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DIY Skin Smoother for Silky Soft Legs One Good Thing by Jillee

DIY Skin Smoother for Silky Soft Legs One Good Thing by Jillee
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How To Look Good Without Makeup | Top Beauty Brands Reviewed You slept through your alarm, you’re late, and you just don’t have time to put your face on before running out the door. It’s mornings like this that I dread and have had to battle through on far too many occasions. You see, I’m the type of girl who neeeeeeds to apply concealer, no matter what. In fact, it’s possible I would scare children if I walked out the door without concealer on. It’s just not something that should happen. However, with that being said I would love to find a more time efficient way of getting ready in the morning that won’t result in me looking a fright. So, I searched. Keep reading to discover how to look good without makeup – I promise, it’s a lot more simple than you think! Do You Use Protection? Okay that sounds more like a sexy-time question but seriously, do you use protection? So many women these days spend thousands of dollars on keeping their skin looking young, healthy, and one even tone but all of that money is wasted if you don’t regularly use sunscreen.

Baby Shower Gift :: Homemade Sugar Scrub in Decorated Jars I wrote the other day about a project I was really excited about but needed to finish up, and here it is! These were gifts for a triple baby shower (not triplets, but three lovely ladies all due within a few weeks of each other, although triplets would be exciting) that I attended yesterday. All three babies-to-be got sweet goodies from my shop (a bear hat for the little boy and button beanies for the girls) but I wanted to do something for the moms, too. Mamas need some pampering, right? How true it is. And want to know the best part of this gift? (Don't tell my friends.) And I had enough sugar scrub left over to keep for little ol' me, so I can tell you, this stuff is goooooooooooood. And how much cuter would these be if you're a lucky duck who owns a Silhouette or Cricut (or even just cute punches) and could cut fun shapes for the labels? Want to make some yourself? What you'll need for the jars: - jars (mine were 7 oz. and cost $1 each at Joann's) - Mod Podge (my latest obsession) - brush

10 Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on Bikini Area | HowHunter It is common to experience skin irritation, tiny pimples or razor rash soon after having a shave using a razor blade. This condition is called a razor bump, and occurs particularly on the sensitive body parts like the bikini area. The ingrown hair may curl, re-enter and puncture the skin, causing inflammation and redness, and in severe cases, scarring and swelling may also occur. What is the cause for these razor bumps? The immune system treats this in-growing and curling hair as pathogenic and foreign substances. 1.) The best and right way to ensure your razor is clean and sharp is by using it not more than two times. Start by shaving the bikini area first and while your blade is sharpest before you move to other less sensitive areas. 2.) Apply a moisturizer or exfoliant such as a mitt, washcloth, or loofahs sponge twice a week. 3.) Take a warm shower before shaving, ensure you wash the area well and apply a moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids. 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.)

Маска от черных точек с желатином - домашние рецепты Очень многие женщины сталкивались с таким неприятным явлением как комедоны или черные точки. Основная масса пытается справиться с ними при помощи дорогостоящих средств или же регулярных походов в косметическую клинику или салон. Результат, пусть и недолгий, но все же есть. Мы сетуем на его недолговечность и снова идем проторенной тропой, напрочь перечеркивая опыт предыдущих поколений. А ведь еще наши мамы и бабушки знали, как исправить ситуацию, не прибегая к разорению семейного бюджета. И это желатиновая маска от черных точек! Зачем она нужна? Мы готовы платить огромные деньги за небольшой тюбик чудодейственного средства от прыщей в юности и за еще меньший – от морщин в более зрелом возрасте. Подготовка кожи Сразу оговоримся, что наносить маски следует только на идеально чистую кожу. Рецепты и технология изготовления Маска из желатина и молока Это наиболее распространенный вариант очищающей и в то же время увлажняющей маски. Смешать желатин и молоко в равных долях. Маска из желатина и муки

How I Improved My Skin {Acne, Scaring & Overall Complexion} *UPDATE: How my skin is still doing 3/27/2013 *UPDATE – I answered many questions on this post. Please read if you have a questions. 10/23/2012 Words can not explain how excited I am to share my experience with you all. It’s moments like this that make blogging so worth while. After all, the main reason Lisa and I blog is to share what we learn with our readers in hopes of helping others. This isn’t the first time I’ve done a post about my skin. 6 weeks after starting treatment with my Dr. I don’t know which one annoyed me more. I began to feel helpless and started to do tons of researching (googling) and asking around to see if there was anything that would help. About a month ago, I came across a really interesting method called the oil cleansing method. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and produces oil in order to function properly. There are many reasons why our skin can benefit from oil-cleansing. Recommendations: The routine goes like this: You only need to do this at night.

Homemade "Vicks Vapor shower disks" Have you seen the commercials for the Vicks Vapor shower disk thingies? You put one of these disks in your shower, and voila thanks to the vapors in it, you're magically healed, your cold is gone, and your face is shockingly free of snot. I always used to watch the "Noxema girl" splashing water on her face and wondered how she was able to wash her face without being completely overrun with boogers. I'm the only one? Regardless, Vicks makes these things and I'm sure they're super expensive for something that is just going to wash down your drain. You know where I'm going with this, right? Yep. I made them myself. The idea started a few weeks ago when my sweet little nephew Parker came down with Croup for like the 1,438th time. And they couldn't be any simpler. Sarah's Homemade Vicks Shower Disk Thingies -Baking soda -Water -Essential oils: eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. 1) Add baking soda to a mixing bowl. 2) Slowly add water until you've made a thick paste.

CC Self Tanning Body Lotion, Dark PERFECT SELF TANNER I can't even believe how much I like this product. I have tried every self tanner out there and they either smell terrible, start fading or become patchy the next day, have an unnatural colour, or streak. This is one is PERFECT! Желатиновая маска от черных точек в домашних условиях (отзывы) Желатиновая маска входит в арсенал средств, для проблемной кожи. Каждый человек в своей жизни сталкивался с черными точками на лице. Когда комедонов на коже не много, то можно не обращать на них внимания, но если вы хотите улучшить внешний вид лица, желатиновая маска от черных точек вам поможет. Черные точки появляются из-за загрязнения пор на лице. Для удаления с лица черных точек используют липучки. Желатиновая маска против черных точек в своем составе обычно имеет желатин и молоко, но не редко к ней добавляют различные противовоспалительные ингредиенты, такие как активированный уголь или мед.Сегодня рассмотрим и научимся делать стандартную желатиновую маску от угрей. В состав рецепта входит желатин. Второй ингредиент желатиновой маски от черных точек – молоко. Желатиновая маска для лица рецепт 1чайную ложку желатина залейте 1 столовой ложкой молока. Готовый желатин поставьте на водяную баню и разогрейте. С помощью шпателя или кисточки нанесите желатин от черных точек на лицо. Анна:

Beauty DIY: Lovely Winter Luxuries | There are few things more luxurious in this world than pampering your skin and body with beautifying spa treatments. I am a huge believer in anything indulgent when it comes to beauty . But throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that making my favorite little luxuries is something I can do in the comfort of my own home—and for a reasonable price too. To get you looking polished and pretty for the holiday season, I’ve rounded up three of my favorite DIY spa treatments to share with you guys. Stay toasty and get glam with these at-home DIY beauty treatments… Body Scrub A homemade body scrub is a great way to pamper yourself when you’re craving a personal spa day. · Super Sweet Sugar Scrub 1 cup brown sugar ½ cup mashed avocado (optional) 1 cup of olive oil · "Wake you up!" · Yummy Chocolate Body Scrub ½ cup white sugar ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup canola oil ¼ cup Cocoa · Ocean Beauty Sea Salt Scrub ½ cup sea salt ½ cup of olive oil 5 drops of an essential oil in your favorite scent.

Perfect Polish Every Time! Let's talk toes. And eyes. Funny how the two effect one another. My aging eyes are making it hard to paint my toenails. All that's standing between your old eyes and Perfect Polish is a cuticle stick, a Q-Tip, and greasy lotion. Put some lotion onto a Q-Tip Wipe it around your nail, being careful to not get it ON your nail. Use the cuticle stick to wipe away the extra. That's all it takes! Hope this little trick helps! I'm linking up to these parties this week!