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Pearltrees : un concurrent à Google ?

Pearltrees : un concurrent à Google ?
Nous les geeks… on aime les outsiders. Et comme tout ceux de notre génération (ou presque), nous étions « Fans » des premiers Macbooks et iMac. Fans car cela était contraire à la suprématie du géant Microsoft. Il en va de même pour Google qui au début avait tout les suffrages (contrairement à ses rivaux de l’époque tels que : Altavista ou Yahoo!) Et bien pour toutes les personnes qui suivent de près ou de loin mon compte Twitter, vous avez pu remarquer mon attrait en janvier dernier pour une startup française qui porte le drôle de nom de : Pearltrees. Pearltrees se définie comme étant un moteur de recherche communautaire et humain à la fois. En effet, si demain je dois faire une recherche google et que je tape le mot : Je vais me retrouver avec des résultats principalement commerciaux : Ces résultats ne sont pas illogiques. Maintenant il faut voir à l’avenir quel serra le modèle économique de Pearltress également. [Edit : Réponse d’un community manager de chez Pearltrees à l’article] Related:  Beyond pearltrees...

Pearltrees of wisdom Image by: wilgengebroaed Social Networking is one of the most talked about subjects on the web and more people are looking at new ways of engaging with people. With Facebook being the largest of the networking sites I wondered what other sites would be useful to consider and this is when I came across with more than 100,000 unique visitors per month to the site and approaching 10,000,000 page views. Unlike Facebook and other networking sites Pearltrees does not have a running news-feed but operates more as a mind map that people can look into and share with ease. Here is a video to sum up what the idea behind it is. I have been playing around with Pearltrees for a while now and I have found it very intuitive to use, it is very easy to collect information and add it to your own tree. I also found there to be a lot of support and advice about different subjects available to the user. Another appealing aspect of Pearltrees. No related posts.

Pearltrees and Social Curation - Canning with Kids Today I want to tell people a little bit about a new tool I am totally addicted to psyched about. It's a social curation tool. What is "social curation" you ask? Essentially it is a social media term used to describe how we organize, discover and share things found on the web. Social curation allows us to group interesting things we discover on the web (eg. food preservations I like; canning recipes I want to try; cool kitchen gadgets I want my husband to buy me for Christmas). Brian Solis wrote a great post earlier this month entitled The Three C's of Information Commerce: Consumption, Curation, Creation . Anywho, why am I telling you all of this? So, for example, take my passion for food canning and other food canners/preservationists. Go ahead and click on any of my pearls to investigate these canners. This process has so simplified my life when it comes to bookmarks. It also allows me to easily share all of my research with other people who are interested. So there you have it!

Wiki de l'internet libre Bienvenue ! L'objectif de ce wiki est d'établir une base de connaissances technique communes et vulgarisées qui nous permettra à tous de profiter d'Internet et de l'espace de liberté que ce formidable outil nous offre. Rédigez vos tutos ! Mettez des captures écrans ! Si vous souhaitez participer et publier/modifier/corriger des tutoriels et explications techniques sur les thèmes suivants, alors créez-vous un compte et éditez les pages de votre choix. Ne mettez rien d'illégal, SVP (fichiers piratés and Co), évitez les sujets politiques, religieux etc... et bien sûr si vous voyez des conneries, fautes d'orthographes, etc... faites par d'autres, corrigez-les ou revenez à une version précédente. Ensuite, vous pouvez donner la forme que vous voulez à ce wiki en créant de nouvelles pages, de nouvelles rubriques et en architecturant cela comme bon vous semble. Ah ! Merci à tous. Pour commencer Un chat est disponible pour discuter en direct entre lecteurs/contributeurs du wiki. !! MOBILISEZ VOUS!!

Peartrees: Multi-dimensional Curation A few weeks ago now, I posted an opinion piece on Technorati titled, 'Why Social Media Curation Matters'. Following this I received quite a lot of feedback and it’s thanks to one of these comments – posted by on my blog – that I was led to Pearltrees. In addition to this, I was also motivated to re-evaluate my position on the subject of curation and take a closer look at what I perceived that to be. At first I made the rather naïve assumption that the difference between Pearltrees and the services I’d discussed in my previous articles both here and on my blog, was purely aesthetic – Pearltrees has a beautifully designed Flash interface. However, as I delved further into the service, and further contemplated readers' feedback, I began to realise that there were actually some fundamental differences both in the approach of the developers and in my perception of curation. Nonetheless, they are just lists. The answer can be summed up in one word, depth.

Pearltrees Visualizes TechCrunch Disrupt Did TechCrunch Disrupt blow right past you? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to watch that video of Eric Schmidt’s keynote about five times before I actually understand what was going on, and don’t even get me started on “Dancing Erick.” For those that are likewise, um disrupted, data curation tool Pearltrees has created the above tree visualization, which allows you to relive the three day info hurricane on your own terms by clicking through any of the available “pearls” or data nodes. For the uninitiated, Pearltrees is a free visual curation tool that allows you to organize the web into subscribable clusters, either by pulling in data from your browser or by crawling what you follow on Twitter.

Astuces informatiques Pearltrees lève 5 millions d'euros et prépare un modèle freemium Loin de la Silicon Valley, les startups françaises dont l’unité de base en matière de levée de fonds est le million d’euros ne courent pas les rues. C’est pourtant le cas de Pearltrees, qui vient de boucler son quatrième tour de table, avec cette fois une levée record dans sa jeune histoire : 5 millions d’euros. Pour ceux qui seraient passés à côté des épisodes précédentes, Pearltrees est un service web de « social curation », autrement dit un site qui permet de collectionner, organiser et partager toutes les trouvailles que l’on repère sur le web dans une page simple et conviviale, sous forme de « perles » regroupées en grappes thématiques, les « pearltrees ». 15 millions de perles ont été créées à ce jour par les membres du site. Si cela ne vous parle pas, je vous conseille juste d’essayer : c’est plus facile à utiliser qu’à expliquer. 4 levées de fond en 3 ans, et monétisation en vue… le site Pearltrees

Pearltrees grabs another €1.3 million Chances are, you’ve already heard of Pearltrees - possibly because the company caught attention when it sponsored LeWeb in Paris or more recently the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. And if you haven’t, now is the right time to acquaint yourself with the service: the French start-up founded in 2008 has just scored another €1.3 million in funding to change the way you navigate the web. The social book-marking and navigation start-up – which allows users to organize and share their favorite websites via a system of digital “pearls” – has raised roughly €3.5 million to date. The inital €1 million raised was in June 2008 followed by €1.2 in June of the following year (in addition to some public funding from the French government). As the company seems to have a rather consistent annual funding pattern, we only hope that the valutation or shares aren’t being compromised. Ok, perhaps not everyone has a grasp on what Pearltrees is all about – but those which have seem to be die-hard fans.

ZDNet Meet Pearltrees: Bookmarks with a social A French Web site, called Pearltrees, is developing a Web service that is trying to bring a social networking element to bookmarking - but with the connections based on content instead of people. Think Facebook and Twitter mixed with one Amazon's recommendation system. You don't add friends in Pearltrees. Instead, you add links. As you come across something on the Internet that interests you, something that you might have otherwise bookmarked or tweet, you put it in your personal pearltree - which is really like a "main folder," that contain the links themselves, called "pearls." Here's the trick: if there are others on Pearltree who have also posted that same URL into one of their own pearltrees, you are now connected and can see their other links. The service, which is free, is still in alpha mode and has limited functionality and exposure. For now, it's a bit buggy but the concept is pretty solid.

Pearltrees, ou la fixation et la classification du web - Miscell Un service indispensable est né il y a bientôt un an, un service qui se propose en toute simplicité de révolutionner notre approche d'internet. Ce service, c'est Pearltrees, et en tant qu'utilisateur forcené depuis sa création, il me semble qu'il est temps de faire partager mon avis qui, une fois n'est pas coutume de ma part, sera à la limite du dithyrambe. Partons pour une petite exploration tant du service que de l'entreprise, jeune pousse française située dans le XIème arrondissement de Paris. "Créez le monde de vos intérêts" Pearltrees se propose de vous permettre d'archiver et de classifier un nombre infini de pages web, par l'intermédiaire d'une interface visuelle épurée. Chaque page web constitue une perle, qu'il est possible de déplacer et de classifier dans des arbres de perles faisant fonction de dossiers. Le service a également été créé dès le départ dans une optique collaborative et "d'amélioration du web" . Vidéo de présentation de Pearltrees : stockage & partage

The Advantages and Innovations of Pearltrees Pearltrees is a fascinating and innovative new social networking site that is centered on communicating common interests in a visually interesting and complex manner. Pearltrees uses the concept of organizing individual topics and overall subject matter within user defined points of data, the ‘pearls’ from the title, which connect webs of content, serving as the ‘tree’ portion of the title. Once these trees are created, all springing from the central point of a user profile, ala Facebook, it creates a repository of what a person is interested in their life and online experience. The way this system becomes a social networking experience is that by searching within Pearltrees you can access other user’s pearltrees, grab the trees that you find interesting and attach them to your own pearltree. In addition, the inventive visual organization allows this information to quickly be shifted into new areas, or simply connected to other pertinent topics. Of course, Pearltrees is not perfect.

pearltrees > blog Pearltrees (addon), créez le monde de vos intérêts Pearl-ing with pearltrees (A Spectrum of Reviews) Okay, so when I was invited to a "pearltrees" event, I envisioned something like bath beads, or - the obvious one - jewelry. I thought of an ornate wire tree sculpture upon which to hang my beautiful pearl necklaces (of which I have zero.) But, the Clever Girls Collective said that pearltrees was going to somehow help me shop, and since the event was co-hosted by Beth Blecherman of TechMamas and Cool Mom Tech, I knew it had something to do with technology. But how? Well, here is how. If I add items to this tree, it will update above. As it turns out, I've gone totally wild with pearl-ing. At first I believed my holiday list would be a mile long. So here is my general "shopping" pearltree: I've also created pearltrees for pretty standard things like restaurants, recipes, and photography. I admit that pearl-ing is pretty addictive. Woo - recycling and minimizing clutter on my desk, all thanks to pearltrees! My various trees are always a work in progress.