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How to Velvet Chicken

How to Velvet Chicken
The word "velvet" is a verb... sometimes. ;-) It's the almost-secret poaching technique that's used to produce tender, succulent chicken, beef and pork at your favorite Chinese Restaurant. If you've been frustrated by less-than-stellar stir-fry results at home, simple velveting will take your stir-fry from mundane to extraordinary. Your family will swear it's take-out. ;-) Here's how it's done with chicken: Ingredients: 1 lb boneless, skinless Chicken meat, cut into thin strips 2 teaspoons Rice Wine (Saki) or Seasoned Rice Vinegar 1 large egg white 1 Tablespoon cornstarch 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 Tablespoons Canola or Peanut Oil- divided WaterTools: Medium bowl Whisk Colander large skillet Slotted spoon Preparation: Whisk the egg white, cornstarch, rice wine, salt and 1 Tablespoon of oil in a medium bowl until smooth. Add the sliced chicken and stir until coated. Refrigerate (marinate) 30 minutes. Add 1-2 inches of water plus 1 Tablespoon oil to the skillet.

Black Pepper-Garlic Chicken Here's one on my favorite Stir-fry recipes, inspired by Black Pepper Chicken served at Panda Express Restaurants. The savory sauce took a bit of tinkering, but I think this copycat version is really close... and it's delicious, too! Please... don't forget to start this recipe with Velveted Chicken. It's a very simple technique that'll turn any Chicken Stir-fry into a mouth-watering Asian masterpiece! Ingredients: 1 lb. Stir all of the sauce ingredients together in a small bowl, allowing about 10-15 minutes for the flavors to mingle/mature while you slice the vegetables. Stir-fry: Heat 2 Tablespoons oil in a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat until almost smoking. Add the sliced red/yellow onions to the skillet, stirring constantly for about one minute. Add the sliced celery, green onions and chopped garlic to the skillet. Add the stir-fry sauce. Add the velveted chicken, reduce the heat to medium and stir to coat. Serve over prepared Basmati or Jasmine Rice. Enjoy!

Kitchen Helpers I found these helpful charts last week and just had to share! Both of these beauties are from Chasing Delicious (aka one of the most fab foodie blogs out there)! Aren’t they faaaaabulous?! Buy them here. (Note: There are lots of little charts like this online, but these are my favorites). I love tea, but I’m no expert. For people of the UK, have this one with you while you’re meal planning or grocery shopping! I’ve fond some other helpful charts that I’ll share in another post! Yay charts!

The Best Way to Grill Sausages: Poach Them Right on the Grill I prefer to cook mine dry. Not too close to the coals/burners, or as the article mentions, you risk the skin bursting. I also don't want them close enough to the heat that the grease dripping from them is going to cause flame ups that will engulf them. If I am cooking for a large number of guests, I might have a beer bath going on the grill at the same to let them rest in when they are done and I am still manning the grill. The sausage skin should be firm when fully done and have a kind of snap to it when you bite into it and the juicy goodness fills your mouth and runs down your chin. In recent surveys, 3 out of 4 porn stars approve of that last sentence.

60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie A la Mode I had so much fun developing this recipe. Talk about kinda dangerous though. This baby is baked in 60 seconds, no lie!! The cookie dough recipe is prepared right in your ramekin, so we are also talking about minimal dishes. You know those fabulous pizzookie’s you order at certain restaurants? In any case, Enjoy my friends!! Start by creaming your butter and sugars right in your ramekin. Just like so, light and fluffy. You’ll add a couple tablespoons of beaten egg next. A splash of vanilla please. Give another good stir of the spoon until combined. Once combined, add your dry ingredients right to the ramekin. Flour, salt and baking soda all set! Give a few stirs then…. Time for some fabulous chips! Oh yah! Top with a lovely scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with my homemade magic shell! Mmmmm. To share or not to share? 60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie A la Mode Ingredients Directions Place butter and sugars into a 2-cup ramekin, beat with spoon until well combined. Other recipes you may enjoy...

Bacon! Never once, in all my years of eating bacon , had I considered even once that it could be improved upon. Nothing on the planet is better than bacon! Butter and chipotle come close, or maybe a flourless chocolate cake with fresh raspberries. Perfectly cooked kobe beef and a garlicky escargot with lots of bread to soak it all up is right up there, too. Until now, I’ve never given much thought to bacon other than I prefer it thickly-sliced and crispy. Here’s a fun list from Bacon Magazine : 3 million pounds of Bacon would be worth 3 million dollars if Bacon was worth a dollar a pound. What about this article on Bacon Vodka? Or how about some Bacon Bandages ? My really awesome cousin Britt, who knows all about my love affair with all things chipotle, emailed me a couple of months ago with a recipe for chipotle bacon. It…was… heavenly !! And this is where it gets really twisted (HA!). Tip: The thicker your bacon, the harder it will be to both twist it and have it retain the twist.

Cajun Chicken Pasta Note: Since this recipe is featured on the Food Network episode this morning, I’m bringing it to the front for easy reference. This really is one of my favorite recipes here on The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and I regularly hear from people who’ve made it with great success. Crowd-pleaser! This is an exceedingly yummy, decadent pasta dish with chicken, vegetables, and lots and lots of scrumptious carbs. Just remember: part of the deliciousness of this pasta dish is the spicy kick. Here’s how you make it. The Cast of Characters: boneless, skinless chicken breast, olive oil, butter, Cajun spice (make your own or buy the prepared stuff; whichever you prefer), salt, pepper, red onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, garlic, fresh parsley, low sodium chicken broth, white wine, and heavy cream. Oh. Start by slicing the veggies: Lop the top and bottom off of the red pepper… Then slice the pepper down the middle. Rip out the innards… Then make slices—not too thick, not too thin. Be generous! Yum. Enjoy!

The Best Offset Smoker and Barrel Smoker Setup and Modifications and gas conversion of offset smokers "You gotta learn your pit just like a man learns his woman. Or you can't get nothing good outta her." Anonymous By Meathead Goldwyn I know you want to buy an offset. Let's divide the world of offsets into two categories: EOS and COS. COS have serious shortcomings that can mar meals and marriages. COS also have poor fire management control because the fireboxes leak so badly so you cannot control oxygen and that is what controls temperature and smoke quality. COS are designed and build poorly. EOS are made from thick metal that absorbs and distributes heat more evenly end to end, their doors and dampers are tight so you can really control temp. Please resist the temptation to buy a COS. Click here for an article with our impressions of many of the different offset smokers on the market, in all price ranges. How to tame your offset If you have an offset, here are some important techniques and modifications to make, cheap or otherwise: 1) Cook with charcoal, not wood. 2) Preheat the cooker.

Buffalo Chicken Rolls I’m thinking we’re very comfortable together at this point, me and you. You and me. At best, we’re virtual soul mates bonded through food and cooking. But really, it’s mostly good, isn’t it? Give and take. So today I’m going to ask you a favor. Ready? Okay. Please get your cute bottom to the market, pick up a package of egg roll wrappers, some hot wing sauce, blue cheese, toss in a box of Junior Mints for good measure, and then get situated in the kitchen to make these. Buffalo Chicken Rolls. They are beyond perfect for the Super Bowl. The exterior is a crispy, crunchy flour shell. Here’s the step-by-step process to make them yourself: **Note: Find egg roll wrappers in the refrigerated case of the produce department at your grocery store. Ingredients Instructions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Notes *Note: To make the chicken, place 1 large breast (about 6 to 8 ounces) in a small saucepan and fill with enough cold water just to cover the chicken.

How to Make Pancetta Sean Timberlake founded Punk Domestics in 2010 with the goal of curating and evangelizing the DIY food movement. He has penned the blog Hedonia since 2006. He is also leading a week-long culinary trip to Italy in January 2013, and there are still spots available. He lives in San Francisco with his husband, dpaul brown, and their hyperactive terrier, Reese. You can also find him on Twitter (@PunkDomestics, @Hedonia) and Facebook. I make no secret of my love for cured meats. Today, I don’t just eat meat; I consider it a contact sport. With last year’s Charcutepalooza challenge, which I supported on Punk Domestics, I became aware for the first time that making various forms of cured meat is actually feasible in the home. With the release of Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn’s latest book, Salumi, which focuses specifically on the Italian tradition. Now, I know not everyone is going to up and make their own salame. Mix the salt and spices well. Well, sort of. Make a loop with the twine.