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SlideSnack Free Technology for Teachers WEEK 4 Crowdsourcing your organization strategy, what’s to appreciate? | Toby Elwin Every instrument has a role greater than just a part of the whole. Crowdsourcing relies on people to participate in a meaningful process as potential partners. In crowdsourcing people who were formally known as the customer now become the collaborator. The power of collective collaboration can not only drive product innovation, but leveraged for decades to build organization strategy. Where most organization strategic plan process finds more in common with Moses’ descent from the mountain, crowdsourcing, itself, is an open call; and an open call to, an often-undefined group. Crowding Around Change Crowdsourcing for a solution is the antithesis of the bureaucratic, and often autocratic, strategic planning performed by chosen few, behind closed doors, and finally unleashed unto the masses. Crowdsourcing has a strong sociological theme and shares this vital link with a vibrant change approach known as Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Appreciative Inquiry is Crowd Sourcing Crowding Around Opportunity

The Top 10 Free Web Tools to Curate and Bookmark Online Resources for Teachers Curating, bookmarking and sharing web content is one of the skills every 21stcentury teacher should have. Internet has grown to be, if not the primamry then a great resource of information and knowledge. Students as well as educators are having a free unlimited access to this treasure trove whenever and wherever they are.One of the things we need to pay heed to, howver, is the information load the net exposes us to. This information load if not handled carefully and wisely can have some severe reverse impacts on the way we benefirt from intenet educationally.This is why the need for for using bookmarking and content curating tools has become very important especially for us in the field of education. So after having learned how to clip web content and annotate it using this list of great free web annotating tools, we are going to explore some of the equally important and free tools but this time for bookmarking and curating web content. Here is the list : 1- Evernote 2- Livebinders 6- Diigo

Design Thinking: Lessons for the Classroom The Design Thinking Process While design thinking has its roots in the innovation/design sector, the process itself can be used anywhere. Indeed, it is a great tool for teaching 21st century skills, as participants must solve problems by finding and sorting through information, collaborating with others, and iterating their solutions based on real world, authentic experience and feedback. (It is also a great tool to develop and run a school, but that's a different post for a different day.) I had the good fortune to participate in a collaborative workshop at the Big Ideas Fest, where we practiced design thinking with about 12 other educators over a three-day period. Practitioners of design thinking have different steps depending on their needs. 1) Identify Opportunity 2) Design 3) Prototype 4) Get Feedback 5) Scale and Spread 6) Present In design thinking, you work through the steps together in small groups (or "Collabs" as they were called at BIF2011). Six Design Thinking Steps

Five apps for building online polls and surveys You don't have to be a genius statistician to create useful, friendly polls and surveys. These online tools make the process a snap. Why do we love polls so much? Note: This list is also available as a photo gallery. 1: Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere (Figure A) is a fun and easy-to-use polling app that is designed to help you get a quick, live response from your audience, whether they're using their browsers or their smartphones. Figure A Poll Everywhere lets you gather and share instant poll results. You can share your poll results on Facebook or Twitter or send others a link to view the results. Poll Everywhere is available with a basic free account that enables you to create an unlimited number of polls for up to 40 people. 2: EasyPolls EasyPolls was a bit surprising. Figure B EasyPolls is a free survey tool that is simple to use and easy to share. You can choose a design for your poll by clicking the Looks & Feel tab and choosing the style you like (Figure C). Figure C 3: SurveyMonkey

What's Your Negotiation Strategy? Successful businesses have a strategy in place for virtually everything they do. They spend huge amounts of resources creating, developing, and fine-tuning a marketing strategy, a product strategy, an HR strategy, a communication strategy, and a R&D strategy. Can you imagine Apple or Toyota operating without defining these strategies or setting a budget? Nevertheless, in all the times I’ve asked, “How many people have a negotiation strategy?” In studies of over 25,000 negotiators, my firm, MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation, found that negotiators typically lose up to 42% of the total potential value of a transaction. Negotiating A Bigger Piece of the Pie How should we negotiate? At MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation, one of the tools we use to create a cooperative climate is our Negotiation Code of Conduct. Preparation is the other key component of a successful negotiation strategy. Take the case of a construction company and a drywall manufacturer.

3-D Negotiation: Playing the Whole Game The Idea in Brief Why didn’t those last deals work out the way you expected? You brilliantly followed all the rules in negotiation manuals: You built enormous goodwill. You demonstrated astute cultural sensitivity. And you unlocked hidden value for all parties. But you were still left empty-handed. Like most of us, you may have waited too long to start negotiating. That’s why savvy 3-D negotiators work behind the scenes, away from the table, both before and during negotiations to set (and reset) the bargaining table. 3-D moves help you engineer deals that would otherwise be out of tactical reach. The Idea in Practice In addition to skillfully handling tactical and substantive challenges, consider these guidelines to 3-D negotiation: Scan Widely Search beyond the existing deal on the table to find complementary capabilities and value that other players might add. Example: Map Backward and Sequence To start, identify what you’d ideally like to happen. Manage Information Flow

Negotiation Training Course Modules - Training role plays, games, exercises and activities. I joined a little over one month ago and recently used the team building exercise Island of Opportunity at a senior managers three day transformative conflict/mediation workshop. I chose this activity as an evening event on Day 2 because the exercise allowed for team building, some fun and laughter after two days of role-playing conflict scenarios, and it also contained key learnings for trainee mediators. Specifically the exercise- - was aligned with the general workshop content (negotiation, understanding of needs and collaboration to reach a solution Vs aggression and conflict provoking tactics). - allowed for team building as some participants did not know one another but worked in the same unit. - provided light relief after 2 full days of discussing conflict which produces low energy in the group. - can be used to discuss cultural aspects of teams/organisations and how they might deal with differences/disputes.

Exclusive: Trent Reznor on "The Social Network" [INTERVIEW] Back when it was first announced that rocker Trent Reznor would be scoring David Fincher's The Social Network, we thought it was a match made in pop culture heaven — a movie about the dark side of the social networking biz, scored by a man who has plumbed the depths of social media, while also wrestling with its implications? Sign us up. Well, we got an aural glimpse at the soundtrack the other week after Reznor, along with his record company, The Null Corporation, and Sony’s Madison Gate Records announced the disc on Null Co's website and gave fans a five-song sneak peek. As the premiere of the highly anticipated film rapidly approaches, we decided to talk with Reznor about the experience of scoring a movie in its entirety, the state of the music industry, and, of course, social media on the whole. First of all, you're pretty well-known around the tech and music realm for finding interesting ways to use the web to get your music out. So that felt to me that it was worth doing.