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Générateur de combos Les Combos se produisent lorsque les compétences interagissent les unes avec les autres pour créer un effet supplémentaire. Cela nécessite un initiateur (aussi appelé champ ou zone) et un finisseur qui doit être activé dans le champ. Il existe quatre types de finisseur : Explosion, Saut, Projectile physique et Tourbillon. Multiples, les combinaisons peuvent se réaliser seul, bien qu'à plusieurs, le panel d'options reste autrement plus large.L'outil Combo Tool existe pour vous permettre de rechercher tous les combos possibles à travers une ou plusieurs professions.

Guild Wars 2 Skills Vous devez posséder les dernières versions de Firefox, Opéra, Google Chrome pour être sûr que Build Editor fonctionne correctement. Chargement des données... Guild Wars 2 Database Updated! - News With today's update, Guild Wars 2 Database has some updates that we'd like to highlight. Not only do we have support for mystic forge recipes now, we have a whole bunch of new recipes and achievements to check out (see below). We also have a listing of the newest items and newest recipes from the patch, including all the new ascended gear! Recipe Changes Achievement Changes Spoiler

GW2 Comprehensive Endgame gearing guide Exotic armor has a lot of variety and a lot of ways to obtain. There are no sub tiers within the exotics – one set of exotics is no more powerful than the other. What you will be choosing instead is 1) three stats you like on your armor 2) method to obtain it and 3) the looks. There are four main methods to obtain L80 exotics Dungeon – if you like running dungeons, this is the option for youCrafting – if you have a small sum of gold, this is the quickestWvW – If you enjoy only doing WvW, then Badges of Honor will come in handyKarma – If you don’t mind grinding out 252k karma (42k karma per piece).

[Guide]T6 Mat Farming Location Guide : Guildwars2 Générateur de noms Welcome to the Guild Wars Namegenerator! With this tool you can create name suggestions for your character of every race and gender. Please also have a look at the fantastic german Guild Wars Fansites and Please remember that the current database is small. Also there are less information about Sylvari and Asura names. ArenaNet has not published naming limitations, for example only one known Asura has a last name and only one Sylvari name has been published at all.

GW2 BuildCraft Build Calculator v1.6 Change Log Change log archive. Dec 24, 2013Added ascended armorUpdated traits and healing skills Please do a hard refresh with Ctrl + F5 if you are getting errors. Merry Christmas! Dec 22, 2013 Golradaer's Warrior Guide for PvP - Warrior My name is Golradaer and I formerly played roamer for the Order of Lords [LORD] tournament team. I achieved rank 31 by early October and used the Warrior in the vast majority of my games. I have years of experience in top competitive play and strategy creation in other games, including the original Guild Wars. Sadly, most of my videos have been lost, but you can watch a couple good examples of my builds in action at I have since moved on to playing Company of Heroes 2, but I hope this resource may still be of use to many of you!

ACCGs for Guild Wars 2 Générateur de signatures Ayra - Daily Guildwars 2 videos Upload The stream Subscription preferences Loading... Working... Guild Wars 2 Fr - Actualités et Guides pour Guild Wars 2 If your not using food buffs in WvW, your doing it wrong! (list) : Guildwars2