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Rose Cake Tutorial

Rose Cake Tutorial

Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies I am so in love with these darn chocolate lava cookies! What is it about a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie stuffed with decadent, rich, melted chocolate that makes it so irresistible?? Especially when topped with vanilla ice cream. These are one of Kev’s favorite homemade treats, and he usually asks me to make them at least once a week. All you really need for these fabulous cookies is your favorite cookie dough and a bag of chocolate chips. Since these cookies are absolutely gushing with delicious rich chocolate, my favorite chocolate chips for this recipe are the Hersey’s Milk Chocolate chips. Now let’s make some chocolate lava cookies! Place the flattened cookie dough in the bottom of a well-greased standard sized muffin tin. Now for our gooey, rich milk chocolate filling. Lay the Ziploc bag flat in the microwave, spreading out the chocolate chips in a single layer. Cut a small tip off the Ziploc bag and layer over the cookies. Heaven help me. Now here’s how I like my cookies. 1.

EAT DRINK PRETTY If you have the day off today you may want to take an extra few minutes (well, more like 45 minutes) to bake these perfect banana-chocolate chip muffins. They are indulgent but not too sweet. If you are anything like me you took this long, holiday weekend to eat pretty much everything in sight. Why not continue that for just one more day with a delicious, chocolately homemade muffin? Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins (adapted from Epicurious) Ingredients •1 1/2 cups all purpose flour •2/3 cup sugar •1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder •1/4 teaspoon salt •1 cup mashed ripe bananas (about 2 large) •1 large egg •1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted •1/4 cup milk •3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips Preparation Preheat oven to 350°F. Divide batter among prepared muffin cups, filling each about 3/4 full. Enjoy the last day of the long weekend!

Gastronomer's Guide: Simple Tiramisu For a lazy summer afternoon, tiramisu is the perfect pick-me-up. Its literal translation is pick me up (tira mi su). Tiramisu is one of those desserts that has as many different versions as there are mothers in Italy. This is my simple yet traditional version of the easy to assemble, no-bake, no-cook dessert. Mascarpone can be found in Italian specialty stores usually in an 8-ounce or 17-ounce container. Note: Leave out the raw eggs if you are uncomfortable using them or use pasteurized eggs. 4 large eggs, separated1 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar16 ounces mascarpone cheese1-1/2 cups brewed coffee1/2 cup coffee liqueur40 store-bought ladyfingers1 cup heavy creamcocoa powderbittersweet chocolate In a large bowl, beat egg yolks and cup of sugar until light and fluffy. In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. In a small bowl combine coffee and coffee liqueur. Dust with cocoa powder and garnish with grated and/or shaved bittersweet chocolate.

>Easy Nutella Brownie Cups So I have found new love. These delicious, gooey, chocolate-y, Nutella brownie cups. They have only 3 main ingredients. THREE!!! Nutella, eggs and flour. This recipe has become my new go-to, late-night, chocolate, gooey, baked good craving fixer. They take absolutely no time to make and the fact that such minimal effort and ingredients can result in such deliciousness blows my mind. These are chewy, and they stay chewy the next day (I’m not sure how they are after that though, because these were all gone within 24 hours). Oh, yum. I have to go and make some more. EASY NUTELLA BROWNIE CUPSAdapted from Honey What’s Cooking? 1 cup Nutella (280g, 10 oz) 2 eggs 10 tbsp plain flour 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 cup chocolate chips (optional) Preheat the oven to 180 C and line a 12 hole muffin pan with cupcake liners. In a medium bowl, mix together the Nutella, eggs, flour and salt until combined. Divide the batter evenly between the 12 muffin holes. Bake for 12 minutes. Like this: Like Loading...

Afternoon in Paris Party Natalie recently celebrated her 9th birthday with a little Parisian flair. It was a sweet and simple party, filled with all kinds of crafty projects at the birthday girl’s request. Natalie’s Paris party vision included delicious treats, famous French art, a café setting, and lavender. We turned our easel into a café menu. The kids had a great time matching the French words to the snacks! Menu: sliced baguettesstrawberry jamnutellamini croissantscheese & crackerschocolate-dipped strawberriesgrapessparkling French lemonadeapple juice We decorated the food area with the super-cute Paper City Paris printable from Made by Joel and French flag toothpicks. Natalie wanted a fancy layer cake with pink frosting. Natalie had a long list of craft projects she wanted to do at her party. Activity #1: Coloring Stained Glass “Windows” – I purchased some Dover mini stained glass coloring books (Fun to Color, Little Geometric, Little Mandalas, and Starbursts). The party favor was a bar of lavender soap.

Sex in a Pan Sex in a Pan – crazy name for a dessert, but it’s one of the best desserts you’ll ever have, it’s mostly a pudding dessert with a crunchy pecan bottom crust. Don’t laugh at the name of this dessert! OK, you can laugh, it is funny. Oh my God, it was unbelievable. I was in love, I had never had anything like it before. Here’s what the layers look like. I just had to share this wonderful dessert with you. Update: Since I originally wrote this post, I’ve made sex in a pan numerous time since it’s a favorite at my house. Sex in a Pan Author: Jo Serves: 10 servings Ingredients Crust 1 cup pecans, chopped 3 tbsp white sugar ½ cup butter 1 cup flour Cream cheese layer 1 8 oz package cream cheese 1 cup powdered sugar (use ½ cup for less sweetness) 1 cup whipped cream or cool whip Vanilla pudding 1 package of instant vanilla pudding (5.1 oz or 144 g) 3 cups milk (use 2 cups if you want a firmer pudding) Chocolate Pudding Last layer 2 cups whipped cream or cool whip shaved chocolate Instructions Enjoy!

Brown Butter Double Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies Little bit of a mouthful there. But it’s like a cookie on top of another cookie! Yeah. Like total dirty cookie on cookie action. Except these ones down below wanted to try a few different positions. I dunno… they’re all mixed up. In order to solve a common I-want-a-chocolate-CHOCOLATE-cookie-but-he-wants-a-plain-chocolate chip-cookie dilemma that happens like, every single weekend here… I made both. Some of them smashed up against each other while others sat on top of each other but in the end, they all tasted… fantabulous. And then they tasted extra delicious after I spent two hours cleaning out the contents of our bar (take that as you will), after he spent three hours organizing the pantry (that was weird) and after we both needed to severely eat our emotions immediately post-Boardwalk Empire finale. WHAT was that. ??????? Why??? Then I tried to dunk a cookie in milk and failed. I need cookie dunking lessons, a redo on season 2 (thanks HBO), and a salad. [from giant rainbow cookies]

Tissue poms! (Poofs?) Hello there! I’m back today with a project that I’m guessing many of your already know how to make – but because I’m always years behind everyone else, I never knew how to make them till a few weeks ago. I figured I’d share how easy they are just in case some of you are years behind the trends like me. I feel you sister. Double thump to the chest. I decided to make some of these for my sis’s wedding shower after my friend Chris shared some pics of her daughter’s birthday party with me. Anyhoo, here’s the quick how-to… Start with 8-10 tissue sheets, stacked up (I like ten cause it makes them extra poofy), then start folding it accordion style: Fold it all the way and when you’re done, find the middle and tie it up. Next it’s time to make them look like a “flower” – take scissors and cut down each end. I wanted to add some color to the white ones and first I thought about dipping them in some paint or food coloring water. Instead I took markers and colored the edges: Aren’t they crazy fun??

Cookie Monster: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies [Photographs: Carrie Vasios] Do you remember your first crush? I do. He was a tall, dark-haired boy who worked at my local bakery. Looking back, it's no surprise that I fell in love with the kid who sold me cookies. Of course that was only his day job. Though my cookie man is long gone, no doubt having become a Nobel laureate, I still eat these cookies frequently. Keeping the macadamia nuts roughly chopped creates a satisfying crunchy contrast.