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45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About

45 Simple Twitter Tips Everyone Should Know About
Are you a tweetin’ teacher? Do you rely on tweets for your extended PLN ? Whether you use the service or not, there’s a whole world of information being shared and you should start taking part. But if you’ve been too nervous or unsure about HOW to actually use Twitter as efficiently as possible… the wait is over. It’s an elegantly organized set of infographics detailing the step-by-step process of using Twitter and making it work for you. Key Questions Answered Did you know SEO played a role in your Twitter profile? View Tips As Slideshow

What are some of the best uses for mobile devices in the classroom PhoneDog Media ExclusiveDownload iM5, now available in the App Store and Google Play. iM5 is a PhoneDog Media backed Social Platform to inspire real-life action through the crowdsourcing of ideas. See the video Like it or not, it's that time again. Schools across the nation are back in session (or will be soon enough) and it's time for students to get back into the learning, studying and testing mindsets. For some, that may be easier said than done. But for those of you going back to school this semester with a new mobile device, there are several ways you can incorporate your smartphone or tablet into your schooling routine. Not every campus or professor allows devices in their classrooms, but for those who can get away with using an iPad or smartphone during a lecture, there is a laundry list of practical uses for mobile devices. Over the years, I have logged many hours with tablets and smartphones in classrooms. Note taking This one is pretty obvious. I have always preferred Dropbox.

Seven Ways to Use Twitter in a Classroom | Teachers use Social Media to Enhance Classroom Experience Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are continuing their rise in popularity and there are no signs of this growth stopping soon, as is evidenced by the 42% of high school students who currently use Twitter. Smart educators who opt to use Twitter in the classroom are sure to see improved student grades as well as creative and positive results in other areas. If you have not entered this realm of social media, it’s easy to pick up on the basics of Twitter and enjoy its benefits for you and your students. Here are seven innovative and motivating ways to bring the world of Twitter into your classroom: 1. It’s not hard to find subject experts such as historians, mathematicians or authors on Twitter, many of whom would be willing and eager to tweet their expertise with your class. 2. Students’ grades improve when everyone is engaged in monitoring the learning process. 3. 4. Twitter can be a fun and educational trip-tracker. 5. 6. 7. Final thoughts Content provided by U.S.

DestroyTwitter 2.0 Educational Web Sites Twitter Cybrary Man is a Twitterbrarian! My Twitter Friends My RebelMouse Wording by @sjunkins Sign by Maureen Devlin @lookforsun Sign by @sjunkins The 2012 A-Z List Of Educational Twitter Hashtags We got so many additions and updates to our 2011 list we thought it was time to bring you the most up-to-date list for 2012. So, without further ado, here’s the 2012 A-Z list of educational Twitter hashtags. We went through all the comments on the 2011 version , wrote down all the Twitter and Facebook updates, and compiled this list over the course of several months. What follows is our best effort to bring you the biggest and baddest list of hashtags. I’m sure we still missed some as new hashtags seemingly pop up every day. First, some background to get you up to speed on what the heck a hashtag is. First, What’s A Hashtag? Whether you’re a new or seasoned Twitter user, you likely come across confusing hashtags that probably look like a bunch of nonsense. The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keyword or topic in a Tweet. For example, the popular #edchat hashtag is used by thousands of users every Tuesday. How To Hide Your Hashtag Chat From Followers Sources Technology

Using Wall Wisher in the Classroom On Friday I ran a short workshop about using online tools to brainstorm with students. One of the resources that I shared and had folks try out was Wall Wisher. Although not the most robust tool for brainstorming, Popplet is currently my favorite, Wall Wisher is easy to use and seemed to be a hit with my audience. Today, I showed my special education students a short (18 minutes) video about cultural changes that took place in the US during the 1920's. At first my students were a little unsure of what Wallwisher is all about, but they quickly figured it out and they all enjoyed the class. For those who have never tried Wallwisher before, it is very easy to use. Also from April 2010.Tom Barrett has a slideshow about Wallwisher in his Interesting Ways Series.

The Top 27 Free Tools to collaborate, hold discussions, and Backchannel with Students 1- ChannelME ChannelME is a great web tool. It allows its users to browse a particular website simultaneously. They are able to look at the same content of a web page with friends in real time and even chat with each other . 2- Search Team It allows its users to search in small teams and collaborate to find the best search results. 3- Mind42 Mind42 is a great collaborative mind mapping tool . 4-Entri Entri is a free collaborative tool for writing and sharing documents . 5- Bounce It is “ a little application that lets people quickly add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people” . 6-Wiggio Wiggio makes group work much more easier as its easy and straightforward design provides everything you need to work productively in your groups. 7-My Simple Surface My Simple Surface is a very simple online whiteboard. 8- Hackpad This is a tool to develop collaborative note-taking and writing outlines. 9- Synchtube Synchtube is a great free service for watching videos. 16- Dweeber

50 Power Twitter Tips A while back, I wrote 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. It still gets plenty of attention, as it’s listed as an official resource on the Twitter business resources page (thanks, @ed!). But you know, I can’t leave well enough alone, so here I am with another 50 Power Twitter Tips. I broke them down into five categories: intent, technical, business, integrated usage, and off-twitter. Here they are, sponsored by the Genesis WordPress theme: 50 Power Twitter Tips Intent (Human Artist) Don’t read EVERY tweet. Technical A non-standard background and face avatar means we believe you may be human. Business Spamming us repeatedly is okay. Integrated Usage Twitter makes every event better. Off-Twitter Are your tweets really what you want to show in your sidebar? Your mileage may vary. Photo credit wilhei55 runs on the Genesis Framework The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Become a StudioPress Affiliate

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