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M/M (Paris)

M/M (Paris)

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Lucian Bernhard The Priester Match poster is a watershed document of modern graphic design. Its composition is so stark and its colors so starling that it captures the viewer's eye in an instant. Before 1906, when the poster first appeared on the streets of Berlin, persuasive simplicity was a rare thing in most advertising: posters, especially tended to be wordy and ornate. justin gabbard cemlurk: The first concert I attended on my own volition was on July 13th, 1996, the gig was Pantera/White Zombie/EyeHateGod at Coca Cola Starplex in Dallas, Texas. It was also the first time I took LSD. I was 13 years old. At the time, it was the coolest thing I had ever done.

Adrian Frutiger Information about the typeface designer Adrian Frutiger and his fonts. Adrian Frutiger was born in 1928 at Unterseen near Interlaken, Switzerland. After an apprenticeship as a compositor, he continued his training in type and graphics at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) from 1949 to 1951, being taught by two renowned professors, Alfred Willimann and Walter Käch. Frutiger went to Paris in 1952 and worked as typeface designer and artistic manager at Deberny & Peignot. His first typeface creations were Phoebus (1953), Ondine (1954) and Meridien (1955), and through the foundry's connections with Photon/Lumitype Frutiger created some of the earliest typefaces for photocomposition.

Egg Savior – Blender for an Android game The Android game Egg Savior used Blender for the production of their in-game graphics. Ruben Lopez writes: Egg Savior is a free independent game for Android devices. It is a kind of platform game mixed with a bit of puzzle where you can’t control the main character, only the environment.It is a 2D game but all the graphics have been prerendered with Blender. All the behaviours of the main character (the chicken) were animated and rendered in blender, and composed in a sprite atlas for fast access within the game.Blender is a great tool for prerendered graphics. With its powerful AA filters, it is very easy to get an impeccable finish for the sprites (tip: use the Catrom filter for low resolution art).

Illustrators Bernstein & Andriulli Illustrators Lightbox/PDF Download New United Robin Kinross Robin Kinross (born 1949[1]) is an author and publisher on the topic of visual communication and typography. His most significant work is Modern Typography. He is a proprieter of Hyphen Press, which publishes books on design and typography.[2] Kinross started Hyphen Press in 1980. A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits Everyone is aware of how significantly Facebook has impacted modern technologies such as online communication, information aggregation, and boyfriend stalking. Less noticed, but just as profound, is its influence on art. Just as refinements in mirror crafting led to an increase in self portrait production during the Renaissance, Facebook's steady, unrelenting invasion of every crevice in the civilized world has led to a new renaissance in portraiture, notable for its creation by people who wouldn't know good art if it friend requested them. These office workers and bored teens have replaced Okies and deranged shut-ins as the ultimate outsider artists; not only do they lack formal artistic training, most lack even the desire to create art.

Actualités - tiphaine-illustration ... April 2014 100 beers/100 contributors Aid for Art Fund MVM, Andy Smith, Adrian Johnson, Spencer Wilson It's Nice THAT "The future is now" - Nice to meet you! "The future is now" The future is now, is my university degree project.Theme: the Demographic change in 2050. How 1/3 of the people will be over 65. Topics I work with: Ignorance. the people don't think about that. The future as something difficult to imagine. And two generations of users: 25 years old (that will be 65 in 2050) and old people who have 65 years old today.

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