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Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain
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Menn som ikke liker karrierekvinner - Les hele rapporten om studien her: Menn som ikke liker karrierekvinner (åpner en .pdf fil på 829kb) Se en kort film om studien via vår Facebook side. Av Ketil Raknes og Tarje Gaustad, høyskolelektorer ved Markedshøyskolen. Kronikken stod på trykk i Verdens Gang fredag 6/3/2015. At kvinner som gjør karriere i næringslivet møter andre krav og forventninger enn menn er et omdiskutert fenomen. For å begrunne påstanden viser hun til en eksperimentell studie som ble gjort på amerikanske business-studenter første gang i 2003. Resultatene av eksperimentet var oppsiktsvekkende: Studentene vurderte Heidi og Howard som akkurat like kompetente. I februar 2015 gjennomførte Markedshøyskolen i samarbeid med tankesmien Agenda et eksperiment der vi prøvde ut studien på norske studenter. Enda mer interessant er det at det er menns holdninger som var drivkraften bak forskjellene mellom hvordan Hanna og Hans ble vurdert.

DSDHA DSDHA have worked with Derwent London to deliver this discreet yet alluring brick building that brings delight to its surroundings while engaging in an active dialogue with the wider context of the city. Corner House hopes to introduce a new type of contemporary beauty, one which is less ostentatious yet captivating, capable to build on the qualities of its location to provide a highly sustainable solution that embodies high quality design and craftsmanship. While at an urban level it celebrates the ordinary street corner, Corner House inverts this typology (typically presenting a more articulated treatment of the façade at the ground level) and places two jewel-like crystalline pavilions on the rooftop, opening up a series of unexpected views onto London’s variegated and ever changing roofscape. Corner House provides a mix of private and affordable homes, along with a commercial space on the ground floor. The entrances to Corner House are configured to respond to the local context.

But Seriously, Folks... - Dagbladet Det var ikke alle som forstod «Spinal Tap» da den kom på kino i 1984. Det krevdes en viss oversikt over feltet for å forstå alle internvitsene i «Hjelp vi er i popbransjen», som var den norske tittelen. Og nettopp fordi «Spinal Tap» ligger så nært opptil virkeligheten at den kan framstå som en vanlig «Rockumentary», har den tålt tidens tann og står igjen som tidenes kultfilm. Men ikke bare dét; en viktig nyanse ved «Tap»s storhet, er at det skinner gjennom at folka bak filmen har kjærlighet til og fascinasjon for feltet de parodierer. I mitt essay om gubbeveldet i musikkbransjen, i lørdagens Dagbladet, ønsket jeg å parodiere en debatt. Derfor vil jeg nå gå gjennom de samme poengene, men denne gangen uten sarkasme og distanse. Først: jeg må humre litt over at Malin Kulseth er min debattmotstander. Motivasjonen for mitt essay, var ikke at jeg er vilt provosert over at man ønsker bedre kår for kvinner i musikkbransjen. Jeg tror ikke det er særlig heldig med tanke på eksport.

Reiach and Hall Architects Dundee Council Civic Offices Dundee Dundee City Council New civic offices integrating a listed building Publication Download Project Pages Awards BCI Awards Building Project of the Year £3 to £50m 2012 RIBA Award 2012 RIAS Award 2012 BCO Awards 2011 Regional Finalist Civic Trust Awards 2011 Regional Finalist Roses Design Awards Commercial Office Building of the Year 2011 Gold Brick Development Association Awards Best International Project 2011 RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland 2011 Shortlisted Dundee Institute of Architects Awards Best Public / Commercial Building 2011 Highly Commended

Mannesmak og kvinnesak - Dagbladet På trykk i henholdsvis Dagbladet og Klassekampen lørdag kommenterer Knut Schreiner og Arild Rønsen hvor unødvendig det er å sette kjønnsbalanse i musikkbransjen på dagsorden. Schreiner forklarer på Twitter at målet med kronikken (eller var det et essay?) var å «parodiere og virkelighetsteste en fjern debatt». Det er klart debatten er fjern og irrelevant for Schreiner og Rønsen; de er begge menn og nærmere slutten av karrieren enn begynnelsen. Schreiners harselas med arbeidet for kjønnsbalanse i musikklivet oppleves i beste fall som syrlig humor av guttegjengen hans, men for en annen passiv gruppe avislesere klarer han å sette sinn i kok og gi et feilaktig bilde av hva dette arbeidet faktisk innebærer. Påstandene fra både Rønsen og Schreiner om at kvinner ikke er flinke nok til å spille rock, at de selv har valgt å satse på andre karrierer enn musikk og av den grunn ikke har noe å klage over, er tåpelige. Og det er nettopp det som er poenget med denne debatten.

Downloads | Ultima Ratio Regum: The Roguelike Latest Version: 0.7.0b, released on the 24th of April, 2015. >> Download version 0.7.0b << The game is designed for Windows, but a Linux version is planned in 2016. Mac/Linux users may experience some problems with loading times (though I would appreciate any feedback on your experiences with this if you use a non-Windows system). Linux users: I recommend trying a) using Wineskin or simply Wine, (possibly with vcrun2008, and copying python*.dll into the windows/systems32 directory), b) PlayOnLinux, or maybe c) crossover 2.6. A Linux version is planned. Mac users: I recommend trying a) PlayOnMac (don’t automatically add a link through the install procedure – copy the software manually to the virtual drive and add a link later) or b) Wineskin. 0.7.x New Features: – Interior generation – All buildings now have procedurally-generated interiors, where every single building has its own algorithms, archetypes, and items on the inside.

Plot without conflict - western vs eastern narrative TwistedSifter - The Best of the visual Web, sifted, sorted and summarized Where Are All the Women Producers? Here Are 5 Famous Ones Monday, January 20, 2014 at 4 a.m. For some time now, many of pop music's biggest stars have been producers. You've got your Diplos, your Pharrells, your Danger Mouses. But one question: Where the hell are all the women? The fact is, it's still largely a boy's club. See also: 10 Proudly Feminist Musicians Sylvia Robinson The mother of hip-hop? Linda Perry Perry is a renaissance woman. Sylvia Massy Working largely in the realm of alternative rock, Sylvia Massy is probably best known for producing Tool's 1993 multiplatinum LP Undertow. "A career in music production means a lot of 14 hour days in a dark studio with little outside contact," Massy says about why there aren't more female producers. Kara DioGuardi Before she was a judge on American Idol (seasons eight and nine) Kara DioGuardi was famous for writing dozens and dozens of pop hits for artists including Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion. See also: 10 Proudly Feminist Musicians

Bjork Pitchfork interview: She’s tired of not getting credit for her music, just like MIA, Taylor Swift, Neko Case, Solange Knowles, Grimes, more. Photo illustration by Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo. Photos byBen Gabbe/Getty Images for Soho House;Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images; ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images;Mark Horton/WireImage;Roger Kisby/Getty Images Pitchfork published a new interview with Björk on Wednesday, and in it she speaks powerfully about the kind of sexism she’s faced in her career. It wasn’t just one journalist getting it wrong, everybody was getting it wrong. She compared the way the press talks about her to the way they talk about Kanye West. For example, I did 80 percent of the beats on Vespertine and it took me three years to work on that album, because it was all microbeats—it was like doing a huge embroidery piece. She added that she wanted “to support young girls who are in their 20s now and tell them: You’re not just imagining things.” If you read interviews with female songwriters, producers, and musicians, you know that’s true, because you’ve heard these stories again and again. Or take Neko Case.

Kommentar om mediedekninga etter spellemann jan 17 Carol Kaye: Session Bassist Extraordinaire | Tape Op Magazine | Longform candid interviews with music producers and audio engineers covering mixing, mastering, recording and music production. Carol Kaye is one of the most recorded bass players of all time, with 10,000 sessions and 40,000 songs under her belt, including a staggering list of hits for Ray Charles, The Righteous Brothers, Johnny Mathis, Nancy Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Glen Campbell, Lou Rawls, Jan & Dean, Henry Mancini, The Lettermen, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Monkees, The Buckinghams, Sonny & Cher, Andy Williams, Quincy Jones, Joe Cocker, Ike and Tina Turner, Mel Torme, Bobby Darin, Frank Zappa, Wayne Newton, Herb Alpert and even some Motown tracks cut in L.A. Carol is also the bass force behind the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and Smile records, plus much work with Phil Spector and his "wall of sound". Her list of accomplishments is as endless as it is impressive. How many sessions a day did you used to work? Two, three, four a day. How did you get into studio work? I accidentally got into studio work close to Christmas time, 1957. Yeah, I think that's something often people hear, the click sound. That's incredible.

She Bop: The definitive history of women in popular music. Revised third edition: Lucy O'Brien: 0884088895372: Books