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Very Funny Ads | tefltecher I love using adverts in my teaching. If you ignore the fact that they’re trying to flog you something and focus on their narrative structure, they can provide you with an endless supply of mini-stories for “retelling” activities. The best ads are those with unexpected or amusing twists at the end. Go to and select about 8 adverts you think are suitable for retelling. veryfunnyads To save you a bit of time here are a few that have worked well for me: Once in class, put your students in pairs (Student A | Student B).Ask Student B to cover their eyes or look out of the window while you show Student A the first advert.Ask Student B to explain to their partner what they think happens in the advert based on what they have heard (possible language focus: it sounded like … / it sounded as if ...)Now, get Student A to explain to B what actually happens. Like this: Like Loading... Related

ESL Movie Lessons | Movies Grow English | Watch movies, learn English Watch Free Documentaries Online Documentaries, Watch Documentary Films Online Temporada 15 (Parte 1) Subtitulada Finalmente aquí les dejo los primeros 7 capítulos subtitulados en español de la nueva temporada de South Park. HUMANCENTiPAD: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 1) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO Funnybot: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 2) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO Royal Pudding: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 3) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO T.I.M.: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 4) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO Crack Baby Athletic Association: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 5) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO City Sushi: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 6) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO You're Getting Old: (Temporada 15 / Capítulo 7) DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL LATINO Para ver el resto de la temporada subtitulada o en español latino visita la Lista de Capítulos Subidos.

Film Study Lesson Plans |Film as Genre| | Movies by Title | Analyzing Motion Pictures This 1-page teacher guide offers questions for students who are analyzing movies. From the U. Camera Angles How are a three-shot, a canted angle shot, and a dolly shot different from one another? City of Cranes This lesson in perspective includes both activities and the 14-minute video City of Cranes , available to watch online. Film Canon Project A list of titles appropriate for the classroom, organized by grade level, by type, and by release date. Film in the Classroom Resources, and more. Greatest Films Interpretive, descriptive review commentary and historical background for hundreds of classic Hollywood and other American films in the last century, a wealth of film reference material of all kinds, a famous film quotations quiz, a complete Academy Awards (Oscars) History and detailed Film History - by decade, and hundreds of colorful, vintage film poster reproductions.

Soar This ELT lesson plan is designed around a delightful short film by Alyce Tzue titled Soar, and the theme of flying. Students listen to a description of a scene, visualise it, predict what is going to happen next, write a narrative, watch a short film and discuss it. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Pre-intermediate (A2) – Upper Intermediate (B1) Learner type: All ages Time: 90 minutes Activity: Listening to a description of a scene, visualising, predicting what is going to happen next, writing a narrative, watching a short film Topic: Flying Language: Vocabulary related to flying and planes, and present simple Materials: Short film Downloadable materials: soar lesson instructions Support Film English Film English remains ad-free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Download YouTube Videos | Create Custom YouTube Video Player | Watch Documentaries Online. | Promote Documentary Films. Promote Consciousness. Promote Humanity. | Online Film Festival Planeta Documental Quick Screen Share Top 25 Sites for Free Movies & TV Streaming Without Downloading ~ Watch Free Movies TV Shows Online Streaming Sites and Best Websites for Free Movies online without download by streaming movies and tv! Below you will be able to see each site rated by design, how many good links they have, the quality and quantity of the videos, their community, and update consistency. Hopefully it makes it easier for you to find a free movie site that you'll enjoy. Find your favorite websites to watch free movies today! This is the best free streaming movie site online hands down. SolarMovieWe have two websites tied at #3 this month and both sites are deserving of their rankings. Watch-Movies A few years ago, this free movie site was easily in the top 3. Movie25 Another great site that lets you watch free movie sites online. Movie4KOne of the most popular free online movie sites out there, Movie4K is chalk full of links to every streaming movie imaginable. CoolMovieZoneThis site does a great job of updating the site with new links to movies just being released. Los Movies Los Movies is one of our personal favorite websites out there.

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