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Laughing Squid Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine English Language Centre Study Zone: Welcome! About the Study Zone The Study Zone is for students of the English Language Centre (ELC) at the University of Victoria. ELC teachers create the English language lessons and practice exercises. News and Feedback The comments on the Study Zone blog have been great! Who visits Study Zone? This map shows the visitors to this page only. All levels: Grammar Index What do I do? First, choose your level. Study Zone is made up of levels. Where am I now? The menu at the top of each page tells you where you are.

Arts and Culture | Departures By Julian Sancton Sep-2015 Over the past decade, Abu Dhabi has spent billions creating a cultural paradise on the recently uninhabited island of Saadiyat, including outposts of the Louvre and the Guggenheim. MORE FEATURES: 1 of 5 © Ateliers Jean Nouvel, ArteFactory, TDIC, Lourve Abu Dhabi Model, singer, and boundary breaker, Grace Jones defined the disco era. MORE FEATURES: 3 of 5 © Christopher Pillitz / Getty Images By Elizabeth Sile Sep-2015 Where to eat the country’s signature staple. MORE FEATURES: 5 of 5 © Courtesy Adam Wiseman / Phaidon

World Digital Library Home Reading The 100 American People You Should Know Essays on 100 well-known American people for English learners to read For Beginners Start Reading for Children (1) Simple present tense, 50-word passages for children to start readingStart Reading for Children (2) 100 more 50-word passages for kids to improve English through readingStart Reading for Children (3) 100 longer reading passages to increase children's English level English for Children (1) 100 short stories (50 words each), simple present tense, with AudioEnglish for Children (2) 125 easy short stories for children to practice reading and listeningEnglish Level 1 Simple present tense, 50-word passages for beginners + audio & exercisesEnglish Level 2 Short passages for beginners + audio & exercisesEnglish Level 3 Short essays for beginners + audio & exercisesEnglish Level 4 More short essays for beginners + audio & exercisesEnglish Level 5 200-word essays for beginners + audio & exercises Super Easy Reading 200 easy stories for beginners.

Donald Trump: Supporter at Rally Says Obama is Muslim Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump took questions at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Thursday, and the first one came from an audience member who expressed anti-Muslim sentiment. “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. Our current President is one. We know he’s not even an American,” the audience member said. “We have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question, when can we get rid of them?” In response to that question, which as Trump noted was the first question of the Town Hall, the presidential contender said, “we’re going to be looking at a lot of different things.” “A lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. Trump did not correct the audience member and note that the President of the United States is both an American and a Christian. Read more: ‘How to Make Donald Trump Disappear’ On the other hand, when Sen. Watch the full clip below.

25 Free Sites for Reading Books Online Do you love to read but hate to walk or drive or rise from a prone position on your hammock? Well, if you have Internet access, you don’t have to! (Granted, if you only have a desktop computer, you’ll probably have to sit up.) Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts: Collects several thousand texts, mostly from Project Gutenberg (see below). Several hundred titles, featuring iconic texts like the Bible, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations and Gray’s Anatomy. Bibliomania: Over 5,000 books, poems, articles, short stories and plays. Biodiversity Heritage Library: Over 10,000 titles from ten major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries and research institutions in an effort to digitize the “literature of biodiversity” held in their collections. More than 10,000 e-books divided into a variety of subjects. British Library Online Gallery: This virtual museum includes scanned versions of important literary and religious works, plus historical texts and more.

Free English Reading comprehension tests and exercises online Reading comprehension is also an important part when you take an English test. Reading comprehension test can help you to improve vocabulary, grammar, and logical thought ability. There are some tips for you to improve reading skills: - Practice reading every day. You should read different fields to improve your vocabulary. - Take note all new words and learn them. - Try to answer all the questions. - After answer all the questions. - Practice reading techniques - scanning, skimming, intensive and extensive reading. + Scanning: You try to find a particular piece of information. + Skimming: You try to gather the most important information as quickly as possible. + Intensive reading: You try to find the details of a specific information. + Extensive reading: You try to find general information of a passage. Elementary Reading Tests

Ben Carson is rising. How long until he falls? How long can Ben Carson last? If history is any judge, the answer is "not long." That's what happens to candidates like him: They receive a surge of interest, get subjected to media scrutiny, don't fare too well under that scrutiny, and fade away in short order. One might argue that this is the year that proved historical precedents are meaningless, but that may only apply to Donald Trump, a unique candidate if ever there was one. So while politics is always unpredictable, chances are strong that Ben Carson's elevated status will be temporary. Nevertheless, he deserves some credit for managing to push himself toward the front of the pack without the benefit of a Trump-like wave of news coverage. It's rooted in the fact that he's one of the "outsider" candidates, which proves that no matter how many times candidates tell voters, "Support me because I have no experience in a job like this and barely any idea what it involves," some voters will buy it. More Perspectives Ruth Margolis