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A Spiritual Odyssey: Diary of an Ordinary Catholic (9781856075121): Brian O'Hare A Slice of Life: Lesson in Knives from Chef Kate Adamick Photos by Christina Holmes What makes a woman sexy? Intelligence. Confidence. Beauty. And the ability to use a knife. Chef Kate Adamick; Photo by Christina Holmes Chef Kate Adamick is an impressive and inspiring woman. I didn’t grow up exposed to any fancy knife cutting. Mickey Sanzone (right); Sanzone's Market,West Haven, CT,circa 1950. When my grandfather came home from a hunting trip with a deer (a rare occurrence), Mickey would wear his white coat and butcher it in his son Mike’s barn. I have often thought about those afternoons watching Mickey Sanzone work. After I (unintentionally) macerated an onion beyond recognition last month, I knew the time was right to begin my tutelage. She gave me strict instructions. Kate’s Wusthof Classic 8-inch chef’s knife has been her constant companion for over 20 years. Her first and most essential lesson was simple: Safety. Your cutting surface must be firm. A sharp knife sharp is a safe knife. Honing re-aligns the blade. We began with celery.

4 Reasons Why Curiosity is Important and How to Develop It The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity. Albert Einstein Curiosity is an important trait of a genius. I don’t think you can find an intellectual giant who is not a curious person. Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, they are all curious characters. Richard Feynman was especially known for his adventures which came from his curiosity. But why is curiosity so important? It makes your mind active instead of passiveCurious people always ask questions and search for answers in their minds. Now, knowing the importance of curiosity, here are some tips to develop it: 1. This is essential if you are to have a curious mind. 2. If you just accept the world as it is without trying to dig deeper, you will certainly lose the ‘holy curiosity’. 3. A sure way to dig deeper beneath the surface is asking questions: What is that? 4. Whenever you label something as boring, you close one more door of possibilities. 5. 6.

Blog Archive » The Web’s third frontier Everyone realizes that the web is entering a new phase in its development. One indication of this transition is the proliferation of attempts to explain the changes that are occurring. Functional explanations emphasize the real time web, collaborative systems and location-based services. Technical explanations argue that the interconnectivity of data is the most significant current development. They consider the web’s new frontiers to be closely related to the semantic web or the “web of things”. Although these explanations are both pertinent and intriguing, none of them offers an analytical matrix for assessing the developments that are now underway. In contrast, other explanations are far too broad to serve any useful purpose. How can the web’s development be understood? The web represents a compendium of technical resources, functionalities and usage practices, and it cannot be reduced to just one of these dimensions. The founding principles The two initial phases of growth

La Cantine Depuis quelques années, la vidéo bouleverse nos modes de communication, de formation, de vente... On assiste aujourd'hui à une démultiplication des services web liés à ce média. Pourtant la complexité et le coût des systèmes actuels empêchent la démocratisation de la vidéo. L'enjeu sur ce média est donc de rendre sa production et son partage accessible au plus grand nombre. Le 16 mars à La Cantine, site pilote d'UbiCast depuis plus d'un an Incarnez différents rôles, du réalisateur (utilisation technologie UbiCast) à l'acteur (production de votre propre webinar) tout en participant activement à des ateliers (pas de spectateurs) : Mettez-vous en scène, et créez votre propre webinar* (que ce soit CV vidéo / micro-formation / elevator pitch /...). Dans une dynamique de partage et de contribution, initiez les thématiques des ateliers autour de la tryptique technologie, usages, et perspectives de la vidéo sur Internet. Venez échanger vos cartes de visite autour d'un café et d'un croissant.

Google Public Data Explorer Turns Boring Statistics into Amazing Google Tools has just launched the Public Data Explorer. Now a host of important stats can be turned into impressive videos for your digestion. Type “unemployment rate California” into Google and you’ll notice a little graph pops up in the search results. The amount of data you’ll be expected to manage has already expanded, and it’s likely to continue to grow exponentially. Google PDE is based on the Public Data tool we’ve seen before: Additional sources of data have now been included to expand the range of what Google can show you in a nifty graph. There are also more traditional line and bar graphs. You can manipulate either of these graphs on your own. Considering all the data now on tap, Google PDE can still feel a little limited. The ability to craft your own graphs based on reliable public data, then link to or embed them, is a boon for people who love statistics. [screen capture and video credits: Google] [source: Google Blog, Google Tools, Google Labs]

"Dito from scratch" du 15 février au 6 mars 2010 | Le Lieu du De Exposition 15 Février 2010 / 6 Mars 2010 Le Lieu du Design - 74, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine - 75012 Paris Tous publics Pour sa seconde exposition, le Lieu du Design a souhaité inviter Dito, collectif de jeunes designers, à présenter pour la première fois son travail. Initié en 2006, le collectif Dito réunit 10 jeunes designers d'une même génération, issus de diverses écoles françaises de design (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Ecole de Design Nantes-Atlantique). Prenant le contre-pied d’une époque où les démarches sont souvent personnelles, Dito a l’ambition d’imaginer une méthode de travail collégiale et ouverte dans laquelle le dialogue, l’échange et le partage sont privilégiés comme autant de forces pour le design contemporain. A partir d’une scénographie spécialement pensée pour le Lieu du Design, "Dito from scratch" réunit des maquettes, dessins et photographies mises en scène dans des environnements domestiques.

Tiltshiftmaker turns photos into miniature scenes | Webware - CN Tilt-shift photography is a technique that requires a special lens to change both the perspective and focal field of an image. A similar effect can be created in PhotoShop and other high-end image editing programs, but it's a lengthy effort that casual photographers will probably find daunting. Web-based photo editor Tiltshiftmaker has automated most of this process, letting you achieve a similar effect right in your browser. To do it yourself you can either upload a photo from your computer, or drop in the URL of one hosted online. The test shot I used of the street outside CNET's office turned out great (see it below), and only took a few seconds to put together. I'd love to see this added in as an option in existing Web photo editing tools like Fotoflexer and Picnik. (via DownloadSquad)

Complete Brand Marketing on Facebook | Involver Oracle Oracle Solutions Social Relationship Management Involver Involver is Now Part of Oracle Social Relationship Management Involver and Oracle – Powering the Socially Enabled Enterprise Launch Infographic Involver, now part of Oracle, has been integrated into the Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite. Insight Into Social Best Practices and Trends Blog: Oracle Social Spotlight — featuring latest trends and innovations Industry’s First One-stop Social Platform Oracle Social Relationship Management delivers the first unified solution for social monitoring, marketing, applications, engagement and analysis, and it fully integrates products from Involver. Need Help for Involver Products? The point of contact for Involver support is now through Oracle Customer Support and My Oracle Support and no longer through the Involver Support portal. Try it Request a Live Demo Watch What's New

visualthinkmap inspiration (100+ Data Visualisation Tools and Ap AlphaLabs : Découvrez la Simulation EIS® !