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6 Companies Aiming to Digitize the Textbook Industry The world's readers purchased an estimated $966 million of ebooks in 2010, and Amazon has been selling more ebooks than paper books since January. But students have yet to catch on to the digital book revolution with the same fervor. A 2010 study by OnCampus Research found that 74% of college students surveyed still prefer to use a printed textbook. Where some see non-adopters, others see untapped markets, and thus large and small players alike have long been targeting the digital textbook niche. Here are some of the ways they're looking to get students to trade their print for pixels. 1. CourseSmart was launched in 2007 as a joint venture with five publishers, including McGraw-Hill and Pearson. The CourseSmart approach is pretty standard (as the products of huge companies tend to be). 2. Follett-owned CafeScribe sells books with built-in study networks. 3. VitalSource is a combination between CourseSmart and CafeScribe. 4. enTourage Systems 5. 6.

Programs The Hewlett Foundation helps people build measurably better lives. Our grantees are working to reduce poverty in the developing world, curb carbon emissions that lead to climate change, and improve education for students in California and elsewhere, among many other valuable goals. While the goals of the Foundation are about problems that we're trying to solve, our Foundation is organized in such a way that grants are made from particular programs. Here are the Foundation's five programs and their key goals: The Education Program makes grants to: Increase economic opportunity and civic engagement by educating students to succeed in a changing world through deeper learningImprove the conditions for education reform in CaliforniaEqualize access to knowledge for teachers and students around the globe through Open Educational ResourcesRaise educational achievement in disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area The Environment Program makes grants to:

Courses List Producing Films for Social Change This is an intensive, hands-on editorial and production course in which students pitch their ideas and then research, report, produce, shoot, write, and edit their own short documentary films on social issues affecting the local community, the U.S., or the world. Readings and discussions focus on current news, media ethics, media literacy, the declining credibility of the press, journalists' responsibilities to the public, social justice issues, First Amendment principles, corporate media ownership, media images of women and people of color, and the powerful role of media (TV news, documentaries, new media, digital storytelling) as tools for civic engagement and positive social change.

AcademicPub Opens Custom Textbook-Building to Faculty E-Textbooks | News AcademicPub Opens Custom Textbook-Building to Faculty By Dian Schaffhauser04/26/11 A company with technology for creating digital-to-print books is getting into the textbook market. AcademicPub, a division of SharedBook, has introduced a service that enables instructors to create digital and print texts by compiling materials from multiple sources: copyrighted works, faculty-created material, and resources the company has in its own library. The service also enables the instructor to collect royalties on the materials he or she personally provides in the textbooks. Permission to use copyrighted information from outside the library is provided by the Copyright Clearance Center. AcademicPub offers a searchable library that includes content from multiple publishers, including EBSCO, Foreign Affairs, and the American Institute of Physics.

Academic Resource Center | Note-Taking Skills Seth Clabough, ARC Director Hello and welcome to the Academic Resource Center. Our mission here at the ARC is to support continued academic growth and effective learning among all Sweet Briar students. We are not just a writing center — whether you want someone to work with you on structuring your study time, assist you with a current project, help you get comfortable with some of the innovative classroom technologies, or even mentor you through the demands of a rigorous academic schedule, the ARC can help. We offer peer tutoring in writing, reading, study skills, ePortfolio/Digication, and time and stress management. We have a customizable Study Mentor Program and an Individualized Tutoring Plan available to you, and we can also put you in touch with tutors from any department, so no matter the subject, the ARC has got you covered. We look forward to working with you. All best, Dr. ARC Director Asst. Our Team Dr. Location

Courses Inkling How to Study and Learn (Part One) All thinking occurs within, and across, disciplines and domains of knowledge and experience, yet few students learn how to think well within those domains. Despite having taken many classes, few are able to think biologically, chemically, geographically, sociologically, anthropologically, historically, artistically, ethically, or philosophically. Students study literature, but do not think in a literary way as a result. They study poetry, but do not think poetically. They do not know how to think like a reader when reading, nor how to think like a writer while writing, nor how to think like a listener while listening. Consequently they are poor readers, writers, and listeners. To study well and learn any subject is to learn how to think with discipline within that subject. To become a skilled learner is to become a self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinker, who has given assent to rigorous standards of thought and mindful command of their use.

12 западных ресурсов для образования Бесплатные лекции и курсы по различным тематикам и специальностям от ведущих университетов мира. Здесь вы можете найти лекции преподавателей MIT, Гарварда, Беркли, Уэлсли и многих других университетов. Проект оптимизирован для использования в образовательных целях именно с помощью веба. MIT Open Courseware По мнению основателя Pruffi Алены Владимирской, этот онлайн проект фактически лучшее, что есть на рынке онлайн-образования. Khan Academy Один из наиболее известных во всем мире проектов онлайн-обучения. Coursera Наряду с Khan Academy является лидером и наиболее известным проектом онлайн-обучения. Отличный проект для всех интересующихся наукой. Отдельный пункт мы решили отвести образовательным проектам отдельных университетов. UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative, Tufts OpenCourseWare, Openlearn, Sophia, University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering. Degreed Интереснейший образовательный проект. Сodecademy Oxford Handbooks Online

About Exploratree & Enquiring Minds About Exploratree Exploratree is a free web resource where you can access a library of ready-made interactive thinking guides, print them, edit them or make your own. You can share them and work on them in groups too. The Exploratree web resource has been developed by Futurelab and emerged out of our work on the Enquiring Minds project. It provides a series of ready-made interactive 'thinking guides' or 'frameworks' which can support students' projects and research. Thinking guides support the thinking or working through of an issue, topic or question and help to shape, define and focus an idea and also support the planning required to investigate it further. With Exploratree you can: Use our ready-made thinking guides Make a new thinking guide from scratch Use it to set class projects Print them out (they can go as big as A0) Change and customise thinking guides, you can add or change text, shapes, images etc. The Exploratree idea came from observing the process of classroom enquiry.

How to Study and Learn (Part Two) In part one of this article, we introduced some of the intellectual skills, abilities, and dispositions essential to the development of the educated person as articulated in our Miniature Guide for Students on How to Study and Learn. We provided eighteen ideas students need for becoming master students. In this article, we continue to highlight important ideas from the Thinker's Guide for Students on How to Study and Learn. Specifically, we focus on three key ideas: the importance of ideas, or concepts in thinking, how to think within the ideas of a subject or discipline, and how to learn important ideas from textbooks. How To Understand Ideas Ideas are to us like the air we breathe. Ideas, then, are our paths to both reality and self-delusion. To the uncritical mind, it is as if people in the world came to us with our labels for them inherent in who they are. If you want to develop as a learner, you must come to recognize the ideas through which you see and experience the world. - Kings and Queens Come to Life: Retelling History Through Apps How do you visualize your thoughts? Are your dreams more like a sit-com or a documentary? English historian David Starkey thinks his thoughts and work are best represented through mobile applications after seeing his book, Crown and Country, turned into a rich media app. The goal of Starkey's app -- Kings and Queens -- is to bring his book, and history, to life. "It's a case of the technology catching up with what I wanted to do," Starkey said in an interview with The Guardian's Apps blog. Starkey told The Guardian that the app, created by Trade Mobile, "reflects the creative processes of a writer." "All those things you've had to level out to make the line of narrative ... you can put back in," Starkey told the Guardian. Kings and Queens is interactive history at its best.