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Free Online Grammar Check, Spelling, and More

Free Online Grammar Check, Spelling, and More

Grammar resources - University of Chicago Writing Program An annotated collection of grammar and writing resources from around the web. A word of advice: grammar is not math We've selected the sites on this list because on the whole, we think they're pretty good. But "rules" in writing -- unlike, say, rules in Newtonian physics -- are not written in stone. They are established by agreement among experienced writers, even though experienced writers can and do disagree all the time. You'll find, then, that grammar books and sites can offer conflicting advice. Grammar: quick guides The Grammar Handbook from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a clear, primarily text-based source organized by subject.'s Richard Nordquist has an extensive, informative collection of grammar-related articles on his Grammar and Composition site. Some on-line guides include not only in-depth information, but quizzes that let you test your knowledge. Usage guides Thesauruses (or thesauri) and dictionaries WARNING: a thesaurus is not enough!

Grammar Handbook « Writers Workshop: Writer Resources « The Center for Writing Studies, Illinois Thank you for using the Grammar Handbook at the Writers' Workshop, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This Handbook explains and illustrates the basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences and sentence elements, and common problems of usage. While we have done our best to be comprehensive and accurate, we do not claim to be the final authority on grammatical issues. We appreciate constructive emails with questions, suggestions, or corrections, but please understand we may be unable to respond to all of them. Handbook Sections Parts of Speech Nouns Verbs Adjectives and Adverbs Conjunctions Other Parts of Speech Phrases Clauses Sentences and Sentence Elements Common Usage Problems

GRAMBO It is only a test Actually, it isn't even a test And it contains more than grammar Oh, never mind.... Onward... 1. Is the sentence Correct? 2. Is the sentence Correct? 3. Is this Correct? 4. Is the sentence Correct? 5. Is this Correct? 6. Is the sentence Correct? 7. Is the sentence Correct? 8. Is the sentence Correct? 9. Is this Correct? 10. Is the sentence Correct? Were you keeping score? 9-10 right 8 right 7 right 6,5,4... right That's all, folks If you have constructive comments or criticisms, please send them to If you have non-constructive comments or criticisms, click here. Go back up HyperGrammar Welcome to HyperGrammar electronic grammar course at the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre. This course covers approximately the same ground as our English department's ENG 1320 Grammar course. The content of HyperGrammar is the result of the collaborative work of the four instructors who were teaching the course in Fall 1993: Heather MacFadyen, David Megginson, Frances Peck, and Dorothy Turner. This package is designed to allow users a great deal of freedom and creativity as they read about grammar. This package is currently under construction! Please read the Copyright and Terms of Use before you begin using HyperGrammar, and note that we provide NO WARRANTY of the accuracy or fitness for use of the information in this package. * This site uses the Oxford dictionary spelling. We do not offer any writing help by e-mail. No permission is required to link to this site. Written by David Megginson (editor)

Garbl's Online Grammar Guides--Punctuation too [ Home ] [ Writing Resources Home ] [ Style Manual ] [ Plain English Guide ] [ Concise Writing Guide ] [ Writing Bookshelf ] [ What's New ] Garbl's Online Grammar Guides is an annotated directory of websites where you can find answers to your questions about sentence structure and using the parts of speech correctly. You'll also find a separate section below featuring websites with advice on punctuation. Reference books make great gifts. They're used again and again. Garbl's Editorial Style Manual--This style guide can help answer your writing questions about abbreviations, capitalization, grammar, numbers, organization terminology, punctuation, spelling and word usage. Free service sends you email messages with a writing lesson five days of the week and a quiz on the sixth day. A concise guide to the most commonly violated rules of writing, with examples of proper usage. This site is aimed at English as a Second Language students. Created by Gary B.