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We wish to inform our users in this period we are developing some features of our platform, including multi-lingual support.Due to this fact, at the moment we are forced to slow down the updating of X-Software, which will be speeded up again as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the mainly voluntary approach of the project and the small number of active contributors, don't let us to manage updates, development of winPenPack components and website as we would like. Therefore, we decided to push for the expansion of winPenPacks Team, giving the opportunity for new developers to join our group. The only requirements are a good knowledge of Autoit3 programming language for the launcher and .NET for the menu, and a great passion for portable programs. If You want to join our team, please through the contact form or in our forum. For any questions or request, feel free to use this forum thread. Thank You All! The winPenPack Team

Take Screenshots & Share Them Across The Network Using Kidsnapper There are many famous screenshot taking tools like GreenShot and Shotty, which enable grabbing and editing screenshots. However, sometimes one requires capturing screenshots from not just the current system, but also from remote computers (e.g., servers) to check whether required processes are running or not. Moreover, it can also be necessary to share your screen with other users across a network which may have various operating system like Windows, Mac or Linux. Kidsnapper is a portable screenshot taking and sharing tool that not only allows grabbing screenshots from your current desktop, but also makes it possible to share screenshots with remote computers via local web server. This can help people using various operating system platforms to get screenshots from Windows-based computers. Kidsnapper registers Shift+Print and CTRL+Print hotkey combinations for capturing entire desktop and capturing current window, respectively.

GoGet: Manage Scattered Data By Copying Format-Specific Files As time goes by, our photos, songs, movies, documents and other data gets cluttered up, and scattered in our computer. Resultantly, it often happens that when we are looking for a particular file, we can’t find it, because we don’t know its exact location. You can use the search function to look for your files, but that requires you to have the files properly named and tagged. If the files are stored with random names, the only way for you to find them is by knowing their exact location. Well, now you don’t need to remember where each file is placed in your computer because of a very helpful tool called GoGet.

Ethervane Echo Automatically Sorts Your Clipboard Entries Into Tabs Previously, we have covered a lot of clipboard managers, such as ClipX, Ace Clipboard and Free Clipboard Manager, all with their unique functionalities like managing clipboard entries through hotkeys and saving clipboard items & screenshots. Ethervane Echo is a portable clipboard manager that keeps track of your clipboard history without interfering with the default Windows clipboard. Unlike other clipboard managers, it automatically sorts the clipboard entries into different tabs, such as Default, Sticky, Used, Last hour, URLs etc., allowing you to quickly access the required clipboard entries.

Tab Notifier: Get Desktop Notifications From Social Networks [Firefox] Firefox has a built-in feature for sending users desktop notifications but it isn’t used as much. Despite its sophistication, Firefox’s desktop notification just don’t see as much use as they could be. Tab Notifier is a Firefox add-on that helps make better use of the notification feature in Firefox. It lets you receive notifications from any website. FreeApps: Automatically Install Multiple Free Applications Installing applications after a fresh Windows installation can be quite a hassle, as one has to individually search, download and install the updated versions for numerous applications. Some users use Ninite website to install the most commonly used application by simply selecting them and clicking the Install option. This enables automatic bulk installation of multiple applications. FreeApps is an installer package that provides the option to install several free applications like Firefox, anti-virus suites, torrent clients, PDF readers etc, in a single click. FreeApps has installers for Windows, and its website delivers a list of applications for iPhone and Android devices. Using the PC application, you can install famous applications and check for updates of existing apps installed on your PC.

NexusFile: Dual-Pane File Manager With FTP & Archive Extraction Support While roaming around on the internet, we stumbled upon a very useful file manager, and since we know how much you appreciate good freeware, we thought it was a must to share with our addicted readers. NexusFile is a file manager that can be easily used as the default Windows Explorer alternative because of its massive scope of functionality. The application features dual pane view, multiple tabs, supports FTP , has Shortcut key support, Folder Tree view, a built-in Advanced Rename feature, can extract archives (ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, ALZ, 7Z etc) without external applications, allows you to set Favorite and Quick Access Folders, change Skins, and is portable! Read on to find out more about Nexus File. The interface has File, Folder, Edit, View, System, Archive, Network and Tools menus at the top. The quick access buttons to move Back, Forward, access Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Favorite folders appear below the menus.

Start Windows Programs Using Keyboard Hotkeys With MadApp Launcher The beauty of Windows operating system is the amount of customization features it provides, both aesthetically and ergonomically. Talking about ergonomics, there are various ways to make your applications and utilities easily accessible. Even though you can use desktop shortcuts to make your applications easy to approach, the other way is to use App Launchers. App launchers are applications that are designed to hold your frequently used tools and apps at one place.

inCrypto Lets You Generate Hash Values And Encode & Encrypt Text Encrypting a file allows you to send it over the internet safely without worrying about its contents being read, or used by someone who is not intended to read them. for instance, a file that you upload on the internet might get hacked by someone with malicious intentions. If the file contains sensitive information, that can create a lot of trouble for you. Hashing a file, on the other hand, can be used to make sure that the file you downloaded is exactly the one that was uploaded by the author and not a file modified by a hacker.

FolderUsage Lets You View & Manage Folder Size Using Filters You will find a lot of tools, such as Folder Size, TDP x-Ray Lite and OverDisk, to check the size of folders and distribution of disk space to view and manage hard disk contents. All of them displayed size and contents of each folder in beautiful and easy-to-understand pie charts, and allowed you to export chart images. FolderUsage is a portable application to view the size and contents of folders according to Name, Size, Number of Files and Number of Folders.