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Documentaries - Online Documentaries

Discovery Education Digital Learning - Curricular Resources | Administrators Discovery Education Techbook™ provides unrivaled content that helps teachers transition to the exciting world of digital resources. Techbook™ ignites curiosity and enhances learning via a powerful, simple-to-use program that substantially lowers district costs and can be used across any device or platform. Sound samples From OLPC Music : Sound samples +/- v.2 of the sound samples torrent is now available via Mininova. It includes all available 44kHz sound samples, including the ones missing from the original torrent. A third link for the torrent, this time using a Magnet URI (copy and paste this into your browser address bar or open it with your BitTorrent application): magnet:? Note that v.2 and v.1 of the torrent are completely compatible; you can copy over the files from the original torrent into the directory for the new one, eliminating the need to redownload files you already have (and helping the seeding process to all of the folks who didn't get the original one). The Open Path Music Custom Sample Library for OLPC (OVER 350 SAMPLES! A collection of sounds that were recorded specifically for OLPC by some of San Jose's top studio musicians at Open Path Music for use in Tam Tam and other XO Activities. from Zenph Studios The Zenph Studios Yamaha Disklavier Pro Piano Multisamples for OLPC BT (a.k.a. Dr.

Watch Free Online Documentary Films and Free Documentaries | FreeDocumentaries.Org 100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers YouTube has earned a reputation for featuring brain cell-slaughtering fare such as the truly abysmal Fred and playing host to the some of the most depressingly stupid comments this side of Yahoo! News. But for every participant liberally dishing out misspelled racist, sexist and homophobic talking points, there is at least one whose channel genuinely offers something provocative and educational. For teachers hoping to infuse multimedia into their classrooms, YouTube makes for an excellent starting point. Multidisciplinary and General Education Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Technology Social Sciences, History and World Issues Love him or hate him, Barack Obama is still America’s president. Visual, Performing and Liberal Arts

Watch Free Documentaries Online | Documentary Heaven Powerful films from 5 young people: What health inequality looks like in the US By Michael Painter. For some of us, it’s easy to choose to be healthy. We can’t control whether disease or accidents strike, but we can decide where we live and what we eat, as well as if, when and how much we’ll exercise. Some of us live in a culture of health — a time and place where, for the most part, we have the real hope and opportunity to live a healthy life. But for many more of us, it isn’t — we don’t have that choice. We live in unsafe neighborhoods. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was at TED2015 in Vancouver last week, where the theme was Truth & Dare. In a few weeks, five young filmmakers created powerful videos about their communities and lives. Ricardo Amparo, 17, lives there too, and echoed, “Violence is all around me … As a young black man in Baltimore, I’m trying to be a positive person, but I often feel trapped in a negative environment.” These young filmmakers believe, like I do, that everyone deserves a chance to live the healthiest life possible.

The 5 Best Alternatives To YouTube Teachers Should Know About Arguably, YouTube is one of the greatest resources when it comes to video marketing as well as providing educational content for the numerous students pursuing media-related courses. It is essential to appreciate the fact that having a wide selection of resources in the classroom boosts the learning culture in the classroom. Besides, having various alternatives brings forth a variety of platforms through which video marketing objectives can be achieved. See Also: The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators YouTube marketing is particularly popular in today’s modern world where technology has completely revolutionized how things are done. School Tube There is no doubt that YouTube is extremely popular, a major reason why it is largely used for sharing media content. Teacher Tube Teacher Tube is yet another effective channel that can be used for video marketing as well as an alternative to using YouTube in the classroom. Academic Earth How Stuff Works Social Networks

Indigenous Cinema in the Classroom Ages 12–14 These films for middle-school learners feature stories from acclaimed filmmakers Thérèse Ottawa, Gil Cardinal, Caroline Monnet, and others from across Canada. Indigenous Cinema in the Classroom is an extension of our Wide Awake Tour for the public. It offers teachers, students and parents the opportunity to watch films selected from our collection of more than 250 Indigenous-made works. Curriculum links include:Diversity and Pluralism – Identity, Indigenous Studies – Identity/Society/History and Politics, Health and Personal Development – Disease Prevention, Social Studies – Social History/Canadian Politics and Government/Law, English Language Arts, Visual Arts, Media Education, History and Citizenship Education – Population and Settlement/Culture and Currents of Thought/Civil Rights and Freedoms