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Digital Curation Resource Guide

Digital Curation Resource Guide

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Information This is a fully functioning scalable scientific calculator. It is highly recommended that professors require all their students to use a Faculty Standard Calculator in class. Suitable for: Teacher, Home Educator, Student, Parent Players: Single Published by: Bongo LLP How To Curate & Download Your Own Wikipedia Ebook – PDF, EPUB & More Collect a number of Wikipedia articles and create your own eBook. Whether you want an overview of a particular academic topic or just want to read about absolutely every Pokemon, Wikipedia’s Book Creator is the ultimate tool for creating your own primer on any subject. If you’re like me you simply cannot stop reading Wikipedia – it’s endlessly fascinating. Sometimes too much so: a quick check for information can turn into an endless link clicking session.

Digital Libraries: A Vision for the 21st Century: A Festschrift in Honor of Wendy Lougee on the Occasion of her Departure from the University of Michigan Anne R. Kenney & Nancy Y. McGovern Second Life Education/Resources From Second Life Wiki Second Life Wiki > Second Life Education > Second Life Education/Resources The Education Community is Among the Most Vibrant and Active in Second Life The education community is the fastest growing and among the most vibrant, active, and dynamic in Second Life. The email lists and groups are free to join and are places where you can listen to the conversations or join in. When you ask a question to the group, you are drawing on a deep well of experience and good will, where people generously share best practices, common mistakes, quick tips, and make connections.

The 5 Big Reasons Schools Should Have Free Internet Access Right Now The digital divide is real. There’s a major gap between the schools, people, and organizations who can afford high-speed connections and those who cannot. Imagine a classroom with wi-fi versus one without. The former can launch a 1:1 iPad program, BYOD, and deploy all kinds of new technology . Best Free Content Curation Tools 2012 Content Curation has been on the upside lately, and while there are some who don’t think that it is an ethical form of “content creation”, there are those that think completely the opposite. Whichever side you choose to be, you should know that if you do decide to “curate content”, to always give credit to its original source and never copy an entire article even if you are linking back to its original author. That does not have anything to do with curation and may even be considered as stealing content. While I am at it, creating a list of useless links is also not regarded as curating content. Which side are you on? Do you favor “content curation” as an interesting approach of content creation/marketing, or are you totally against it?

When I Go Away: Getting Your Digital Affairs in Order Nowadays when we prepare a will, we have the added responsibility of leaving instructions to our loved ones about what to do with our online things after we die. Bequeathing has grown more complicated. Featured Last Will and Testament on Much of our online content consists of our writings – email, text, tweets, blogs, wikis and more – and our loved ones would surely cherish some of it just as surely as we cherish special old cards and letters. The same goes for our online photos, videos, artwork and other things we’ve created.

20 Must-See Teaching Tools Coming To Your Classroom Very Soon It’s hard to find a field that hasn’t been radically changed by technology, and education is no exception. Few classrooms these days operate without digital tools, gadgets, or applications that have made it easier for teachers to track student progress and tailor lessons to student needs and interests. While the tools of today are great, there are even more great technological teaching tools and practices on the horizon, many of which are just starting to be adopted in the classroom or are just making it out of the developmental stages. These tools offer new and often very promising ways to connect with students and improve the quality of education offered in schools.

Goodbye iGoogle - Hello Protopage (Click above for larger image)iGoogle Gone, Baby GoneSo, thanks to my amazing mentor @JoyceValenza & Google+ I recently heard the upsetting breaking news that Google is doing away with iGoogle! "iGoogle will be retired in 16 months, on November 1, 2013. The mobile version will be retired on July 31, 2012."

There and Back Again: Scoping a Web Archiving Project Around the Hobbit The following is a guest post from Sarah Weissman, a second year student in the MLS program at University of Maryland’s iSchool. This past semester as part of the course Information Access in the Humanities, my classmates and I studied current trends in humanities scholarship. Under the guidance of Kari Kraus we learned about the availability of digital resources for humanities scholars and the use of these resources by researchers in humanities fields.

Minecraft, virtual worlds, and other technology can help elementary schoolers with reading, writing, and digital citizenship. Photo by JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK/AFP/GettyImages Kids love video games. And iPads.