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Apple pancakes

Apple pancakes
Am I glad I spilled out my frying pan angst to you all yesterday or what? This morning (and by “morning” I think we all understand that it was 1 p.m., right?), when faced with the task of an apple pancake recipe I’ve been wanting to make for eons, the thought using that stainless steel pan was enough to make me skip it. But since two hundred and thirty two of you (approximating, you see) suggested I get back in with cast iron, I decided to give it another shot. And it worked like a charm. Alas, I’ll get more into this in the weeks and months that follow, as I reestablish relations with my cast-iron and test it out with various dishes. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go apologize to my cast-iron pan for neglecting it for all of these years. One year ago: Chicken with Chanterelles and Pearl OnionsTwo years ago: Way Better Than Campbell’s Cream of Tomato Soup Apple Pancakes Adapted from Joan Nathan, and a bunch of other sources laying claim to the same recipe (New to pancakes? 1. 2. 3. Related:  breakfast/brunch

apple cider doughnuts I have never met a variety of deep-fried dough I didn’t like. Yet, given that most doughy fried items out there are rather mediocre* — say, the chain donut shop steps from my apartment — I don’t find myself indulging this habit as often as I’d like. The exception to this rule is apple cider doughnuts, which I am absolutely weak in the face of. Despite the fact that even the loveliest looking ones at the farm stands tend to disappoint, I eat them anyway. Because it’s fall and crunching through ochre-tinted leaves, wrapping your fingers around a paper cup of mulled cider and eating even lackluster apple cider doughnuts is the right and proper thing to do. Or it was. Okay, fine. Or maybe he will. Back to the doughnuts. * My Favorite New York Doughnuts: People often ask me for local eating recommendations but I always dodge these questions because restaurant reviewing, dissecting and generally telling people where to spend their hard-earned money is so not my bag.

lemon ricotta pancakes with sauteed apples You know how you know it’s November? I actually made breakfast this morning. I’m sorry if that shattered your pristine image of me. Sure, I occasionally cook big, elaborate brunches for friends or family and I even spoil myself from time to time with yogurt with pumpkin butter and pepita granola, but pretty consistently, Saturday and Sunday morning I chew on my fingernails until Alex wakes up, or sometimes, if I’m really hungry and he’s still sleeping (the boy is a sleep MACHINE) I’ll sit next to him on the bed and stare until he wakes up and brings us either bagels from Murray’s or eggs from the diner. Nonetheless, as it appears that despite my caveats this NaBloPoMo thing is on, I figure that if nothing else I can use it to clean out the refrigerator. Wow, I really know how to make a dish sound appetizing, don’t I? One year ago: Dream a Little Dream of Scone Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Sauteed ApplesGourmet, September 1991 Servings: Makes about twelve 3- to 4-inch pancakes.

german pancakes Saturday, December 2, 2006 Back when I was still getting daily “are you okay?” and “do you need anything” phone calls from my mother each morning after my little rumble with the stairs, she told me one more she’d just made German pancakes for breakfast. Well no, I don’t. The recipe, by the way, mom says she got from one of those inserts that came with her at least 30-year old blender, completely crushing my romanticized notions of this being something her parents over brought from the “old country.” German Pancakes From my mom’s old blender cookbook Yield 2 9-inch pancakes. Pumpkin and Feta Muffins Recipe You all know by now, I love self-published cookbooks. Particularly ones with a strong point of view, thoughtful design, and inspired recipes. That said, I have a bit of a gem to share with you this afternoon. When I spent a month traveling around New Zealand a few years back, it became clear that New Zealand is the land of the awesome muffin. As far as the specs of the book go, Martha Goes Green is a collection of about fifty vegetarian recipes. Congratulations on lovely project Rosie, Ruth, and Jessica. - More Pumpkin Recipes - - More Breakfast / Brunch Recipes - The recipe calls for 2 cups of flour. Preheat oven to 405F / 200C, with rack in the top third. Sprinkle the olive oil and some salt and pepper over the squash. Transfer two-thirds of the squash to a large mixing bowl along with the spinach, parsley, sunflower seeds, Parmesan, two-thirds of the feta, and all of the mustard. Makes 12 muffins. Adapted from a recipe in Martha Goes Green by Rosie Percival and Ruth Friedlander.

pumpkin waffles I warned you, didn’t I? I have a lot of fresh pumpkin puree to use up. Call it my late German grandmother communicating her values to me from the great beyond, but I hate throwing away food. It literally makes me sick to my stomach, that in this land of excess and in a city that appears at times to have run out of ways to spend money so it churns out new ones daily that I am part of this ridiculousness, so frequently throwing away old eggs, milk days before its inevitable demise, fruit and vegetables we always forget about, elaborate dishes that bored me too much to eat twice. This pumpkin, it’s gonna get used. And if each use were as delicious as that soup and now these waffles, I might even be tempted to roast that third pumpkin, still lingering all lonesome in the corner of the living room. Okay, okay, calm down. Pumpkin Waffles Adapted from several sources Preheat oven to 250°F and preheat waffle iron. Transfer waffles to rack in oven to keep warm and crisp.

Fig Bran Muffins Recipe : Ellie Krieger Directions These moist, tender muffins will erase any memories of the rubbery, leaden low-fat muffins you have had before. One of the secrets is the applesauce which adds extra tenderness and sweet fruity flavor. The figs lend a deep flavored, sophisticated touch. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. In a large bowl, combine the cereal and milk. Add the applesauce, honey, oil, molasses, and egg to the cereal mixture and stir until combined. Bake for about 20 minutes or until a wooden toothpick inserted in center of 1 of the muffins comes out clean. Note: Make a batch of these muffins on the weekend, then wrap them individually in waxed paper and freeze them in a sealable plastic bag. Nutritional analysis per serving (Serving size: 1 muffin) Calories 230; Total Fat 8 g; (Sat Fat 1 g, Mono Fat 4 g, Poly Fat 2 g) ; Protein 5 g; Carb 42 g; Fiber 6 g; Cholesterol 20 mg; Sodium 135 mg Excellent source of: Fiber, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate, Manganese, Phosphorus

scrambled egg toast Let me get this out of the way from the get-go: I cannot believe I’m discussing scrambled eggs today. I like to think of myself as somewhat particular in vetting out what I think is worthy or not worthy of your humble click over here, and I can’t say that scrambled eggs would normally make the cut. In fact, if you are happy with your scrambles, if you’re pretty sure you’ve got that whole moving the egg around the pan thing down pat, I won’t even be offended if you come back next time, when I figure out what to do with the four pounds of strawberries in my fridge. Or last time, when we made rhubarb tarts. But this is for the rest of us, myself even, who do not let anyone else, not restaurant, not short-order griddle guy at the bodega, nobody, make our scrambled eggs. That’s my first tip. Last, and look, I’m sure this isn’t Proper Egg Scrambling Technique or anything, but to make them the way I like them, I go easy on the scrambling. Scrambled Egg Toast For 1; scale as needed

pumpkin cinnamon rolls Something kind of terrifying is going on around here, and it started in the back of the closet. I found shoes there, old shoes, shoes that did not fit. They had to go. Thus far, this is the snoring-est horror story yet, but wait, the discontent simmers: Half the closet followed, all of the plastic hangers that drove me batty were replaced with nonslip ones, sweaters were color-sorted, dresses were arranged by season and my husband’s closet is on notice too. It gets worse: What began as a vague declaration that “this coffee table needs to be replaced” turned into an entire living room overhaul, from a fresh paint job to a new sofa, chairs, and yes, tables too. You see, you can’t go on book tour if your son’s toys aren’t yet in colorful baskets; somewhere it is written. But the parallels between writing a book and having a baby are surprisingly numerous. I realize I probably sound just a little bit like I’ve lost my mind. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Adapted from Baked Elements