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TEDxStanford - Tina Seelig - A crash course in creativity

TEDxStanford - Tina Seelig - A crash course in creativity

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Hacking the Classroom: Beyond Design Thinking Design Thinking is trending is some educational circles. Edutopia recently ran a design thinking for educators workshop and I attended two great workshops at SXSWedu 2013 on Design Thinking: Design Thinking is a great skill for students to acquire as part of their education. But it is one process like the problem-solving model or the scientific method. Millennials Will Become The Majority In The Workforce In 2015. Is Your Company Ready? Next year, people born between 1981 and 1996 are poised to become the new workforce majority and will eventually remake the workplace in their own image. That means office culture is in for big changes. As a new survey shows, this generation is already chafing at today's traditional company structures. Freelancer platform Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding, a research consultancy, interviewed more than a thousand working millennials and 200 older hiring managers to arrive at what they call the “disjoints” in thinking between these two generations.

Color Chalkboard Paint by Benjamin Moore - Available in Any Color USA -> For Your Home -> Painting Ideas -> Chalkboard Paint—In Any Color HomeSpice up your organization KidsAdd fun & creativity anywhere Note: Chalkboard Paint can be tinted to any Benjamin Moore paint color except our Color Stories collection.

45 Design Thinking Resources For Educators 45 Design Thinking Resources For Educators Imagine a world where digital learning platforms help adult learners succeed through college completion; where a network of schools offers international-quality education, affordable tuition, and serves hundreds of thousands of children in economically disadvantaged countries; where we engage parents in understanding national trends and topics in education; where a comprehensive learning environment seamlessly connects the classroom with the opportunities of the digital world for young students; and where system-level solutions help more students gain access to college. Educators across the world have been using design thinking to create such a world.

Frog Creates An Open-Source Guide To Design Thinking Brainstorming, whether you believe in it or shun it, is a fantastic neologism. But as Frog Principal Designer David Sherwin has found, it’s also a very American word--one that doesn’t exist in every language. “We were in Bangladesh, trying to translate the idea into Bengali,” says Sherwin, remembering a recent trip his team spent working with teenage girls on community issues. “One of the translators on our team wrote up on the board, brain + storm. It couldn’t be translated.” Welcome to the Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking Welcome to the’s Virtual Crash Course resource page! We know not everyone can make a trip to the to experience how we teach design thinking. So, we created this online version of one of our most frequently sought after learning tools.

8 Tips To Effectively Use YouTube in eLearning In this article I'll discuss about the various ways that you can use YouTube to create collaborative and powerful eLearning courses. The key to tapping into the power of YouTube is to know how to effectively integrate it into your eLearning strategy. In recent years, YouTube has become a central hub for video sharing and virtual entertainment. Make Space Make Space (John Wiley & Sons, 2012) is a new book based on the work at the Stanford University and its Environments Collaborative Initiative. It is a tool for helping people intentionally manipulate space to ignite creativity. Appropriate for designers charged with creating new spaces or anyone interested in revamping an existing space, this guide offers novel and non-obvious strategies for changing surroundings specifically to enhance the ways in which teams and individuals communicate, work, play—and innovate. This work is based on years of classes and programs at the including countless prototypes and iterations with students and spaces. CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THREE HOW TO SPREADS FROM THE BOOKZ-RackT-WallFoam CubesHiding Place

The Ten Faces of Innovation » The Ten Faces The Learning Personas Individuals and organizations need to constantly gather new sources of information in order to expand their knowledge and grow, so the first three personas are learning roles. These personas are driven by the idea that no matter how successful a company currently is, no one can afford to be complacent. The world is changing at an accelerated pace, and today's great idea may be tomorrow's anachronism. The learning roles help keep your team from becoming too internally focused, and remind the organization not to be so smug about what you “know”. People who adopt the learning roles are humble enough to question their own worldview, and in doing so they remain open to new insights every day.

ScienceGuide: EU opens up education 3 oktober 2013 - The dust has finally settled after the great MOOC storm of 2012. What did we learn from the MOOC-hype and did the EU succeed in translating it into a successful Open Education Resources strategy? A week after the publication of Opening up Education, open education specialists from around Europe gathered at the ‘Opening up Education’ seminar organized by Nether to discuss this document for the first time. What did stick after a year of discussing MOOCS and Open Educational Resources? Be Ready for the Learning Space of the Future While many of us are aware of how new technology is changing the way we engage within the learning space, far too few in our industry are paying attention to the changing expectations of the learners moving into these spaces. While attending the New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer 2014 [ed-tech] conference in Portland, Oregon recently, I saw what our future learners—those currently in K-12 and higher education—are encountering. It’s fascinating. It’s creative.

8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom Remake Your Class is a 3-part video series that covers how one educator transformed his classroom with the help of his students, some community volunteers, and design experts. Editor's Note: Author David Bill is a designer and educator who consulted with The Third Teacher+ on the Remake Your Class project highlighted in the videos below. The tips in this post go along with the companion video. We are excited by the simplicity (and low price tag!)

Read her book "What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20".. worthwhile :) by blandw Sep 3

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