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The holidays can be hectic, especially when you’re a family man with young children and local in-laws. But I was lucky enough to find some time for myself after my wife and kids were asleep the other night to dig through my production archives and listen to some old loops I had stashed away (yes, I’m a rap artist too, or at least I used to be haha). While going through them, I found a few I thought would be cool to share as a personal introduction to a new series we’re kicking off in 2014 called Loop Library, where we ask producers to come up off some gems from their stash. Check out five of my favorite unused loops I had tucked away below. Click to Read: Loop Library with NahRight’s Stan Ipcus Previously: Sample Stories with Bob James


Smokin' and Bloggin' Producer/rapper Hit-boy releases a new track Grindin’ My Whole Life featuring, B. Carr, Big Hit, Audio Push, Bmactthequeen, and Kent M$ney. This cut will appear on the HS87 compilation project We The Plug, due out this year. Read More While we await the release of Logic’s While You Wait EP, the VMG artist keeps the anticipation going with releasing a collaboration between him and Big Sean titled Aright. Check out the Tae Beats produced cut below.

Music The "power jazz" trio reinvents Stravinsky's avant-garde classic in a wholly new way. And darn if it doesn't sound fresh! Love and Hate offers songs that are mature, but not aged, worldly, but not cynical, in a soundscape that flows with no forcing and no faltering. This merger of two industrial pioneers can be impressive, but never quite matches the original versions. Some questionable choices, but otherwise a good place to start in the man's discography. Billionaire Boys Club Blog Our apologies for not updating the blog; we’ve been caught up with the latest BBCICECREAM releases. We know this is late, but better late than never! SpongeBob SquarePants threw Pharrell a 41st Birthday celebration at Cipriani’s on Wall Street.

yvynyl The following was sent to me as a Letter to YVYNYL, but Mark Trecka also wrote it as “a reflection on travel, in general, and on experiences accrued while traveling in October 2013 while on tour with Angel Olsen and her band.” He is one third of Pillars and Tongues, along with Ben Babbitt and Beth Remis. Listen to their latest End in Memory EP, released last week. On the night of December 8th, 2012, while sleeping in a dank room at a decaying resort in a small vacation town on the southeast coast of England, I dreamed the kind of intoxicating, deep dream that can leave one altered for days and weeks following. In this particular dream, I found myself in a profoundly distant future — perhaps even as far ahead in time as the year 5151 — walking among stalls in a bazar.

HipHopDX Interviews Nightclub Doorman Confesses Nightlife Secrets City Never Sleeps gets a few doormen to confess the secrets of the nightlife. For confidential reasons we can not disclose their names or workplace. Once Upon A Time Zella Day’s Soundcloud biography insists on her American roots: raised in a small mountain town in the depths of Arizona, she grew up singing Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley covers in her family’s coffee shop. Strongly felt in the “Seven Nation Army” cover that first brought her to our attention, these influences are still there on “1965″ and yet make way for a pop twist as Zella Day’s captivating vocals expand to tell a beautiful, nostalgic tale. Our friends at Blah Blah Blah Science are releasing the track as the B-side to Sweet Ophelia next week. Having put out a couple of great tracks in the last few months, this young Icelandic duet could easily surf on the harmonious wave that is “Tension” to take their name further.

NSFW VIDEO: Buzzband tries to go viral by making music vid where a woman has sex with a guitar Hi I'm the lead singer / guitarist / manager of a buzzband that you've never heard of. We really want to expose you to our music. We figured that if we make a compelling music video, you might stick around for our entire song. By the end of the song, yall will be like "This song is awesome. This band is awesome." What keeps people's attention? Soletron Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User st70234_latest already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home/st70234/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1143 This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host's database server is down. Are you sure you have the correct username and password?

The Main Hustler Rule is - Don’t Blow Your Cool: Searching for the roots of rap Riverhorse Media’s Michael Todd talks about making a film on the seminal 1973 album Hustlers Convention. In his search for the roots of rap, he discovers that not only is this journey important, but exactly why that is. My journey started nearly twenty years ago. Superlative Hip Hop Items - Superlative Magazine Search Folge uns! Superlative Magazine ist ein Online Lifestyle Magazin über Streetwear, Design, Places, Food, Streetart, Skateboarding & Hamburg. Superlative Magazine ist die große Schwester des Blogs Superlative Hamburg F.TAPE Fashion Directory in The Model Wall In just six months Andreas Lindquist has shot the cover of 10 Men, walked exclusively for Burberry and took part in his debut show season! in Model News Florian van Bael keeps cool in the summer sun modelling all-white ensembles for the new issue of Fantastic Man.

THE VERSASTYLE: July 2013 Sorry for the mini hiatus! Last week was July Fourth and I totally let the holiday/four-day weekend get the best of me. It was kinda magical to have more than two days to do whatever I wanted - which consisted eating, BBQ-ing, visiting wine bars, eating ice cream before dinner, massages, getting my hair trimmed (I know you can't tell but its a lot cleaner on the edges) and lots of movies. It's just what I needed before the month gets uber busy. With all the relaxing and chill days, I was all about easy outfits - especially with this stars knit tank from Vintage Havana. It's kinda the perfect top for Fourth of July celebrations.

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