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Mapping The Future Of Education Technology

Mapping The Future Of Education Technology
Add this massive infographic to the recent discussion of futuristic dorms and what education will look like in 2020--and beyond. Designed by Michell Zappa’s Envisioning Technology (which also created that fantastic interactive infographic mapping the future of technology), this chart maps innovations in education technology for the next few decades. Click to enlarge. It illustrates a shift from a classroom-centered approach toward an increasingly virtual set of learning environments. Of course the most eye-popping statistic is the idea that 65% of today’s grade-school children will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet. Hence the need for looking forward to try to anticipate how technologies might evolve and how we should expect to incorporate them into our schools.

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Remixing Melville: Moby Dick Meets the Digital Generation Big Ideas Culture Digital Tools Teaching Strategies Henry Jenkins In a traditional English class, a teacher might assign Herman Melville’s famous novel Moby Dick in small chunks. 5 Fake Facebook templates and pages for student projects April 16, 2011 by mrkaiser208 Facebook is the place that kids hang out after school. Heck, it’s the place many of them hang out during school. It is definitely a platform they are comfortable with communicating on.

College at Risk - The Chronicle Review By Andrew Delbanco If there's one thing about which Americans agree these days, it's that we can't agree. Gridlock is the name of our game. We have no common ground. List of open education resources online Nearly every week, if not every day, there are more and more open source and open educational resources available and accessible to us. It's impossible to ignore. It also seems impossible to keep pace with the sheer volume. Despite this, I will attempt here to give a comprehensive listing of many helpful, accessible, amazing open education resources.

10 Great Tips to Create Beautiful Slideshow Presentations The focus now has been shifted from just enabling teachers and students to use digital tools to create presentations to focusing on the quality of these presentations. Are they well structured ? Do they communicate clear messages ? Get Your Dose of History: 8 Documentaries for Black History Month More Than a Month Filmmaker Shukree Tighman dressed as a Union soldier The most fascinating chapters of America’s past, including our stories of tragedy, pride, creativity, and triumph, are arguably contained in African American history. Black History Month is our yearly pop-up reminder to reconnect with these stories. Though, as last year’s Independent Lens documentary More Than a Month points out, why contain it to just one month? Here is a collection of African American history documentaries to watch throughout the year. 1.

5 Jobs That Will Be Popular for Online Students in 2017 [Infographic] As online learning continues to grow in popularity and availability, the career outlook for some professionals is looking bright. Jobs in 2017 may not require a degree from a traditional school. Liberty University Online took a look at five jobs that will be very attractive to students who are earning their degree online while working or parenting. Nurses, teachers, accountants, software engineers and network administrators are career choices that are becoming increasingly accessible for online and distance learners. For many students, the classroom is becoming a thing of the past and it’s time that all colleges expand their online learning programs. What other jobs will be hot in 2017?

Check out the tools We are developing tools that make creating open educational resources (OER) easy and efficient. The Textbook Editor: This tool enables authors to create OER artifacts from scratch, and arrange them into textbooks. Try it out! (Chrome only for now, requires GitHub login)Also at: The OER Importer: This tool converts existing documents into OER artifacts that can be edited or published to OER repositories.

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