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Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls

Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls

Macrame - By Stefan. Back to Tutorials. This tutorial is supposed to teach you how to make macrame bands in different styles. They can be used as bracelets, belts, or just for decoration. Under each image I will indicate what knot you need to make the band. Reversed half-hitches. Square knots. Hitches. Double Hitches. {macramé: square knot} string & hexnut bracelet By Kate on September 13, 2011 This bracelet has been inspired by this really wonderful “Braided Hex-nut Bracelet” tutorial which I pinned on Pinterest a while back. Two things I absolutely love about this project are: 1) It’s cheap as chips: I already had string in the cupboard and the brass hexnuts were 3p each from the hardware shop. 2) It’s my kind of jewellery: I’m not really a girly girl IYKWIM! The bracelet I made is a bit different to the ‘braided hex-nut bracelet’ and uses macrame instead, which is great, because I promised some tutorials a while back and felt a bit bad that I hadn’t written any yet! Full instructions after the jump! Square Knot Please note: I have used different colored cord in the tutorial so that it’s easier for you to figure out whats going on! 1. 2. 3. 4. This might seem a little tricky a first but I promise once you have done it a dozen times you’ll be sorted….! If you need a hand then leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

T. J. Potter, Sling Maker - 6 strand flat braid Instructions for a 6-strand Flat Braid I have included two ways to make this flat braid. The first is simply the normal braiding method, and the second is more of a finger weaving method. The structure of the braid is basically the same for both methods, but because of the difference in the way tension is put on the strands, the two methods produce somewhat different looking results. Method #1 To start the braid, hold three strands in each hand. Now take the outside left-hand strand and bring it through the other three left-hand strands going under-over-under, and transfer it to the right hand, keeping it to the inside of the other right-hand strands. Here you can see both steps have been done. Here you can see several passes of the braid completed. Method #2 For this method, hold all six strands in the left hand. The weaving process is repteated with each strand in sequence. Here you can see what it looks like after two steps are done without being pulled tight.

Marigold Road | Mindy Harris: How To Make A Single Fabric Rolled Rosette Necklace Love cute fabric rolled rosette necklaces? I sure do! Want to know how to make a single fabric rolled rosette necklace for yourself or a friend? Here's the DIY: if you're not the crafty type, visit AlongForTheRide (available in single rosettes) & Soleil Selene (available in 3-7 rosettes) for the best fabric necklacesGather your materials. Cut a thin-ish strip of fabric, a little less than 1 & 1/3 yards. Pinch the end in half. Tie in a knot. Start rolling and twisting fabric around the knot. Glue a little as you go. Once you are to the size of rosette you like, trim excess fabric and glue end to the base of the flower. It should look something like this: Grab a round bail plate: String chain through the bell plate. Cover the back of the rosette/bail plate by gluing over it with a round piece of felt. I glued two felt circles on, one large and one small, to make sure I couldn't see the bail plate through the felt & for extra sturdiness. Now you have a cute necklace! Easy peasy.

How to Make Non-Obnoxious Alphabet Magnets | {NiceGirlNotes} Okay, okay. Non-obnoxious isn’t a word. But neither is unobnoxious. I’ve come to embrace this part of my life where I have a baby and a toddler. There will be toys. A multitude of them. However, for the sake of my sanity, I try to make it look like we all share the space together – adults and tiny ankle biters – as opposed to Jack and me just unrolling sleeping bags in the middle of a Toys R Us. Enter alphabet magnets. Hard plastic. And the floor. Just kidding. But Rembot loves alphabet magnets. A win-win situation: non-obnoxious alphabet magnets. I picked up some flat wooden disks, magnet strips (these work really well, too), and rub-on letters. 1) Spray paint both sides of wooden disks. 2) Lightly spray paint one side with white spray paint. 3) Spray with blue spray paint. 4) Rub letters onto each disk. 5) Take sandpaper – or whatever this thing is called: a sponge wrapped in sandpapery goodness – and roughen up the edges. 6) Cut little magnets out of magnet strip. Like them?

Jak zrobić bransoletkę sznurkową (Blog ma już pół roczku!) Od dłuższego czasu rynek jest podbijany przez bransoletki Lilou. Są charakterystyczne: kawałek związanego, kolorowego sznureczka ze srebrną lub pozłacaną zawieszką. Mają być niepowtarzalne, a przede wszystkim, według autorki, mają budzić pozytywne emocje i wyrażać każdą z osób w sposób bardzo zindywidualizowany. Ceny, jak łatwo się spodziewać, skutecznie odstraszają, dlatego chciałabym Wam pokazać, jak w prosty sposób zrobić samemu podobną, sznurkową bransoletkę:) Do wykonania bransoletki potrzebujemy 40 cm sznurka, rzemienia lub muliny (u mnie: sznurek bawełniany, grubość: 2mm) i zawieszkę. Na początku musimy nawlec zawieszkę, umieścić ją w połowie długości sznurka, następnie zawiązać supełek. Aby zrobić regulowane wiązanie bransoletki trzeba wykonać następujący manewr (dla czytelności użyłam tutaj dwóch kolorów): aby zrobić mocny supełek, służący do regulacji musimy owinąć sznurek, tworząc dwie pętelki, a następnie przewlec końcówkę sznurka przez ich środek. I gotowe:)

Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog « photos of my adventures in sewing, crafts, and narwhal creation Big news! The Starburst Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial is now available as an Amazon e-book It’s only $2.99 and with the e-book version, you can take this handy step-by-step guide wherever you’re going to be folding! Thanks for your support of Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog, and enjoy crafting! <A HREF=" Have you been wondering how to make the amazing bracelets from Starburst wrappers? If you’re clever, you can make this bracelet from any rectangular wrapper: dum dum wrappers, tootsie roll wrappers, most gum wrappers, now and laters… be creative, there are lots of options! Keep in mind that when you have finished, you need the bracelet to be big enough to slide on and off your wrist without too much trouble. Click on any of the photos for a larger view. Step 1 Take your first wrapper… and flip it over. Step 2 Fold (hot dog) one side in to the halfway point. Step 3 Fold (hot dog) the other side to the halfway point. Step 4 Step 5 Fold (hot dog) in half again.

owl【自己动手】圣诞快到了!DIY可爱的虞美人…_来自owl的图片分享 堆糖网 分类 首页 热门 最新 良品购 特卖惠 家居生活 美食菜谱 手工DIY 时尚搭配 美妆造型 婚纱婚礼 设计 古风 插画绘画 壁纸 头像 文字句子 旅行 摄影 人文艺术 影音书 人物明星 动画漫画 植物多肉 生活百科 搞笑萌宠 搜索含 的内容 搜索含 的商品 搜索含 的专辑 搜索含 的糖友 新浪微博腾讯 QQ 淘宝腾讯微博豆瓣 关联账号登录: 登录 注册 owl 发布到 owl【自己动手】 专辑中 2011-12-09 11:41:19 owl【自己动手】圣诞快到了! 关注 查看完整专辑2211714 来自: 我的首页 新浪微博-随时随地分享身边的新… 查看来源 收集 腾讯微博 豆瓣 人人网 赞3 评论 4 添加评论... 评论 tabac的味道03-13 好看 喜欢! 挑剔的猫咪03-06 喜欢的花! 麻依03-05 哇 · ·· 这个我应该能完成··! Isis_sweet_home01-25 我喜欢,很大气。 你可能感兴趣 还被收集在 > 手工430那点小手工...2005布892 标签 DIY手工 活动 哇塞! 截止日期:2014年04月23日 标签集帮助中心关于我们加入我们免责声明堆糖收集工具 ©Copyright by 堆糖 2010-2013, all rights reserved 备案 沪ICP备10038086号-1 确定要删除? 确定取消

Paper Crafts : Description: So stylish, cheap and easy! Craft Link: Pretty Paper Flowers Read More: Paper Crafts or Home Description: Create cus­tom art­work for next to noth­ing with this very clear tut­or­ial. Craft Link: Paper Weaving Description: I’m crazy about this delicate paper mobile from The Red Thread. Craft Link : Geo Paper Mobile Read More : Candle Making or Paper Crafts or Home Description: In case you’re not sure what quilling is, it’s the art of rolling thin strips of paper into lovely little designs. Craft Link : DIY Quilled Chess Set Read More : Candle Making or Paper Crafts or Home Description: Jessica, from How About Orange, made these adorable candle holders using sheets of computer paper and a craft knife. Craft Link : Cut Paper Candle Holders Description : I’ve been seeing lots of ways of presenting cupcakes lately, but this cupcake stand is my absolute favorite!! Craft Link : Super Adorable Cupcake Stand Read More : Paper Crafts or Home Craft Link : Easy Tiny Envelopes Tutorial

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