a massive advertising budget of...$500.

Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It Advertisement Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. In the next five years, we’ll likely need to design for a number of additional inventions. When will the madness stop?

Galleries on Web Urbanist Archived Articles: Street Art & Graffiti From 3D graffiti to light art, these works reflect the cutting edge of contemporary urban street art and design. These graffiti and street artists employee the latest techniques, creative materials, and unusual strategies to challenge the conventional stencil-and-spray-paint approach that most people think of when it comes to public drawing and wall graffiti the world over. Art Brake: OZ’s Awesome Traffic Light Signal Boxes Traffic light signal boxes are found near traffic lights but unlike the latter, the former aren't designed to attract the eye... unless they're in Australia.