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The Math Projects Journal

The Math Projects Journal

Math Journal Sundays With Easter last weekend, I didn't get around to posting our math journal from last week. So, I have two entries to share with you today from our Interactive Math Journals. We're just finishing up our 2D Geometry unit. This journal entries for polygons was near the beginning of the unit. I gave each student an envelope and some coloured paper, and had them work in pairs to construct as many polygons as they could think of. They were to write the name of the polygon on the front, and on the back they were to write some of the attributes of the polygon. For the proof of learning, I asked students to show the difference between a polygon and nonpolygon. The next entry I wanted to share with you is on division. We made a simple flap interactive tool for this one. For the math reflection, I used my question fans and asked them to connect the concept learned today (division) to another concept they have learned (specifically, multiplication). That's about it for today.

Math Journals - LOVING Them!!! I'm LOVING my math journals this year. We've only done 3 entries so far, but I've had so much fun with each one. I'm going to use foldables a lot this year in our journals (the students are really enjoying this) - and have used two already. We have started decorating our covers with magazine letters. Our first entry was a foldable for Operations. To make this one we made a square, then folded each corner into the middle. Inside this foldable we included the definition for each answer word - example: "Sum" is the answer to an addition question. This was a great beginning of the year review. Patterning is actually our first math unit (we call them strands). To make this foldable we folded our rectangular sheet in uneven thirds - the smallest third was this little lip at the bottom (called a matchbox fold) that we folded up at the bottom. Underneath the flaps we wrote the definition and an example for the two types of pattern rules we study. Happy Sunday!!!

Virtual Teaching Expo Question and Answer You can still purchase a ticket and view it at your own convenience by signing up through this link. I recommend doing it before April 22nd so you can access the freegoodie bag! If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions about my presentation & the Interactive Student Notebook, please feel free to ask! I will answer them as quickly as possible! Which ISN strategy did you like best? I'd LOVE for you to leave your feedback for the presentation, share pictures of your own ISN entries,and hear from you how you use or plan this strategy in your classroom. Here is a link to my Interactive Student Notebook posts. (click the image above to get to my TN store to purchase this product) Thank you for tuning in today and for joining us at the Intermediate Teaching Expo.