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Carte Chemise

Carte Chemise

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sewing 101: zippered throw pillows Next up in our learn-to-sew series: throw pillows! Throw pillows are another fantastic way to incorporate cute textiles and DIY flair into your home without a great investment of time or money. If you’ve ever gone into a fabric store and wanted to buy everything because it’s just all so gorgeous, then pillows are a great way to put those fabrics to work in your decor. Father's Day shirt card Materials: Decorative paper for shirt (8-1/2 x 11-inch cardstock was used here)Decorative paper for accessoriesScissorsGlue or double-sided craft tape Optional Materials: Bone folderHole punchDecorative wrapping paperInstructions for DIY Father’s Day shirt card DIY Crafts & Daily Design Inspiration Cre­ate your own galaxy of origami stars! You can find com­plete instruc­tions for each star in this fan­tas­tic post by Bloomize. Here’s a lovely lit­tle origami heart page marker, per­fect for your kids as they head back to school. Get the tuto­r­ial here. These origami paper dia­monds are totally amaz­ing.

Le monde des tutoriels de couture meilleurs dans aucun ordre particulier. Alina's Adventures sew everything A P indicates a printable tutorial or pdf pattern. An F indicates a personal favorite. PET CARECatnip fish toy (Martha Stewart)Clothespin apron (Pick Up Some Creativity)Cool and cozy pet bed (Sew4Home)Country gent dog coat with pattern (Craftzine)Collapsible travel dish (Craft Stylish)Color spectrum pet bed (Design Sponge)Custom-fit doggy coat (Pretty Little Things)Dog leash (The Purl Bee)Embellished doggy sweater (Miss Lovie)Fabric dog coat pattern (Cut Out & Keep) PFabric pet bed (Inspiration & Realization)Fabric pup tent (CasaSugar)Family connection writing center (Craftzine)Fleece dog bed (Dog Under My Bed)Pet pouches (The B Line)Sweater dog toys (Craft Stylish)Squeaky doggie bone (Laura Griffin)Water resistant doggy coats (Martha Stewart)

paper crafts: mini grad cards - crafts ideas Paper crafts: mini grad cards It’s that time of year again – graduation season. I don’t know about you, but every year we know of quite a few graduates. To save money, and to add a personal touch to what is usually a card full of money, I made these mini graduation cards. Here is what you will need to make these cute little cards: 3×6 pieces of card stockblack and white card stockembroidery threadglue dotsbradsa template for your grad hats – I made mine by drawing a diamond for one piece. Sweet origami hearts To be honest, I was never keen on origami hearts (or roses for that matter) for a fairly long time because it was hard to accept the way they look — I find them too edgy and not very loving. Well that’s all in the past. My perception has changed (and I’m so glad). I have embraced their looks and I will admire them as they are. I’ve been on a folding spree over the new year break, particularly enjoying making heart after heart, starting with:

Cereal Box Journal Here’s a quick and easy way to re-use a cereal box and make a useful journal from it. Ever use the Moleskine notebooks? I love them, so thought I’d make some of my own with materials that I had around the house. There are lots of possibilities for this project. You could stamp or print the cover, paint it, add a collage or a simple drawing, or use decorative paper to cover the inside.

Updated DIY Valentine Treat Bags! Hi gang! I have an updated Valentine Treat Bag PDF that’s available as a free download! These have been pretty popular over the years and I’ve made this version more universal so that it can be used for any homemade treats you might want to give to that special someone. Just download the file and print directly onto a paper bag using a color ink jet printer.

How to Make Silhouette Portraits - The Easy Way (with bonus project: book wreath) : Frantically Simple A couple of weeks ago I showed you a few simple things I did to improve the look of my living room. Namely, moving a large mirror above the couch and creating a wreath and family silhouettes. Sorry about the glare – here’s a side shot of the silhouettes that is a bit more clear. Green Wrapping: DIY Cardboard Pillow Box If you've taken the "Buy Handmade" challenge this year why stop there? Inspired by Doug's post last year about turning a cereal box into an eco-friendly gift box, I endeavored to make a pillow box this year. With just some scissors, a ruler and a ceral box I was able to make a decent cardboard pillow box. The shape and structure of it came out great, but truth be told, my decorating was a bit uninspired as you can see below. Upon looking for picture that better shows the potential for someone with a little more creativity in the decorating department I found a great tutorial on

Hexagonal Stacking Boxes - Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories The inspiration for this week’s project comes from the Japanese stacking octagonal box kit shown above. We previously used a similar technique to demonstrate a business card box with traditional elegance. We now present a surreal modern makeover for Japanese papercraft boxes by using (recycling) paperboard packaging. We follow the same basic construction techniques, but simplify it by eliminating the paper coverings and decorations. In their place, we use paperboard from cereal, cracker and cookie packaging. These cheerful boxes are easier and less expensive to make and have a surreal quality to them.

Iris Folding and more from Valerie Anne Pink Gumboot! by Valerie (Otago NZ) I made this Iris folding pattern from a googled silhouette and I used a pink and white paper on a floral background. Make the World's Smallest Photo Postcard Of all the technological advancements of the 20th century, our favorite is the ability to click a device named after a rodent (mouse!) and have our inner most thoughts shot through space, right into the computers of our dearest friends and family. We wonder, is it possible to one-up that? It is! Ain’t no biggie. Friendship Bracelets {Craft Camp} I am excited to be offering 30 days of fun crafts to keep kids active and entertained this summer! You won’t want to miss a day of these fun crafts for kids from some amazing bloggers! Please be sure to pay them a visit! Hi I am Beckie from Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Décor and I am back here on STML showing you how to make woven friendship bracelets As I was thinking about what project to do for this series I tried to remember what my most favorite craft was when I was a girl. It was by far bracelet making! I have noticed they are making their way back on children’s wrists lately.