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Sketch and doodle your brains out.

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Drawing tool - DrawIsland PictuTools - free websites for teachers MathsPad escape motions Rajacenna Draws Celebrity Portraits Rajacenna is an 18-year-old self-taught artist from the Netherlands who draws the most realistic portraits I have ever seen, using only pencils. I’m a big fan of realistic drawings, and I’ve previously featured amazing works like the pencil drawings of Paul Lung, the ballpoint pen portraits of Juan Francisco Casas, or Cristina Penescu’s detailed scratchboard masterpieces, but at only 18 years of age Rajacenna is in a league of her own. Born in 1993, she started modelling for various Dutch companies when she was only 4, and at 5 years old she made her first appearance on television. She starred in films, soap-operas and tv-series and at 12 she became the host of Kinderjournaal, the first Dutch web-tv for kids. She only took up drawing in 2009, and although she had never taken any art classes she produced some stunning pieces. Reddit Stumble

Label 59 : Label . Explain . Present interactively ... in minutes SchoolNotes 2.0 Meacham SMARTboard I have created this SmartBoard page to post contributions web site visitors have sent me, and to also DIRECT/POINT YOU TO to where my SMARTBoard files are located on this website. When you get to the page where the file is located, search the page for the file name and download it to your computer. If you have questions about a particular document, idea, or post, please email the contributor directly. These ".notebook" files are VERY LARGE, please, PLEASE, please right click and select "save as" instead of opening them directly from the server. This will also cut down on bandwidth usage. To view this quiz you need to have Flash Player 9 or newer installed and JavaScript enabled. Interactive Whiteboards I get a lot of emails asking about SMART Notebook. Unzipping & Extracting? Confused about how to access the SMARTnotebook files? First, it's important to know that I cannot upload notebook files to my host, GoDaddy. When you download from DROPBOX, you just click on the file. The Files!

Create paintings from photos Did you ever wanted to be a great artist? But unfortunately you are really bad at it? Well that's ok because now with Psykopaint you can be a great artist with no skills. The Doodle Art of Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyv Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyv are two twin brothers with an extraordinary talent for doodling. They uses colored pens and pencils to draw what seem like endless circular doodles and create incredibly detailed portraits of world famous icons. Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyv have so far displayed their wonderful artworks only in their home town of Petrozavodsk, in Russia’s Karelia region, but I think you’ll agree their talent deserves worldwide recognition. The creative duo who works under the name “SaveL” have an impressive doodle portrait portfolio of famous celebrities like Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro or Antonio Banderas, all created with ordinary pens of pencils. Their technique looks a lot like what many of us used to do on the back of our notebooks in school to check is a pen still worked, only their loops form very detailed images. I was able to find their official site (, but it was down at the time this article was written. Reddit Stumble

Picture to People - Online Graphic Effects DNA of a 21st Century Educator (v2)

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