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Skillswise - Speaking and listening

Skillswise - Speaking and listening

English Listening Lesson Libary Online English Listening Lesson Library Online Learn English with our free video and audio lessons! Level 1 - Low Beginner These lessons use simple English. The lessons use one or two basic grammar points. Level 2 - Mid Beginner These lessons use simple English and focus on grammar points. Level 3 - High Beginner These lessons feature some natural speech, but the lessons focus on basic topics. Level 4 - Low Intermediate These lessons feature natural English, but the topic is fairly common and the grammar is not that difficult. Level 5 - Mid Intermediate These lessons feature natural English with common topics but some language is complex. Level 6 - High Intermediate These lessons feature natural speech that may seem fast to some students. Level 7 - Advanced These lessons feature natural English about more complex topics.

1062 Vocabulary Words .:VirtualSalt 1062 Vocabulary Words Robert Harris Version Date: December 24, 2011 Hyperlinked September 5, 2002, thanks to Jon Kovaciny Original Date: October 7, 1999 Here is a list of practical vocabulary words that will enable you to read with better understanding and write with greater accuracy. Unlike lists that emphasize strange and impressive words that few people actually use, this list emphasizes words that are useful for your functional vocabulary. How did I choose these words? Why Build Your Vocabulary? Shades and Degrees of Meaning. Think, for example, how many words express shades of brown: tan, sand, beige, champagne, ecru, taupe. Exactness of Meaning. Nuance. Clarification of a concept. How Many Words Should You Know? Learn creatively! A few years ago, I conducted some computer analyses of literary works to learn more about the vocabulary of various writers. 1 2 3 4 5 | Next Page Other Tools for Writers

Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Activities Espresso English Courses – Espresso English Why take a course at Espresso English? You can study at your own pace. There is no time limit for accessing the lessons, and you can download everything, too – so you can study even when you don’t have an internet connection.You’ll learn quickly with fast & practical lessons. My teaching style is direct and to-the-point; I teach you the most useful and relevant English in an effective way.You’ll improve your listening. All Espresso English courses come with downloadable audio. New Course Now Available: Everyday English Speaking – Level 2 Do you want to understand conversations better, learn the expressions native English speakers use, and speak more fluently? Learn more Click on each course for more information! Become an Espresso English affiliate!

Nexus - Learn English - Australia Plus Improve your English language skills by listening to these vox pops on a variety of topics. Training Courses Take an online training course with the British Council and you’ll be training with the world’s English teaching experts. We’ve been teaching English for more than 75 years and have helped thousands of teachers in more than 100 different countries develop their teaching skills and build their confidence. Assess your skills online with our exclusive self-assessment tool and choose from over 60 self-study modules or full tutored courses to develop your knowledge and skills to take your teaching to the next level. Explore our unrivalled range of courses and support to meet your exact learning needs. Teaching English. During November 2018, we are offering our new 3-hour self-study training module Understanding Thinking Skills for Primary for half the usual price - £6 instead of £12 Find out more:

Tiny Texts | Read, listen & learn a littleEnglish ESL Lesson Plans for Teachers The ESL Lesson Plans section of is designed to provide quick help to ESL and EFL teachers looking for lesson plans or resources for planning lessons and activities they can adapt for their classes. It also mentions some of the other pages on EnglishHints that might be useful to teachers. Much of is aimed at Intermediate to Advanced ESL students studying independently. (Many of these pages have ideas teachers could use too. But many of those are not designed primarily for teachers, except as a reference or extra help for your students. Friends who are teaching ESL, including several in countries with limited school resources, have asked me for hints and ESL lesson plans, so I have started adding materials I hope will help ESL teachers. Other Useful Pages for Teachers on EnglishHints In other sections of you can find help with vocabulary, idioms, and grammar, readings and ideas for teaching reading, practice exercises, and games.

English Pronunciation, Lesson 30 - TH Consonant Sounds English Pronunciation, Lesson 30 In English, the TH consonant sounds are studied together because they share the same spelling and are made in the same part of the mouth. There are two TH consonant sounds. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses Click Here for the American Accent Audio Course. How to pronounce the TH consonant sounds The TH consonant sounds are the only pair of sounds in English that share the same spelling. The voiceless (unvoiced) TH sound (IPA symbol: θ) can be found in English words such as think, thing, teeth, birthday, bath, and both. Voiced and voiceless sounds What are voiced and voiceless sounds? In the English language, we use many voiced sounds. These are some of the voiced sounds in English: When a sound is voiceless or unvoiced, the vocal cords do not vibrate when you make the sound. These are some of the voiceless sounds in English: When you add your voice, you make the voiced TH sound (IPA symbol: ð).