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Étoile diy

Étoile diy
Då har eg prøvd meg på ein forklaring på korleis ein brettar desse stjernene. Video er nok det rette mediet når ein skal formidle slike forklaringar, men eg og bildene mine gjer eit forsøk. Dersom noko er vanskeleg forklart, sei i frå, så skal eg prøve på ny :) Lykke til! Stjerna er designa av Paolo Bascetta. 1. 2. Brett sidespissane langs midtlinja Brett og dei nye sidespissane langs midtlinja Ta tak i den øverste spissen, og brett den mot høgre. 1. 2. (No har me kome til den delen der det hadde vore greit med video. Du har nå ein skrå trekant som ligg over ein litt større. Ser den slik ut no? No har me kome til monteringsdelen. Når alle delene er sett saman, byrjar du å strame. Så enkelt var det! No gler eg meg til å sjå korleis stjernene dykkar blir!  Related:  Noëlideas

étoile Pour cette étoile d’envergure environ 16 cm, j’ai utilisé 8 carrés de 10,5 cm de côté (pourquoi 10,5 cm… tout simplement parce que j’avais un gabarit en carton de cette taille, tout prêt…). J’ai trouvé le tuto ici. Le site n’est pas en français -une langue nordique ?-, mais le pliage est expliqué par photos. Joli site d’ailleurs, avec de belles idées déco, épurées comme on les aime dans les pays du Nord. Le pliage des 8 carrés est facile. Une photo pour vous montrer comment s’assemblent deux pièces : Et une petite astuce que j’ai utilisée pour la seconde étoile : couper légèrement la pointe la plus courte, qui est « cachée » ; ça facilite le resserrage final des pièces. J'aime : J'aime chargement… Ce contenu a été publié dans Noël, Papier, avec comme mot(s)-clef(s) origami.

Paper Cone Tree I'm changing the look of this website, but it is a work in progress. You may notice some pages look different than others, until I get the update done. Thank you for your patience! 206K+Save Paper cone trees are truly an impressive craft, and they only cost pennies to make. They take some time to make (allow one hour per tree) but the technique itself is very easy. I've gotten many questions about how to store these trees. Materials Needed: cardboard tube, from the center of a wrapping paper roll; or use a paper towel tube for a shorter treewrapping paper, or scrapbook paper, in patterns/colors of your choicetapescissorsruler 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Photos From Others Little Paper Cone Tree by Donna BoshW (Madisonville, TN) In Donna's words: "I made this one last night. Photos of My Paper Cone Tree by Jeanette Pupko (Tamaqua, PA) In Jeanette's words: "I really enjoyed this craft. More Beautiful Paper Christmas Trees by Mayra Cruz (Virginia Beach, VA) In Mayra's words:

Astuces déco Chaque année, la même problématique, on ne sait pas quoi faire de son sapin alors on le jette et c'est bien dommage car avec on peut faire pas mal de choses déco sympas avec... Je vous parle aujourd'hui d'un DIY très facile à réaliser : des patères en bois brut Pour faire ces jolies patères en bois, il vous faudra :un vieux sapin (bien sec)Une scie multifonctions comme par exemple la PST 10,8 LI de Bosch Je vous recommande ce modèle de scie car il est facile d'utilisation, très précis et maniable. Les étapes : 1 / Couper le tronc de votre sapin à différents endroits. 2 / Autour du tronc central, garder quelques branches qui vont permettront de suspendre chapeau et vêtements. 3 / "Epiler" votre tronc en retirant les aiguilles du sapin. 4 / Couper en deux la patère, ce qui vous permettra de la fixer plus facilement, soit avec votre gluepen, soit des vis Je vous souhaite une belle année créative...

Abigail Brown: creature textile designer extraordinaire - news Last week I had a little photo shoot at my friend's house. Kate and Adam are the people behind Dead Dolls Club andTinker Tailor. As well as upcycling old bits and bobs into beautiful items for the home they run pop-up drinking and feasting events... they are a team to watch out for! With £500 they turned an empty building into a home and the results are delightful. Here are a few of the shots. Here's one of the little friend they made... All photographs are my own, copyright Abigail Brown 2012. Stellated dodecahedrons! Hello there. I seem to be stuck in a geometric-paper-model rut at the moment! I promise this will be the last one for a while! (I have just white-washed a lot of the walls in our home so I have been looking to make some colourful objects to hang up…these are just the job). Making stellated dodecahedrons is fairly time consuming and requires a light-touch and a fair bit of patience…so teenagers/adults only! (I would say that each one takes about 2 hours to make…but you can do most of it with your feet up in front of the telly). As usual there is a how-to below…along with printable templates. It’s ‘summer’ here in the UK but it hasn’t stopped raining for months (or so it seems). You will need – – – – – – – – // Scissors // Paper (or thin card) // Double sided tape (I also made one using a gluestick but the tape yielded much better results) // Ruler // Needle…or similar sharp point for scoring the paper 1. 2. 3&4. 5&6.

Sock Snowman: How to Make a No-Sew Tube Sock Snowman Holiday Craft Gift Ideas: Easy to Make No-Sew Sock Snowman There's something magical about making these silly sock snowmen... They're cute, funny and always unique. They can be made by both adults and children, as long as an adult is available to help with the hot glue gun. The best part... is definitely dressing them up... I have to say, I have particularly fond memories of these little guys... making a whole batch with my husband and giving them to family and friends our very first Christmas together... They were a lot of fun and a huge hit! To help you get started making your very own sock snowmen, I've included the following step-by-step instructions... be sure to decorate as inspired and of course have a great time! How to Make a Sock Snowman Basic Tools and Supplies You'll Need: Decorate with: To Make a Sock Snowman: Using the canning funnel (or a sheet of paper rolled into a funnel), fill tube sock with 2 -3 cups of rice. Ideas for Decorating & Dressing... What other readers have shared:

TuTo : Un mobile de globes de papier | Ju2Framboise J'ai mis en ligne, sur Facebook, des photos de ma déco pour la chambre de bébé de notre futur petit garçon. Un des éléments semble avoir donné envie à certains de mes amis / membres de ma famille de me copier !! Il s'agit de globes en papier multicolores. Pour commencer, l'idée m'est venue du blog américain de Paige Evans que je lis régulièrement. Etant donné que les murs de la chambre de notre bébé resteraient blancs, il fallait quelque chose pour l'égayer. Voici LA solution... Je n'ai malheureusement pas trouvé de tutoriel sur le net, mais comme je ne suis pas trop trop bête (si, si c'est possible !) 1) Découper des cercles de papier plus ou moins grands selon le format de globe désiré. 2) Tracer le triangle équilatéral qui passe par les bords du cercle et plier les bords selon les traits. 3) Recommencer l'opération pour découper et plier 20 cercles de papier. 4) Coller les cercles bord à bord. 5) Ne pas oublier de faire passer un lien à l'intérieur du globe pour pouvoir le suspendre !

Isosceles Picnic Quilt e Hello! Penny here from sewtakeahike! Today I'd like to share a tutorial with you for making a HUGE! 1 fat quarter set pezzy prints 1/3 yard each of 6 different coordinating moda solids 1 yard each 9 different pezzy prints 6 yards backing fabric 90" X 105" batting 23" binding fabric, cut into 9 strips 2.5" wide Isosceles template (included in Printer Friendly Version) Coordinating thread Notes: all seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise specified. 1. 2. TIP: to keep the triangles organized and in the order I wanted, I picked them up a row at a time, keeping each triangle in the correct order and then pinned a sticky note to the first triangle with the row number on it. There will be 8 rows. Then when you sew the next triangle on, make sure the point of the new one is even with the one previously sewn. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. To pack and carry the picnic quilt, fold the quilt lengthwise in thirds. Then fold each end in about 18". Then fold one end again.

Folded origami decoration // Accordion folding I finally got around to finishing these origami decorations. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out. I’ve started stringing them on to some fairy lights but they would look just as great as Christmas tree decorations. If you want to have a go then you will find the how-to after the jump. As I said in my previous post if you want to explore more of these folding techniques then you can buy a fantastic book called ‘Folding Techniques for Designers‘ by Paul Jackson. + A4 Paper + Scissors + Ruler + Needle (for scoring) + Double sided tape/glue (I used loctite all purpose glue) + Printable templates (all files are at the bottom of the post) HOW TO MAKE MODEL A (Orange & bright-blue decoration) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1. 2. 3. 4 & 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. HOW TO MAKE MODEL B (All except for the bright-blue and orange decoration) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1. 2. 3. 4. Model A [pdf]Model B – Large [pdf]Model B – Small [pdf]

Pastas para modelar :: Recetas caseras de masa para modelar Si deseas modelar figuras o adornos decorativos, tienes la posibilidad de preparar tus propias pastas para modelar. Aquí comparto contigo cuatro recetas de masa para modelar muy fáciles de hacer, sólo necesitarás pocos ingredientes y seguir el paso a paso. En esta ocasión te proporciono estas 4 fáciles recetas caseras de masa para modelar. Son super fáciles de preparar y todas son diferentes. Aprende a preparar una Masa de sal diferente, Masa Ele, Masa a la Tiza y una Mása muy rápida. Masa de sal para hornear: Materiales: Harina común.Vinagre blanco.Sal fina. Paso a paso del preparado: Mezcla la harina con la sal fina.Una vez mezcladas ambas partes, incorpora poco a poco el vinagre blanco hasta lograr una masa.Puedes guardar la masa en una bolsa plástica.Con esta masa puedes modelar la pieza deseada.Una vez terminado el modelado, deja reposar la pieza por unas tres horas.Luego cocina en el horno a fuego lento, hasta que pierda toda su humedad. Materiales La preparación es demasiado simple.

Paper Piecing Monday presents Zeppelin | Wombat Quilts Well the end is definitely in sight with my latest sampler quilt… with this week’s block I have enough blocks for my quilt top layout. So here is the last of my bright and grey blocks – The Zeppelin. All of the blocks in this quilt have come from the free Block Rockn’ paper pieced series by Julie at 627Handworks. You can find the Zeppelin and the other great patterns here. Because of the size of this pattern you had to stick two pieces of paper together to make the foundation, but that was about as complex as this gets. I have a vision in my head how it all should look, I now just need to work out how to make my quilt top match my idea. I am hoping to get this top finished shortly – unlike my red/aqua top which is still sitting in a box waiting for me to decide what I want to do with it. Like this: Like Loading...

Christmas paper decorations Here are some Christmas decorations inspired by the good old British weather! We’re putting the tree up this weekend so more decorations to come over the next week. When do you normally put yours up? (When I was little it was usually a Christmas eve job but nowadays my neighbourhood seems to go for December 1st!). (BTW: Don’t forget to put your loop of thread in before sticking the models together – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done that!) Templates – – – – – – – – Snowflake tetrahedronSimple snowflake icosahedronSnowflake icosahedronMountain tetrahedronRaindrop cubeGrey Gem (model 2) If you want plain templates without the designs on you can check out my platonic solids templates, my paper gems templates or my diamond template. Happy cutting/folding/sticking!

How to transfer an image to fabric with gel medium I experimented with transferring an image onto fabric the other day. For my test, I used this completely adorable dachshund drawing by Kayanna Nelson of June Craft. The little fellow is downloadable for personal use at Bloesem Kids. To try an image transfer, you'll need: Acrylic gel medium, available at art storesFabricA laser printed image (not inkjet!) With your finger—or a brush, but I prefer to feel what I'm doing—spread gel medium onto your fabric in the area where you want your image. Place your image printed side down onto the sticky fabric and press firmly. Dampen the paper with water, then gently rub the paper away from the image with your finger. The resulting fabric will be a bit stiffer where the gel medium was applied, and you'll be able to see it faintly. For a good drawstring bag tutorial, check out this one at Skip To My Lou.