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The Natural Benefits of Vinegar

The Natural Benefits of Vinegar
By James Calvin Vinegar is essentially, sour wine. It is not only a useful ingredient in the kitchen, but also aids in natural health remedies. There are several different types of vinegar. These include white distilled vinegar, apple vinegar, cider, and wine vinegar. Vinegar has been used as natural remedies for over 10,000 years. Today, vinegar is still produced and used as it has in the past. Apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest and most useful types of vinegar available on the market. It has a high vitamin content of vitamin C, E, A, B1, B2, b6, proto-vitamin, and beta-carotene. Although most people do not enjoy the taste of apple cider vinegar, it has been shown to help relive the symptoms of allergies from pollen, food and pets. It is traditionally suggested that the best way to take apple cider vinegar is to drink it. Cider vinegar can also help alleviate the symptoms of a sore throat. This works for some people who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. Source:

Distilled White Vinegar: A Non-Toxic Cleaner By Dr. Mercola Howard Garrett, also known as The Dirt Doctor, has compiled a number of uses for vinegar, including recipes for both internal use and use in your organic garden, which I will share with you here. "Vinegar is a wonderful organic tool that was discovered by accident 10,000 years ago when wine was accidentally allowed to ferment too long and turned sour," he writes. "It can be made from many products, including beer, apples, berries, beets, corn, fruits, grains, honey, malt, maple syrup, melons, molasses, potatoes, rice, sorghum, and other foods containing sugar. Natural sugars from these food products are fermented into alcohol, which is then fermented into vinegar." ... White, spirit, or distilled vinegar is made by fermenting distilled alcohol. ... The name "vinegar" comes from the French words for "sour wine." White Vinegar—A Great Non-Toxic Cleaner and Herbicide Ingredient Distilled white vinegar is the type of vinegar you'll want to use for cleaning and laundry.

"The Herbal Survivalist Spot" Herbal Survival and First Aid: a book on natural SURVIVAL solutions in the event of any emergency: Nick Carlucci: Kindle Store Dr Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet Food Pyramid HEALTHY SWEETS How much: Sparingly Healthy choices: Unsweetened dried fruit, dark chocolate, fruit sorbet Why: Dark chocolate provides polyphenols with antioxidant activity. Choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent pure cocoa and have an ounce a few times a week. Fruit sorbet is a better option than other frozen desserts. RED WINE How much: Optional, no more than 1-2 glasses per day Healthy choices: Organic red wine Why: Red wine has beneficial antioxidant activity. Limit intake to no more than 1-2 servings per day. If you do not drink alcohol, do not start. SUPPLEMENTS How much: Daily Healthy choices: High quality multivitamin/multimineral that includes key antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, mixed carotenoids, and selenium); co-enzyme Q10; 2-3 grams of a molecularly distilled fish oil; 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 Why: Supplements help fill any gaps in your diet when you are unable to get your daily requirement of micronutrients. Additional Item:

Issues: nutrition intro In 1996 McDonald's opened in India for the first time: a country where the majority of the population is vegetarian and the cow is sacred. Just one example of the inexorable spread of western multinationals into every corner of the globe. A spread which is creating a globalised system in which wealth is drained out of local economies into the hands of a very few, very rich elite. Can people challenge the undermining of long-lived and stable cultures, and regional diversity? Self-sufficient and sustainable farming is replaced by cash crops and agribusiness under control of multinationals - but how are people fighting back? tell me more McDonald's publicationsWhat A Year (March 1995)Why This Ad Was Out Of Date ..... interviewsVandana Shiva, Indian ecologistMike Mansfield, leading UK barristerDave Morris, defendant in McLibel caseHelen Steel, defendant in McLibel case debate Try the Multinationals section of the McSpotlight Debating Room. search

Survival Properties of Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar | Survival Sherpa Guest post by Garlic is one of the earth’s greatest health tonics and does indeed have scientifically-proven medicinal properties. It contains a substance called Allicin, which has anti-bacterial properties that are equivalent to a weak penicillin. It is a natural antibiotic and is useful in treating everything from allergies to tonsillitis. Garlic contains many sulfur compounds which detoxify the body, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Photo credit Garlic can stimulate the production of glutathione, an amino acid which is known to be a very potent antioxidant and de-toxifier and the smooth muscle relaxant adenosine, also found in the herb, will lower blood pressure. Today people use garlic to help prevent atherosclerosis (plaque build up in the arteries causing blockage and possibly leading to heart attack or stroke), reduce colds, coughs, and bronchitis. Latin Name: **Allium sativum **Common Names: **Allium, Garlic, Rustic Treacle, Stinking Rose 1. 3.

Herbal Medicine: Constitutional Herbalism and The Herbal Energetics of Western Herbs HEALTH and DISEASE What forces, seen and unseen, cause disease and promote health? This is a question that has occupied the thoughts of humans for thousands of years. Although we know many more minute details about the processes that occur during health and disease, we may not be any closer to really understanding the process. Many herbalists throughout history have said that the state of health we enjoy is related to several important factors: 1. 2. 3. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, five well-defined disease-causing agents (pathogens) are defined, four climate-related factors and the "five emotions," as follows: The Four Climate-Related Factors 1. hot 2. cold 3. wet 4. dry [These influences can become disease-promoting when we are influenced by them from external forces, such as exposure to wind and cold, or can result from internal factors, such as lack of metabolic fire. The Five Emotions 1. anger -- liver 2. fear -- kidneys 3. joy/mania -- heart 4. grief -- lungs 5. pensiveness -- digestion 1.

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