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Free Textbooks Internet Library
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Online Book Reviews | Book Previews | Preview Books to Read Online Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, New York Times bestselling authors...more Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, New York Times bestselling authors of The Heist, return in this...more Browse our featured selection of free sample chapters. If you can’t find the title you are looking for here, type it in the search box and go to the profile page for that book. Música libre de derechos de autor Free Music Projects es una tienda online de música libre de derechos de autor para proyectos audiovisuales y publicitarios. Permite elegir entre diferentes tipos de licencias según las características del proyecto en el que se vaya a utilizar la música. Ofrece también servicios adicionales como cuñas de radio, locuciones corporativas, producción de audiolibros, documentales... siendo así una interesante fuente de recursos musicales a consultar. Jamendo es una comunidad que aloja música libre bajo licencia Creative Commons, donde los músicos pueden subir sus creaciones y los usuarios descargarlas de forma gratuita. Musopen es un proyecto sin ánimo de lucro que promueve el acceso a música clásica de dominio público mediante la creación de recursos y materiales educativos: grabaciones, partituras y libros de texto. Free Music Archive es una fonoteca interactiva de música libre y legal que puede ser descargada sin coste.

35 Best Websites for Free Educational Videos What are the best websites to watch educational videos? Here are over 35 websites to watch thousands of educational videos covering business, science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts and more. Please bookmark this page or share it if you find this article useful. 1. 5min Offers short, practical how to videos, instructional videos and DIY solutions. 2. A large collection of educational video lectures from the world’s top scholars. 3. Blogs, articles and videos from the world’s top thinkers and leaders. 4. Animated science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts & music videos. 5. Offers thousands of free math and science videos. 6. Features interviews with America’s best thinkers, writers, politicians, entertainers, business leaders, scientists and more. 7. 30,000 video segments from Discovery Education. 8. Provides video lectures, courses, documentaries, books, quizzes, lecture notes and much more. 9. 10. 11. 12. Professional and user-generated how-to educational videos.

13 Writing Tips Twenty years ago, a friend and I walked around downtown Portland at Christmas. The big department stores: Meier and Frank… Fredrick and Nelson… Nordstroms… their big display windows each held a simple, pretty scene: a mannequin wearing clothes or a perfume bottle sitting in fake snow. But the windows at the J.J. Newberry's store, damn, they were crammed with dolls and tinsel and spatulas and screwdriver sets and pillows, vacuum cleaners, plastic hangers, gerbils, silk flowers, candy - you get the point. Each of the hundreds of different objects was priced with a faded circle of red cardboard. And walking past, my friend, Laurie, took a long look and said, "Their window-dressing philosophy must be: 'If the window doesn't look quite right - put more in'." She said the perfect comment at the perfect moment, and I remember it two decades later because it made me laugh. For this essay, my goal is to put more in. Number Two: Your audience is smarter than you imagine.

Tools for sharing thinking Teachers and students have access to an impressive set of tools for sharing ideas and making thinking visible. The old model of calling out answers to questions has certain limitations and while it remains the mainstay of many classrooms new options allow for a mix of options. Some of our goals are to provide our students with appropriate wait time or think time and to ensure the voice of even our most introverted students is heard. Fortunately there are a number of free tools that do these things and they are available for use on any technology platform as they require nothing more than access to the internet. One of the simplest to use and set up is “Answer Garden”. Padlet is a well known tool for gathering responses to a question or issue together. Lino is in many respects similar to Padlet and could be used in exactly the same way. For linear conversations or back-channeling with media resources “Today’s Meet” remains an excellent choice. By Nigel Coutts

Printables4Kids - free coloring pages, word search puzzles, and educational activities for kids Free online Dictionary of English Pronunciation - How to Pronounce English words This site uses Copyright © Tim Bowyer 2006-15 • All rights reserved U.S. Patent No. 20040162719 • Howjsay in: Deutsch • Français • Italiano • Español • Requests, Errata etc.

Collaborative Learning with Google Docs The ultimate version of this style of collaboration are the “Coding Journals” the students are producing as they learn to programme robots to deepen and demonstrate their understanding of geometry. Each student is producing their “Coding Journal” using a Google Slides document as an initial template. Various slides have been created by their teachers to frame their initial thinking and provide some structure. Students add to this and make adjustments to suit their needs. All this online collaboration could be imagined as cold and impersonal compared to face to face discussions. The final piece of this collaborative effort is that as a group of teachers we have started using Google Docs for our programming and our annotations. As always I thank the team of teachers that I work and learn with. By Nigel Coutts The poem below was produced by a Year Six student using the collaborative process described here. The Right to FightMalala Yousafzai By Sophie of 6C

CristinaSkyBox TumbleBlog See on - Permamarks The value of quality curation is only going to increase exponentially. The trend will be to create long term value. People will want to keep their own record – from their Point of View. These are the curators who will build authority. Permamarks's insight: Permamarks appreciates being included on our views for the future of curation for the new Curatti project! See on

PhysicsCentral: Learn How Your World Works Proyecto QReGIS (QR en Gestión de la Información en Salud) - PiCuida Profesionales del Servicio de Urgencias del Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria se encuentran desde hace tiempo mejorando el acceso a la información de algunos procedimientos y protocolos a través de la utilización de los código QR (código de respuesta rápida), como sistema de descarga de información de forma inmediata, segura y actualizada. Se trata de una iniciativa de profesionales de Enfermería de esta Unidad y bajo su control y supervisión, el centro sanitario pilota desde principios de 2014 este sistema -basado en la utilización de una matriz de puntos y un código de barras bidimensional-, utilizándose este método ya en más de un centenar de documentos relacionados fundamentalmente con información sobre medicación, aparataje electromédico, técnicas, procedimientos de actuación. y con información especialmente dirigida a los usuarios. TICs & Códigos QR Pacientes del Servicio de Urgencias también pueden acceder a información diversa con sus móviles; c Diferentes utilidades

50 Little-Known Ways Google Docs Can Help In Education 5 Ways To Be A Better Public Speaker 7.16K Views 0 Likes If you've been asked to speak at a conference or host a seminar, you may be shaking in your boots. Not only is the thought of speaking in public nerve-wracking, but being in charge of a seminar that no one wants to at... My 10 Favorite Learnist Boards Of The Year 2.66K Views 0 Likes I wanted to take a moment and share my favorite Learnist boards from the past year. Códigos QR en el aula para incorporar TIC - «Códigos QR en el aula es un proyecto que surgió con el motivo de integrar a los estudiantes de escuelas primarias aledañas de San Vicente (provincia de Santa Fe) en la Escuela Secundaria N.º 8118 —Pedro Lucas Funes— », explicó Romina Neiff, la docente que llevó adelante este proyecto TIC y multidisciplinario. Durante el 2015 se puso en marcha la experiencia. En principio, la docente planteó trabajar en la utilización de códigos QR para abordar temas relacionados con las matemáticas: los chicos plantearon enigmas que había que revelar a través de los códigos y después los resolvieron. «En 2016 se intentó repetir la propuesta del año anterior y la actividad estuvo a cargo de los alumnos de primer año (división B), quienes ya habían transitado la integración en la escuela secundaria, después de egresar de la enseñanza primaria», comentó Romina Neiff. ¡Trabajo en equipo! Todo esa preparación fue presentada durante una jornada a los chicos de primaria. ¿Qué es un código QR?