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Earthbag Building Index

Earthbag Building Index

Earthbag Building Blog INTERSHELTER DOMES April 9, 2014 Some of the many uses for our Survival Domes... Hurricane & Storm Shelters - Emergency Housing - Military - Relief - Quarantine - Dome-atories - Worker Housing Construction Site Office - New Development Sales Center - Workshop - Campgrounds - Parks & Recreation Centers - Safe Room House Expansion Backyard Cabana - Hunting / Fishing Cabins - Garden Houses - Spa Covers - Homeless Community - Guest House & More! Our 20' dome located on the top of Mount Valdez for over 10 years is subject to winds in excess of 225 MPH each year and remains in great condition as well as the millions of dollars of the telecom and computer equipment inside. (Hurricane CAT 5 Winds = 155 MPH. There are numerous uses for our domes and we ship world-wide. Request for More Information

earthbag construction on koh phangan, thailand - galleries by phanganearthworks Freeform Earthbags Between Boulders (Koh Phangan, Thailand, June 2009 – February 2010) After a couple of months of familiarizing ourselves with the subject of earthbag construction, be it by reading books (most notably Kaki Hunter’s and Donald Kiffmeyer’s Earthbag Building), websites (such as this one), or talking to Owen Geiger on email (big thanks for all the support!), I felt well-prepared and ready to kick off. Given the somewhat remote location of our jungle hillside property on beautiful Koh Phangan in the southern gulf of Thailand and the inexistent access to the building site, many tons of earth were moved manually. We began lowering the ground level between the large boulders which took an average of four guys an entire month. There were many many smaller rocks that needed to be rolled out, some of them requiring four people’s attention and energy for a whole afternoon to cover the distance of only a few meters.

Huntsville Tornado Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama Natural Building Colloquium The Honey House KAKI HUNTER and DONI KIFFMEYER After a hands-on workshop taught by architect Nader Khalili, we returned home inspired to build our first earthbag project. We started with simple, linear, buttressed exterior walls, graduated to serpentine garden walls, progressed to a small dome and are now finishing a larger dome with a vaulted entry way and big sunny arched windows. "Flexible Form Rammed Earth (F.F.R.E.)" is a free-form version of rammed earth construction. Since the bags act as a flexible form, it allows the architectural design of curvaceous, sensual structures. Our personal education began when we adopted the FQSS stamp of approval – Fun, Quick, Simple and Solid! By following this criteria, we made the ease of the construction process our priority. THE BASIC PROCEDURE is simple. After a row of bags has been laid, the row is compacted with hand tampers. a 16-ft corbelled dome, in 19 days. The bags we used for our construction are woven polypropylene "misprints."

Larry Hall Is Building Doomsday Prepper Shelters Into a Missile Silo As uncertainty has gripped global economic and political structures, “preppers” have tasked themselves with bracing for potential calamity and chaos. We’ve already told you about these individuals who are stocking up on food, guns, water and other items. Now, in Kansas, preppers are also building super-protective luxury condos into the shaft of an abandoned missile silo. According to AFP, four buyers have already put a total of $7 million down for these emergency homes that will protect them if and when disaster hits. The developer, Larry Hall, plans to create even more housing in other Cold War-era storage units when this first prepper haven fills up. Hall, 55, isn’t just a businessman who is creating these homes for others while shrinking away from the notion that calamity could, indeed, hit. provides more information about Hall’s motivations for purchasing the silo and embarking on this epic journey of preparation: And AFP has more about the fascinating homes Hall is building:

Maison en sacs de terre de 50m2 pour 8700 € construite à 3 en 8 jours Dans les pays occidentaux, le secteur du bâtiment est énergétivore et fortement émetteur de gaz à effet de serre. De plus, construire une maison engloutie les budgets des ménages. > Le concept de maison en sacs de terre permet d'utiliser des produits locaux (terre trouvée sur place) et à un coût dérisoire. Les sacs peuvent être remplis de terre, de sable (ou autre matériau), en fonction des ressources disponibles localement. Un sac de terre ou de sable, cela ne bouge pas du tout (il existe plusieurs systèmes pour que l'adhérence des sacs entre eux soit totale : fil de fez barbelé, effet velcro etc.), la maison est très stable. Cette maison, un vrai bunker, est presque indestructible. En secteurs fortement déboisés (Haïti, Afrique subsahélienne etc.) le concept d'EcoDome apporte un avantage majeur : sa construction ne nécessite pas de bois (pas de charpente). De la lune à la terre... - Olivier - "The real form of poverty is the poverty of hope. Les fondations

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