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Premailer: pre-flight for HTML email

Pre-flight for HTML email. What is this? For the best HTML e-mail delivery results, CSS should be inline. This is a huge pain and a simple newsletter becomes un-managable very quickly. This script is our solution. CSS styles are converted to inline style attributes Checks style and link[rel=stylesheet] tags and preserves existing inline attributes Relative paths are converted to absolute paths Checks links in href , src and CSS url('') CSS properties are checked against e-mail client capabilities Based on the Email Standards Project’s guides A plain text version is created

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PayPal Releases Kraken to Help Spur Node.js Adoption Michael Vizard, March 7th, 2014 PayPal, looking to provide an additional structure around the Node.js application framework, developed the Kraken implementation, a more secure and scalable framework for building commercial-grade applications. This week, PayPal is making Kraken available to the broader open-source community. Bill Scott, senior director of user interface engineering at PayPal, says Kraken is being shared with the rest of the Node.js community because its adoption outside of PayPal will spur its adoption within PayPal while at the same time making PayPal a more attractive place to work. Every time a technology gets shared with the open source community, Scott says, developers’ enthusiasm for acquiring a skill they could potentially use elsewhere winds up increasing use of that technology by orders of magnitude. Kraken is based on the express Web application framework.

A Guide to CSS Support in Email: 2007 Edition Update This study has since been superseded. View the latest edition It's been just over 12 months since I posted our original Guide to CSS Support in Email and quite a bit has changed since. Sadly, the most significant of these changes was in the wrong direction, with Microsoft's recent decision to use the Word rendering engine instead of Internet Explorer in Outlook 2007. We've written plenty about it already including an explanation of the reasoning behind it.

File: README [Unicorn: Rack HTTP server for fast clients and Unix] Application_TimeoutsCONTRIBUTORSDESIGNFAQHACKINGISSUESKNOWN_ISSUESLICENSELinksNEWSPHILOSOPHYREADMESIGNALSSandboxTUNINGunicorn_1UnicornConfiguratorHttpServerOobGCPrereadInputStreamInputTeeInputUtilWorker unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve fast clients on low-latency, high-bandwidth connections and take advantage of features in Unix/Unix-like kernels. Slow clients should only be served by placing a reverse proxy capable of fully buffering both the the request and response in between unicorn and slow clients. Features Designed for Rack, Unix, fast clients, and ease-of-debugging. We cut out everything that is better supported by the operating system, nginx or Rack.Compatible with Ruby 1.9.3 and later. unicorn 4.x remains supported for Ruby 1.8 users.Process management: unicorn will reap and restart workers that die from broken apps.

How to Code HTML Email Newsletters Article Step 2: Add CSS Styles Did I say CSS support was poor in mail clients? Well, it is. But you can (and should) still utilize CSS for the styles in your email once your nested table layout is in place. There are just a few things to watch out for. Here are the steps that I use. Enterprise Free URL Shortener - Free Branded URL Link Shortener - Link Shortener is a free URL shortener for brands that turns your shortened URL Links and social audiences into customers across the open web. Use's free branded url link shortener to create shortened URLs to reach a larger qualified audience on your next display campaign. Paid, owned & earned media working together Your brand’s social media team can improve overall campaign efficiency by tapping into Link Shortener’s “active audience data” to deliver more ROI from your media investments. Vanity URLs Link Shortener enables brands to create a branded URL links (for example, that closely relates to your brand and allows you to more closely and privately track your click-through data.

Guide to CSS support in email - Articles & Tips 2 May 2014 Removed support for various selector options (E) in Gmail and added support for direction, vertical-align and list-style-type in Outlook '07/'10/'13. 19 September 2013 Added support for @font-face, @media and HTML 5 media tags in email clients, as well as email-relevant CSS properties. We re-tested all webmail clients and the latest versions of existing clients. 30 January 2013 9 Tricks to Design The Perfect HTML Newsletter An e-mail newsletter is the perfect way to stay in touch with your clients or followers. Often your company or website will have numerous product updates, or possibly upcoming events you’d like to share. It’s always possible to post new information to your blog or social media streams, but your audience can only go so far to reach you. In this case, e-mail is certainly not dead technology, merely untapped potential.

Swiper - Mobile Touch Slider And Framework With Hardware Accelerated Transitions Swiper - is the free and ultra lightweight mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions (where supported) and amazing native behavior. It is intended to use in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native apps. Designed mostly for iOS, but also works great on Android, Windows Phone 8 and modern Desktop browsers.

25 Effective Newsletter Designs for Your Email Template Companies are continuously sending newsletter to their customers about their latest products or any other news which they want to share with their customers. Newsletters designs can be much like website designs. After all, they exist to serve similar purposes. So as well designed, clean email newsletter or website is a must for any successful business. A beautifully designed newsletter can make the user more interested in your product or your service, here I have collected top 25 impressive news letter designs for you inspiration which will be help full to you on your next newsletter design process.

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