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10 Free Printable Web Design Wireframing Templates

10 Free Printable Web Design Wireframing Templates
758 shares Drafting Tips for Creative Wireframe Sketches Much like other professional designers I’m a big fan of the wireframing process. Although it’s mostly associated with the field of web design, the concept of project planning is ubiquitous across all creative mediums. Read More 1024 shares 11 UI Kits for iPhone and iPad Development Last week we posted a collection of printable wireframing templates which included some for iPhone and iPad app design. Related:  HTML/CSS/Web DesignADV_MKT

Free HTML Tutorials, Free CSS Tutorials, Free JavaScript Tutorials :: Tutorial Resource Centre The Golden Ratio in Web Design 1. Anatomy of a Web Page The elements of a web page are like organs; they are vital to a properly functioning and aesthetically pleasing web page. These are the main elements of a web page. 2. All web pages use a container and for the same purpose; to contain page elements, however the way it is accomplished varies. Types of container: Liquid: Expands to fill the width of the browser window.Fixed: A specific width you choose which does not change regardless of browser window size. 3. The header isn't really a specific element although some may consider it to be. 4. Your logo is your identity and branding. 5. Page navigation is one of the most important elements; your visitors need it to use your website. Types of navigation: Horizontal: A series of links displayed inline, usually referred to as "navigation".Vertical: A series of links displayed as a vertical stack, usually referred to as "menu". 6. As everyone knows (or should), content is king! 7. 8. 9. 10. But wait! 11.

15 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorials | Tutorials Part of being a designer is keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date. Skills may span a broad range of tools, but probably the most used tool of all designers is Photoshop. In this post, we’ve collected 15 fresh and useful Photoshop tutorials to help you brush up on your skills and learn new techniques. The types of tutorials in this collection include text effects, photo manipulation, interface design, and more. Simple Underwater Scene in Photoshop In this tutorial I will show you how to create a underwater scene with some bubbles and light effects. Creating Retro Folded Typography In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to create retro-looking text that seems like it’s constructed using folded strips of paper. How to Create a Photo Realistic Camera In this tutorial we will demonstrate a powerful combination of vector shapes, layer styles, and manual drawing to create a photorealistic camera. Making a Book of Magical Playground Scene 3D Water Text Effect with Repoussé in Photoshop CS5

Glyphish: Great icons for great iPhone + iPad apps Print advertising: 60 brilliant examples | Print design In these days of digital media, it's easy to overlook the art of print ads. But the medium is still as relevant and powerful as vintage posters ever were, whether small scale magazine ads or huge billboard advertising. As Paul Arden states in It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be: "Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces, and it should be obvious who it's an ad for without seeing the brand name." No matter what the medium, you still need a concept that's going to stick in people's minds. We think these examples of print advertising do just that. 01. The way kids play these days has changed dramatically; gaming apps are more popular than ever and when you're not looking, your little sprog has more-than-likely purchased a few extras to make their gaming experience even better. 02. Sometimes going for a simpler approach makes the most impact. Playing with typography and bright colours, this campaign from IKEA is as lovely to look at as it is clever.

100 + Must Have Cheat Sheets and Quick References For Web Designers and Developers Designbeep is a design blog dedicated to web developers,bloggers,designers and freelancers.Our aim is to share everything about web design,graphic design,tutorials and inspirational articles and more. Homepage»RESOURCES »100 + Must Have Cheat Sheets and Quick References For Web Designers and Developers Wow, this is going to help out alot! Thanks! Great collection for web design beginners. we are already using “CSS Cheat Sheet (V2) (PDF)” in our company Ok Malik..Done:)Regards Great bunch of sheets, will definitely start using some.

jQuery API Creating Slick Forms Using Ajax, jQuery & CSS: No More Ugly Forms Whatever content you have to present, you can present them in a more interactive & more responsive ways. In this article we’d like to present 10 Impressive techniques using some jQuery magic to style slick forms with a simple, rich user experience that gets them excited about your contact, register or whatever form you have. A. Styling Forms Fields 1. iPhone-style Checkboxes iphone-style-checkboxes implements the iPhone toggles as replacements for standard HTML checkboxes. How to use it: Once the files are available to your site, activating the script is very easy: The initialization method takes a handful of options. - checkedLabel sets the text of the “on” state. 2. Uniform masks your standard form controls with custom themed controls. Using Uniform can be quite easy as well. $(function(){ $("select").uniform(); }); To “uniform” all possible form elements, just do something like this: $("select, input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file").uniform(); 3. 5. How it works: B. 1. 3. How to Use it: 4.

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